New Giovanni Special Research

Has anyone started the new Giovanni research? I assume it should be available now but cannot access it under the special research section.i completed the last Giovanni SR (shadow mewtwo) so not sure why I can’t access it. Anyone know what Big G’s first shadow Mon is? Last time I harvested lots of shadow bellsprouts.

Should be available, showed up yesterday. Phone reset, maybe check for an update?

I completed the special research, Giovanni has Persian as his first mon, I believe that his second mon was Kangaskhan and then Articuna.

Lucario took out the first two mons, I used Tyranitar for Articuno.

The higher they fly is the name of the research right?

You should still be able to get shadow sprouts by farming the imposters

Only saw one imposter the second check was Giovanni.

Thanks to all. I asked the wrong question regarding “Shadow Sprouts” as these were (are?) the first Mon for decoys (not Big G) and great fun to harvest. I finally have access to the research as it dropped early Tuesday morning.