New FETH Waifu

Dorothea is out.

Heeellllllooooooo, Shamir.

(Thought I’d just share this, even though I’ve known her for awhile and she’s been in my team for awhile too. She’s such a good unit!)


Also, no spoilers please. I’m only in Ch. 8.

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She looks cool!

Correction: she is.

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Really? I can’t wait to meet her in game! :hridexcited:

You’ll like her! She reminds me of Ayra, except 1% less cool, as a comparison anyway.

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Cool! What type of weapon does she use?

Bow and Arrow. And she’s a fantastic unit!

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She sounds great! I’m pretty excited to meet her now :feh_nino:

Well I mean also lances but her heavy draw is pretty crispy

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Yeah, but I often don’t use lances with her, despite just giving her Killer Lance.

Fair enough though while I like her she’s currently like 7 levels under my Bernie who is just hitting ~40% crits on any weapon compared to her ~17% so I need to grind her up and max her previous class masteries and hope she gets better stat growths in spd

Well, I love and adore Bernie, but she’s just way behind Shamir. My Shamir is almost Lvl. 20, while my Bernie, sadly, is level 8 still.

I’m a bit upset cause I just got her, and she is going to put perform Bernadetta so much… She hasn’t gotten many good growths…
Although, if Petra focused on bows, she would be better.
I’m not too far in the game btw.

I mean heavy draw on Shamir is really good and I do like her better than Bernie bear

I‘m Chapter 7 so far.

Wanted to go S with Edelgard, then Catherine appeared and thought, ok she also looks pretty good. Then Shamir happened and now I don’t know which one I choose.

Same, but I still like Bernie.

Also, while we are talking about units, I hate Caspar as one. :upside_down_face:

Lol, me with Shamir and Dorothea.

Caspar I really loathed using early on because such bad growths but he’s a really good fist unit in my game right now. But he’s just meh to me overall

I don’t like Fist units tho…

Also, it appears you’re very far. Don’t spoil for me pls. I’m only Ch. 8, going to 9.