New glitch


I exploited the glitch to make these photos. It will happen once you view 3 consecutive Pokemon’s charge moves. The rest of the Pokemon you view afterwards will have the same charge bars and color as the 3 Pokemon you viewed (4the Pokemon will have the first one’s charge bars, 5th one will have the second one’s, the 7the one will have the same as the first one, etc.)
Does anyone else notice this?


Lots of display glitches lately. I haven’t seen that one, but I have seen the Charge Move bar stay the same no matter what the Charge move changes to when using a CTM. Close the view, reopen it and it’s back to normal.


This has been happening for a few weeks. I’ve seen people report a few different ways to achieve this. I know the displayed color and number of bars also borks when using charge TMs.