New GBL strategy I've been using

I’ve been trying this out in certain situations. So you’re facing a pkm you know you can easily beat, but they have one other left that you dont know what it is. S o lets say you have earthquake charged up and you could easily one shot the pkm youre facing, but they still have a lot of hp left, but you know that their charged moves wont dmge you much. So instead of just ko-ing or overcharging I have been using my charged move, but not fully powering it up. so it damages them quite a bit, but you fiished them off with fast moves and have a full charge bar for the next mon whose type you dont know. what do you guys think of this type of strategy, hopefully I explained it enough where you know what Im talking about.
I dont thin I explained it right, cuz it sounds like the same as overcharging and just hitting with full power, but its not quite the same as that, Im trying to think of a specific example but my mind is blanking right now.
I think its most useful when you have a fast move that doesnt do much damage, like mudshot, so chipping down with fast moves would take move time than its worth.

You mean you got a Nice or Great instead of Excellent

yes exactly

It might actually not be any different from overcharging and then hitting with full power(getting an excellent) so I mighty just be over complicating things.

Not at all, it’s a very plausible strategy

It’s called undercharging and it can be different from overcharging provided overcharging would put you over the 100 energy cap. It’s a valid strategy that many players use in the higher ranks. You undercharge by hitting only Nice or Great so you can throw a few fast moves before the Pokemon faints.

There’s also a very advanced strategy where you purposely don’t tap the screen to generate energy or deal damage. The idea is that you can get the opposing Pokemon to faint but you don’t have enough health left for the next Pokemon to farm you down. You let them get you as low as possible with fast moves and then throw your Charge move.

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Nice to know that Im improving in GBL game play. Ive never reached rank 9, but right now im half way there and I consider great league to be the most unpredictable when it comes to what pkm you might face. I run meganium lead, melmetal and whiscash. whis is my safe switch and i certainly have problems when facing skarm or alt leads, but i have managed to pull out wins in those situations as well. but if i cant match up melmetal against those two its a tough tough win.

Sometimes you need to do it as you can’t generate more than 100 energy

This happens quite often in Premier with Metagross on either side. I’ve had a match where both me and my opponent stopped attacking. I had my dragonite with 15% hp left and a garchomp in the back, but switch was on cool down. Their snorlax was down to about 2%, and they had a more than 50% hp left metagross in the back without energy. If i were to take down their snorlax, the metagross will just farm down my dragonite, and take down my garchomp with MM. Knowing that their snorlax did not have enough energy for another body slam (about 10 licks away from the next one), i stopped attacking. Their snorlax stopped too. We were just staring at each other for about 10 seconds, and the snorlax started “licking” again. By then my CD for switching was done, so i finished off the snorlax and switch to garchomp. I wish had that recorded :frowning:

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