New Grail Project Help

I’m looking into starting a new Grail project, but I am not too sure who I should build. The only thing I know that I want is I’d like to build a Red unit, but I am open to suggestions. The units below are who I have at +10 for reference.


Aversa would be a solid choice. :eyes:

Her support capabilities are great, and you seem like you could use a mage.


Aversa,Astram,Bartre and Itsuki are all great for reds

out of Reds,Spring Loki and Leo are actually something if you wanna look for them,also Arden and FEmp scores


I will HAPPILY always and FOREVER recommend Legion. His high HP makes him fun for panics, he does really well on both player and enemy phase - Legion is a good all around axe choice.

/bias rant over

Now on the actual topic, I have had a LOT of good fun with Black Knight, always a solid choice. I also enjoy using Astram from time to time, and I have also enjoyed Itsuki. Really up to who you like character wise, IMO.


I’d really recommend Summer Fiora, she’s an incredible Sword Flier, that can fill many roles really well.

Other good red units would probably be Astram or Aversa.


Itsuki is shaping up to be pretty damn solid. Good res to contend with dragons, a shocking amount of Atk and Def with his natural kit, and the statline to make him almost anything you want.


Join the Arden club :feh_ardenwoke:

Or the Bartre club (currently thinking of doing this build) :feh_bartre:

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Aversa or Itsuki if red

You don’t have colorless either so I’d also recommend Kronya

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You don’t have a colorless so Ethlyn.

Honestly just merge who you like the most.

Building and merging a character you actually like to be stronger is generally more worth and satisfying than a character who’s just strong.


I’ve thought about her or V!Silque when she gets released into the pool. The only issue is that I’ve started merging Brady a while back, but he’s been on the backburner since I haven’t pulled him in months. But the healers are units to think about.

Aversa is as ever a strong unit

But I wanna say Itsuki. He’s really good as a mixed tank and can run NCD. He should work as a good carry for light or astra, though light might be more effective because of the extra res :feh_marththink:

Oh and biased answer is Marianne look alike

Who’s Marianne lookalike?


I’m asking who they are referring to when they say “Marianne lookalike”

If I had to guess, Rinea.

Ohhhh yeah that makes sense

The Black Knight is still a great red option. As stats keep inflating, Black Luna just becomes better and better.


I exclusively refer to her as Marianne look alike

Kempf is the best because he can do it all. Tank, Galforce, distribution, disruption. He is a litteral explosion no one wants to tank even if they manage to take him down. I mean. I gota lota builds for him. Here is 3. I mostly use the first on tho.

But… Hmmm. He aint so hot till fodder. But is hot even with basic fodder. I can see why people dont wana build him tho. But he is a good horse.

mines only +9 but I do infact have all these builds :catskully:

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