New Giratina-O in the meta


I was incredibly, pleasantly surprised to find that Niantic didn’t give Giratina-O an abysmal, one dimensional movepool after all!

That said, where does Giratina-O fit in today’s meta with its moveset as is? For Raids, gyms and PvP?

I can see how the loss of Dragon Claw and Ancientpower hurts for PvP, but Shadow Ball is still a strong move, Ominous Wind is essentially differently typed Ancientpower, and Shadow Claw is a great PvP move.

For raids, though? Gamepress says Giratina-O fits just behind legacy Gengar for Ghost DPS. Now, I only have one (trash IVed) legacy Gengar, my other Gengars are all Hex + Shadow Ball. So, will Giratina-O usurp Hex Gengar completely?

And, since Ghosts tend to hit the same stuff Dark types do, how does Giratina-O stack up against the likes of Absol, Tyranitar, or Honchkrow with its Ghost set?

As for its Dragon set, Dragon Tail + Dragon Pulse seems very meh. I’ve thoroughly taken advantage of Dialga being around now, gpt myself enough Rayquazas, and see little reason to invest in this Giratina-O set.



As someone who Giratina-O is a favorite of, this was some of the best news to read in the morning.

We won’t see anything touch Gengar’s DPS until potentially Chandelure in Gen 5, but with Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball you’ll want to consider Giratina-O anyway. Despite being 14% slower than Lick/Shadow Ball Gengar, Giratina-O packs nearly 90% more TDO. In Giratina’s favor, it also lacks a weakness to Psychic which keeps it in the field longer against those targets. Against Zen Headbutt/Psycho Boost Deoxys-D for example, Giratina-O has nearly three times the TDO of Gengar.

Compared to dark types, Giratina-O actually has higher DPS against the same Deoxys-D target than the likes of Weavile and Tyranitar. They still manage to out-TDO it specifically against its psychic-type moves due to their immunity-tier resistance, but its resistances to other types will still make it preferable against non-psychic type sets.

While Dragon Tail/Dragon Pulse improves its DPS slightly, dragon is simply too competitive of a type for it to keep up in with its comparatively low base attack. It still makes the top 10 cut, but it’s below A-Exeggutor who itself is at this point a C-lister dragon pick at best.

For PvP, Giratina-O with its previous moves was still only #2 to Giratina-A. Shadow Ball is a welcome addition that by itself had potential to completely bust it - Niantic must have seen this and replaced all of its other moves sans Shadow Claw accordingly. Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw is too legendary of a move combo that keeps Giratina-A above its Origin brother.

tl;dr: You’re gonna want a Giratina-O for ghost type offense.


Actually it also gets Ominous Wind, so it can buff itself if you are lucky. A PVP Giratina O plays much differently than a PVP Giratina A, And its moves should be Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball and Ominous Wind (NO Dragon Pulse). It’s basically a completely different Pokemon now, built to reap out stuff like Metagross.


Using a mono-type moveset in PvP is extremely risky, something I wouldn’t recommend. Giratina-O is a killer specialist, but if you’re spending Giratina candy for PvP you might as well sink them into the one more tailored to the generalist role.


Giratina will still have slightly lower DPS than gengar and darkrai, but according to the DPS TDO spreadsheet, giratina O will be the third best option to go against mewtwo with confusion and thunderbolt, besting even psycho cut shadow ball mewtwo. Impressive, right? Correct. I’m so happy with niantic now. It will be the best performing ghost type pokemon (overall, not DPS) so folks, it will be worth powering up now!


And it looks cool :sunglasses:


I mainly play in great league in PvP so i dont know about Giratina A or O for PvP
For raids, it will be a good addition to the ghost squad. You have more option especially when doing shortman raids. You can add it if your old squad still need some help especially in TDO dept.
As for comparison with the dark pokemon counters, it depends on the raid bosses you fight, but in general top ghost attacker is better than top dark attacker DPS wise up until now.
For dragon typing, many dragons simply much stronger in DPS persepective…