New FETH Waifu

I won’t otherwise I’ll add a spoiler drop tab

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Thanks, fam.


@Loresome, quick question, have you seen thief Dorethea? That may make you change you mind back.

Seen her, I think, and my mind still stands.

Besides, I’ll probably still marry/S-Support with Dorothea… maybe.

Dorothea has been making me think tbh. I still like Petra more but Dorothea is very good as well.

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All this positivity towards Dorothea makes me happy

But I have a question (I haven’t bought the game yet): Dorothea is better as a dancer or as a mage? I know that dancers can use magic but, you know, with that class she would just be a support unit and I guess that my favorite unit deserves better. What do you think?

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I can’t say much. Since I’m still early in the game, but she is a force to be reckoned with magic wise. She doesn’t learn many spells tho. That’s the only thing.

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I have her as both and you can change classes back whenever you want. She still does good damage and support even as a dancer since she can get a 3-10 magic attack, can heal and dance mastery skill is really good. Also dance gives a combat skill which increases mt based on charm so keep having tea parties with her if you want her to not hit like a wet noodle when it comes to a using a sword in case she needs too

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