New Feature Ideas

I created this thread so folks could share ideas for new features, and to solicit feedback about the elements of fun, practicality, game dynamics, etc. of various ideas.

"Activity-changing" and “Lingering effect” moves for Bugs
I like Bug Pokemon a lot, but overall they are one of the weakest types in the game, so it’s rare for me to be able to use any of them except Beedrill.

I wouldn’t want their CP maximums to be changed, though, because I think a better idea that would make them more playable and fun, is by giving many of the less playable ones access to moves like Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Stun Spore, etc. These wouldn’t fall into the existing category of stat-changing attacks like Icy Wind and Brave Bird, but like in the console games, would change the opponent’s “activity” (Sleep Powder and Stun Spore rendering them unable to attack for a short time) or place a lingering effect on them that causes damage over time (Poison Powder).

These attack animations could also remain “in the air” so if an opponent is switched out after one of these “Powder” or “Spore” attacks is used, the attack has a % chance to effect the incoming Pokemon, as well. Perhaps if a Flying charged moved is used while one of these clouds is hovering over the opponent, it immediately clears the cloud away.

Like in the console games, some Pokemon would be immune to these attacks (I think some, for example, were immune to being put to sleep).

Butterfree, Venonat, Beautifly, Masquerain, Tangela, and Weepinbell are examples of good candidates for these moves.

Increasing Max CP for underdogs

One thing I liked about the original games is being able to take underdog Pokemon like Butterfree, Pikachu, or Raticate, investing in them the entire game, and taking them all the way to the Elite Four and Gary, and winning.

In POGO, though, this is largely prevented because of the max CP system which in some, but not all ways, I don’t think is aligned with the spirit of the original games.

What I’d like to see is a substantial max CP boost for specifically lower max CP Pokemon (say under 2,000) that is earned though a substantial long-term investment.
So, for example, if you have your heart set on making your favorite Pokemon (maybe it’s Pikachu or Venonat or Buttefree or Rhyhorn) into as much of a beast as possible, you can do that through substantial, perhaps irrational investment. Some of those bars that would need to be hurdled might include:

  • Being at Level 40
  • The Pokemon’s natural max CP being less than 2,000
  • The Pokemon being at its max CP at trainer Level 40
  • The Pokemon needing perfect or near-perfect IVs
  • Having Best Buddy status with the Pokemon
  • The Pokemon having participated in a number of PVE battles (and not just in the lineup)
  • Perhaps having to feed the Pokemon 100 additional candy even after its maxed out

For Pokemon that meet the criteria, they would get a substantial CP boost. Pikachu at trainer Level 40 has a natural max CP of 938. Perhaps this new feature would double the max CP if the requisites are met, or multiply it by 2.5.

Maybe this feature could be called “Master Buddy,” and like evolving and powering up, the player, once the requisites are met, can set a Pokemon as a “Master Buddy”, triggering the CP boost. Perhaps this could only be done for a total of 1 to 3 Pokemon for each player account, so players would need to choose carefully.

This may not be a good way to go about it, but I was thinking that Ash’s Pikachu in the show defeated an Espeon, Dragonite, and Mega Lucario, and how I can’t see that happening in POGO.

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Armaldo needs buffing. Either rock fast move or a bug charged move.
And if it’s bug definitely something good, only megahorn has good stats. And theres tons of moves that could be useful too

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Unfortunately, Armaldo barely learns any Bug moves in the main games. In fact, only Fury Cutter, Bug Bite, Struggle Bug and X-Scissor (and String Shot in Gen 4 through a tutor, but as that is a status move, I don‘t count it). And for Rock Fast Moves, there‘s only Smack Down.

I quite like that idea, I’ve played very little of the main games and whilst I’ve no great love for bugs, I do like to use pokemon I get from places I’ve visited.

Your master buddy idea isn’t dissimilar from my suggestion for megas, that it was a specified set of actions after best buddy level to mega-evolve, or in your case boost your favourite underdog.

So, if there was a way to do that, I’d be able to use the snubbull I got from Bath (he’s called SnubbullBath because I’m hilarious) and various other favourites like that instead of just throwing them in gyms.

Now, if we can just find a way to get niantic in a headlock and make it happen. …

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A way to increase an existing Pokémon’s IVs, like in the rpgs you can use bottle caps.

Discarding eggs


I want Stardust from attacking/defending gyms FFS.


A weekly bug-catching contest!

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1.Legendaries defending gyms, maybe ban Lugia, Cresselia, and Registeel, but blissey hasn’t ever been banned from defending(though it was nerfed).
2.More berries, it’s been a looooong time since they added an entirely new kind of berry, not just an upgraded existing one.
3.Remote trading. Choose a Pokémon and then select a Pokémon you want to trade it for (not looking through other player’s boxes unless they add the ability to tag Pokémon “for trade” and show everything except their name), you can choose requirements like shiny or a certain power up level. And they can send a counter offer or decline it. Like in the PTCGO.
4.Clothes providing bonuses, like the Charizard jacket could give +2% dps for attacking gyms with a Charizard, that would make spending coins on clothes a little more appealing.
5.Badges/clothes/ascetic armor, and other things you could have Pokémon wear, like the Eevee and Pikachu in Let’s Go.

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Armaldo can learn X-scissor and Smack Down in the MSG. Neither of which makes it top-tier anymore (thanks power creep) but would put it on a level of at least Golem or Aerodactyl (i.e. great against certain boss movesets).

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I like the idea of different move effects and Niantic has done a lot to improve from just “bigger number=better”, especially in PvP. I could see status effect moves eventually being implemented but I think the mechanics for that are a little complicated with it being pseudo-turn-based. We’ve already got a way to buff our favorite guys through the buddy system. Anything more than that would likely get unbalanced.

  1. Better map. It would be great to have a map that stretches further or even a city map where I can explore all the raids, gyms, and even have better ability to search and hunt Pokémon in my area/city. I currently pay $10 on Patreon that offers that, but I would prefer if it was just in game, in Pokémon go. Since I currently pay that, I would not mind paying an niantic for a premium map.

  2. Raid alertss, it would be great to get a notification that 5 stars or mega raids are in the area.

  3. End the degeneration effect in gyms. Gyms are just too easy, I would like more of a challenge. Maybe even allow legendaries making Lugia and cressalia more relevant and useful.

  4. Add special gyms which are similar to gyms from main series and games. With the ability earn real gym badges and the ability to challenge the elite 4 after collecting all badges. Hopefully it would be extremely challenging and rewarding.

  5. Make the premium pass a remote pass.

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Lol no, new players won’t want to play at all. Another version of Gym maybe but think of the newer players bruh


While a “discarding eggs” feature could be supremely useful to trainers, I’m guessing Niantic may be avoiding that due to possible ethical implications within the game world. Lol, like, if we discard an egg, does the Pokémon inside just get cold and DIE w/o someone to care for it?! As silly as that whole issue may seem to some, it might be a reason we haven’t seen that feature in the game. Just a guess.

Sending unwanted eggs to professor and he will care what tto do next :joy:


Haha that would work! Discard by way of transfer.

Main series also forbid discarding eggs so very very unlikely.
Egg storage? Maybe. But discarding about zero chance of happening

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