New Fire Emblem Heroes Bingo

It’s already been 2 years since the last bingo. For those who don’t know, you pick characters not yet in the game that you really want to be added to Feh. It’s just for fun, you don’t win an actual price or anything… :feh_sothispout: This time we’re doing it a bit different: The first row is for your top 5 most wanted characters not yet in the game. The bottom row is for 5 characters already in the game that you would like to receive an alt :feh_felixperish:

Here is mine, the main reason I wanted to make a new one was because of some Engage characters I’m looking forward to. Maybe I can cross off some of these already after the trailer tonight?

Here is the mockup, alternatively you can also just make a list if you want


I use the free online editing tool photopea to edit in the characters. (because I have a new laptop and I don’t want to pay for photoshop :cat:) You can get CYL portraits from here


Ohh I love these game !
I’m too lazy to do a proper bingo for now, so I’ll just do a list :smiley: :
Most anticipated :

  • Felix
  • Diamant
  • Timerra
  • Fogado
  • Yunaka
    Wants to see :
  • Scarlet
  • Mitama
  • Sylvain
  • Ashe
  • Ivy
  • Saphir
  • Merrin
  • Citrine
  • Inigo
  • Legendary Yuri
  • Legendary Berkut

Alts :

  • Mae/Boey duo
  • Lukas
  • Python
  • Mercedes/Annette duo
  • Lif/Dimitri harmonic

This is going to be very Tellius :_ Also, i’m not good at editing, sorry :pray:t3:

Most anticipated:

Wants to see:
-Ashunera (Mythic)
-Lehran (Mythic)
-Fiery Rinea



I did mine at the start of the year

This is New Heroes only. I tried to include characters from all games except Engage because I didn’t play it at the time and I was only interested in Ivy design-wise. After playing the game I’d love to see Ivy, Diamant, Alcryst, Boucheron, Rosado, Zephia and Griss

Then I made another one for alts only and is going pretty good for now

Alts wishlist

Minerva = Legendary or Ascended

Clair = Ascended or seasonal (Valentine would fit her but I don’t think it’s possible)

Lachesis = Ascended similar to L!Nanna

Umbral Beast/Fallen Aelfric = Fallen

Loki = Mythic or Seasonal (Bridal if she gets a purple dress)

Sonia = Seasonal (Summer was teased by Summer Ursula)

L’Arachel = Legendary or Ascended with Latona

Titania = Ascended or Seasonal (Summer maybe?)

RD!Ike = Seasonal (Summer pls)

Miriel = Seasonal (Mad Scientist Miriel would be perfect for Halloween but she isn’t a Dragon sadly)

Shiro= Ascended with Raijinto or Seasonal (Summer because he’s hot and likes to fish)

Manuela = Seasonal (Bridal would be perfect for her)

M!Robin = I was hoping for a Brave Alt and he got it. The Legendary alt is a nice bonus

FE6!Hector = Ascended

Niles = Seasonal (Summer, Bridal or Valentine if possible. Thief would be okay)

Linde = I was hoping for Ascended with Starlight

Witch Rinea = Fallen

Nyna = Fallen

Sara = Anything is better than a backup

Sonya = Ascended, Fallen (it dipends by what truly happens in her ending) or Seasonal (Halloween as a Witch but again, no dragon)

Ursula = I was hoping for Fallen but Khadein was okay

Warriors Anna = It’s impossible to get her but I love her design. Fates, Awakening or Engage would be okay tho

Constance = Seasonal (Summer to get Gloomy Costance)

Balthus = Seasonal (Summer) or Timeskip/Hopes version with gauntlets

Aversa = Anything



I apologize for the low quality. Yes the pictures are not the same size deal with it.


Kamui: don’t care as long as he’s with Leon
Leon: same Valbar may also be on the banner but it’d be funnier if he wasn’t.
Hubert: whatever banner fits him the least
Kronya: yes that’s a picture of Monica but I want her as Monica.
Peri: Any banner I am not picky


The only thing i am waiting are:

-TT+ or GHB Byleth Alt


I made some cards at the start of the year.
None of these are actually going to bingo, especially since it’s already March and I barely have any spaces to mark.

New heroes

There’s only a few characters I really want added to FEH, so most of these are more “it would be cool if they got in”


I picked mostly characters who don’t already have alts.


These are mostly for the art upgrade. I know they’ve never done grails or OCs before, but there’s a few I’d like to see happen.
Black Knight’s art is fine, but I would like to see him in armor inspired by one of the FEH nations.


I woke up not too long ago and don’t feel like filling a card out (plus I’d have to look up portraits for some Engage characters and I haven’t finished the game yet, and I’d rather not be spoiled more than I already have):

Top 5 most anticipated


New Units


-Marty Party
(and that’s 15, just enough to fit on the board)


Ike (RD) - Summer, god this has been my most wanted alt for who knows how long, will also take another RD Ike alt in general because both of the ones we have in-game are in the Vanguard class outfit (also IS please for the love of god make it blue).
Second most wanted theme for him would be the culture banners, because that theme loves its tournaments and he loves fighting

Boyd- OG, or any theme that isn’t the one he’s locked in

RD Mist- Legendary or Summer (Ascended is off the table for another book)

Greil- Lost Lore just teased that Fallen alt again, please give it to us and don’t pull a Tap Battle Gunter

Hector- An updated BST alt of FE7 Hector would be nice, though an FE6 Hector addition would be even nicer

outside of Top 5 because I got carried away and it feels like there are more alts I want than New Heroes

A!Tiki- Halloween

Titania- Summer, or a broken alt in general

Nephenee- Summer

Petrine- Summer

Yune- An alt in general

Ephraim- Culture banner with a tournament

Wrys- that funny Cipher Berserker card

Lex- Really enjoy this man, give him an alt please :feh_truestory:

Balthus- See Lex

Reyson- An alt in general

Tethys- An alt in general

Seth- An actual broken alt, give him the ‘23 Leo Treatment

L’Arachel- Summer to go along with Joshua/Innes/Eirika we’ve had in the past

Ranulf- an alt in general

Elincia- a Legendary alt, though I’d at least give it a few months given she just got her (really good!) Ascended alt


Neither my motivation nor my image editing skills are high enough to bother with making a card.

(Although I would if someone were to make a new tier list to include all characters,

Most anticipated:
Dorothea (triple alt hell must end)
Manuela (would be very happy if she suffered from prfless healer demote curse, I want to merge)
Yunaka ('cos I want to hear more Hiya Papaya)
Anna (Engage) (she’s so cute)
Ivy (she’s so hot)

Nuibaba (last interesting character from Echoes and should be a GHB colourless tome)
Severa (three years of 1st gen or side/NPC/one-map-enemy, gotta be the kids turn this year)
Noire (as above)
Kallem (or is he already here and we’ve never noticed?)
Sophie (last Fates unit I really like)

Leonie (with Dorothea, she’d be last of the students I like to get their base alt)
Judith ('cos she’s awesome)
Cornelia (there’s two reason, go on, guess. GHB)
Timerra (new Engage characters from here down)

(Although I only recently started Engage and I’m still in the first country so choices are just on design)

Soleil (harmonic with Heather)
Etie (muscle beach summer banner)
Orochi (Halloween trickster)


This or a Female Corrin alt. xD

Or Myrrh xD
Or Nah xD
Or Freyja xD



And Resplendent/Rearmed Titania