New gssr summoning date for NA

As the title state, when new gssr summoning banner for NA? because i want save my money for that banner.

Anniversary so probably July 4th


You also won’t need much money if your goal is only to do the GSSR.

Of course you get more SQ for your money if you spend more, but it’s not required if you don’t want to.


Ok. Thanks😁

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I just want to prepare, since its gonna be my first time to roll for gssr


Just so you know, the GSSR cost should be halved with the anniversary to 15 paid quartz. Just so you can calculate costs properly.


With one* or two exceptions the GSSR always comes at the end of June/start of July during the anniversary, and during New Years.

*the very first New Years GSSR happened during Thanksgiving the first year in NA.


How did you come up with such an exact date?

Since Aniplex will be doing a convention on that date, people are speculating that NA Anniv will also fall on that date as well.


Oh, I didn’t have that info yet. Yeah, sounds reasonable.

Also makes sense, if we get GudaGuda 3 in first half of June, then LB2 in second half, so Skadi can come right after.


From what i gather the GSSR is normally placed together with the 3rd Anniversary event (aka Skadi madness) right?? Wouldnt the date be a little too tight since we havent have Guda-guda 3, Summer ~Ishtar Cup re-run and Lost belt No 2?

Most people assume that Ishtar Cup rerun will get shifted to after 3rd anniversary.

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JP’s anniversary is in August I think, but NA’s is technically end of June but usually tied to AnimeExpo in early July. As such the schedule usually gets a bit shuffled to accommodate it

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The timeline actually fits. We get Guda 3 on 1st week of June then they have 2-3 weeks for the pre Lb2 and LB2 banner which should fall perfectly around the date of July 4-ish.

As others have mentioned, summer 2 is probably after anniv.

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