New guy needs advice

Greetings ladies and gentlemen of knowledge.
I started kind of recently and a lot of research has been leading me here. I’ve hit level 25 and am starting to wonder what to do with my resources so I don’t waste too much and reached out to my local community for pointers, but I’m now noticing their input seems to drastically go against what I’m understanding from this website (and that Trainer Tips youtube channel).

Basically my neighbourhood seems to say literally anything that isn’t 100% IV and absolute number 1 per type DPS should go to the bin… which seems like that’ would be basically everything I own with no exception. Mind you it’s possible I just happen to be in a very competitive / whale prone area for all I know (I just started playing so I could spend time with my fiance… well ex now… w/e). Also none of them seem to wanna answer what New Attack is, is it an additional charge move or is is an expensive TM?

I do realize spending all my dust on a 100% Weedle or Castform would probably be unwise, I was under the impression prioritizing movesets was a bigger deal then just absolute perfect IV, but I could be wrong. I’ll list what I seem to have on my upper availability and ask you kind guidance if you don’t mind too much. I’ll try to list as much information I can find to paint a better picture though of course I won’t list everything… I wouldn’t want to abuse of anybody’s good will and we’d be there forever, thank you again.

Gyarados CP 1438 ~ level 15 (I think)
13 Atk / 15 Def / 14 HP : Waterfall + Hydro Pump
This is what initially had me wondering, according to your listing this should be an optimal moveset, but the only reply I got from my community was “it’s not a perfect Kyogre, it’s garbage” so I wasn’t sure if my doubts were justified or not. Of course I’d love it if it was a full 100% … but I’m either doing something really wrong or just plain unlucky.
Level up or pass?

Groudon CP 2458 ~ level 21 (I think)
15 Atk / 15 Def / 13 HP : Mud Shot + Earthquake
I needed space and this seemed like my most optimal legendary pokemon to take my rare candies. I’m not entirely sure if there is some sort of handicap / level ratio going on cuz oddly enough this isn’t my most reliable pokemon, then again a lot of things seem to be in the air so that can’t help and when I do fight some grounded Rocket goons he tends to mop the floor with them.
I hope I didn’t goof too bad on that pick.

Walrein CP 1657 ~ level 21.5 (I think)
13 Atk / 15 Def / 15 HP : Frost Breath + Blizzard
So here I was downright laughed at when I mentioned this guy, which is ironic considering he seems to survive longer then Groudon. Like, I’m aware this isn’t a Mamoswine, but would it be that dumb to get this guy up a bit so I have something to carry around? I also realize Rayquaza has left but the chart seems to imply like this can’t be the dumbest thing to raise either.

I got a Kyogre 14/10/10 Waterfall+ Blizzard and a Latios 15/10/10 Dragon Breath + Dragon Claw (both 2 stars) and a 10/12/15 Exeggutor with Extrasensory + Psychic from a 2 star raid, are those things I should invest at all, or potentially trade? I’m not too sure how the trading seem to work in here.

As far as purely IV goes I’m not sure what the formula for the 95-98% I’ve been seeing floating around is, but I got a 15/15/14 Ivysaur and Monferno I’m understanding I should wait until december for potential legacy moves (as well as a Slakoth of the same number but I hear this isn’t good),
a 14/15/15 Ponyta and Mankey
a 14/15/14 Graveler,
a 15/12/15 Trapinch and Purified Rattata (not sure what that means),
Oh and a shiny 15/13/15 Eevee I’m understanding should become a Glaceon by virtue of being the least outclassed through same type ranking and a same IV Snubbull,
a 14/14/15 Voltorb, anything else starts dropping lower then that and I can’t imagine would be worth the candy and dust to guess a play the moveset lottery…
Well actually my only full 100% 4 star pokemon is a Togepi with Hidden Power Fire, but the lil guy is level 2 so I don’t know what to say about it.

I truly appreciate the input and wisdom, thank you.

There is unfortunately a prevailing opinion among the elite that anything even slightly less than the best is garbage. They’re not entirely wrong though, but many of them will be at the stage when they’ve already done it all and bought the T-Shirt, so all that’s left to do is chase perfection.

There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer as to what you should powerup, but there are ways to be smart about it. Firstly, do not power up anything until you are level 30 at the minimum, preferably level 35, but with the way XP is given out like candy these days it doesn’t take the average player that long to reach. At higher levels, you’ll be able to catch higher level pokemon, which will save you resources (notably stardust) in the long run. This plays into IVs a little as well - a crap IV, high level pokemon can be a better thing to evolve than a high IV, low level one - it’ll be battle ready and useful immediately at just the cost of candy which if often the easiest thing to acquire.

As a very rough guide though, anything with a CP of above 2500+ will be useful for raiding. Study the stats of the individual pokemon though as those heavily skewed towards Defense and HP won’t be as valuable, for example Snorlax and Blissey, but anything with a good Attack stat generally is. There is of course PvP as well, where those bulkier low-attack Pokemon often shine at the lower leagues.

‘New Attack’ is simply unlocking a second charge move so that you’ll have two to use in battle. Not sure why that questioned was dodged.


keep all pokemon for now get as many of the top 4 pokemon per type find an amazing player who will trade you everything iv doesnt matter yet untill same level attack and hp are most important for now and just play trade and have fun dont power up guys past level 30 because level 30 is 90 percent done just be yourself a habitual shiny checker waifu raider or pve battler any time send me a message and ill help you out

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What theses guys said.

Plus, as you move forward, focus on the aspect of the game that you like the best. From your presentation of your present game state, it sounds like you’re going to enjoy the competitive aspects of the game. I advise lots of patience and baby steps. Take the long view. Spend resources ONLY when doing so gives you the opportunity to get better resources. Today, one of the better tracks would be to tune up your counters for Piloswine raids, and find a good buddy or two to help you out with those. Find out which Pokémon are good gym defenders, and build those up so that you can catch those coins to buy incubators to hatch every 10K egg you get. Don’t spend candy or stardust on anything that is likely to come back in December when you will be able to get the community day move. That includes all the Pokémon from 2018 community days. While we don’t know if those will come back, there’s nothing to be gained from Metagross without Meteor Mash.

Read everything these guys write and consult every web page they mention. One day you’ll show up at a raid, and flash your DPS creds to the ex for the ultimate victory :blush:

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Welcome to the community! Here’s some of my personal advice as far as investing goes as you level up. Apologies in advance for long paragraphs. :grin:

I. Powering Up Mons
Avoid powering things up at this point in the game. Like @Skywalkered already mentioned, you may want to wait until you’re at least lvl 30 before you start really investing into anything. Level 30 is a meaningful milestone in Go. Wild Mons cap out at lvl 30 (or lvl 35 if weather boosted), so at that point, odds are good that you’ll catch wild Mons that are significantly higher level (and more immediately usable) than the ones you currently have.

II. Stardust
Stardust is a valuable commodity you get via: catching Mons, hatching eggs, doing raids, beating Team Rocket grunts, doing PvP battles (you get rewarded once daily for battling a team leader, three times daily for battling a friend), feeding berries to Mons in gyms, etc. The Mons you currently have will mostly get replaced down the line by higher level/more powerful species. Those are the ones you’ll want to invest in, so right now, you may want to stay in “savings” mode.

Also, on the topic of stardust: catch everything. Leave no rock unturned and no Pidgey untouched. Even the trash-tier Mons that you’ll be sick of constantly encountering are still worth stardust. Every little bit counts!

III. Impact of IVs
IVs are meaningful, but a lot of people blow them WAY out of proportion. A Pokemon’s base stats, typing, and available moves are all significantly more important than IVs. This information can all be found on individual Mon’s pages on this website.

So for instance, let’s take your Gyarados. It’s IVs are fine. However, it’s fairly low level, meaning it will require a fairly hefty investment to power it up. As you level up, you’re likely to encounter higher level Magikarps that can be immediately evolved and used, no power-ups needed.

On a similar note, let’s say that down the road (after lvl 30), you catch a level 34 weather-boosted Electabuzz or a Machop but it has crap IVs. Evolve it anyways. A level 34 Electivire or Machamp is something you can instantly make use of with no Power-up investments, even if it has terrible IVs. A 100% IV Mon from a research task is cool, but at that low level, it will require significant investment before it’s useful.

TL;DR - Don’t get too hung up on IVs. Perfection is fun to chase, but shouldn’t be prioritized.

IV. Prioritizing Species for Power-ups
So, the IVs on your Walrein, for instance, are good. It also performs decently well as an Ice-type attacker. However, it gets outclassed by: Mamoswine, Glaceon, and Weavile, for example because their base stats are much higher and their available moves are stronger. Eevees are usually fairly common and they’re dirt cheap to evolve, so investing in a Glaceon down the line might be the better call.

If you find a good Sneasel to evolve into a Weavile, great, now you have a Mon that can function as a top-tier Ice or Dark attacker (depending on the moves you TM it to). That’s versatility that Walrein just doesn’t have, since it’s a lower-tier pick as both an Ice and Water attacker. If you can avoid spending too much on your Mons right now, it will be beneficial to you down the line when you have stronger things to power up.

V. Buying Second Charge Moves
Second moves are mostly a PvP utlity, but occasionally, some Mons will benefit from having a second move added. Weavile, for instance, is one of them. With both Foul Play and Avalanche, you need to only give it a fast TM to have access to both a top-tier Dark and Ice attacker. The same is true for Mons like: Moltres, Roserade and Mamoswine.

That said, don’t worry about this too much right now. Buying second charge moves can be expensive, so save that dust for now.

P.S. if you ever wanted to buy a second move for a baby Pokemon (Togepi for example), be sure to do it while it’s still a baby. The second move unlock cost is significantly reduced for baby Pokemon.

VI. That Togepi tho
Since egg hatches cap at lvl 20, a level 2 perfect IV Togepi is a rarity. Treasure it always!

VII. Raids
If you have access to a local raiding group and the ability to join them for raids, do so whenever you can, with an emphasis on Legendary raids. Raids will help you build up valuable resources like rare candy, TMs, gold razz berries, and get you some supplemental potions and dust. If you can find people willing to help you do Machamp and/or Tyranitar raids, those will also help you acquire beneficial Mons to add to your roster.

And if your Mons you’re bringing to the raid aren’t top-tier, so be it. Let people know that you’re still building up your account, and you should be fine. We were all novices at one point, and hopefully no one expects that you’ll be bringing teams of maxed out raid counters.

VIII. Trading and Lucky Pokemon
The trading feature is a great way to help build your roster. There’s always a handful of veteran players out there who have extras of certain Mons they might be willing to part with to help someone out. Just try to avoid asking for Mons you don’t have registered to your Dex, as those will cost you and the other player significantly more Stardust.

Also, try to build up friendship with people. Once you hit best friends with someone (requires 90 days of interaction), you have a chance to trigger lucky friends with that person every day you interact with them thereafter. This guarantees the Mons you trade will be lucky, which is a huge advantage. Lucky Mons have a higher IV floor (12/12/12) and they cost half as much dust to power up.

IX. Good Luck, Have Fun, Ask Questions!
This is probably the most important thing of all. As much as we love crunching the numbers and investing in the most powerful Mons with the best moves, at the end of the day, this is a game, so make sure you’re enjoying it! I have a maxed out Ho-Oh, for instance, that I also unlocked a second move on. It’s pretty terrible for just about everything, but it’s a personal favorite Mon and I have zero regrets investing in it. If there’s a Mon you truly like and really want to power up and use, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

And if you ever have questions, keep asking them! We’ve all been at the point where we had no clue what we were doing, and most people are willing to help. :grin:


Skywalkered , does the new attack apply both in PvE and PvP? I was holding off on it regardless because it is a lot of resources anyway.

Yoda , from what I understand trading will reroll a pokemon’s IVs in a way where for instance a friend and I traded trashy Poliwags we could potential end up with something better then what was sent. Does the CP and level reroll as well then? What about moves? I guess this could also be a way to make my trashy star rank shiny go up?

stacysmom1025 , so should I keep my higher distance eggs toward the later end whenever possible? I’ve just been doing whatever I have to bulk up similar distance together… or get rid of the 2km when I’m down to just the single incubator. The ex apparently did mention some annoyance to her friend about me catching up to her in about a week, although to her defence she plays very casually and I just had some time to walk about that week.

@BlameScott , no apologies required, you’re helping instruct me and I’m very thankful for it.
1- I’ll hold off on leveling anything then, thankfully I might have spent 50k Stardust tops on that Groudon and Walrein so hopefully that isn’t too big.

2- I already was trying to catch everything just for the Ditto research anyway but I also do try to keep doing as much daily activities I can for dust and coins, mind you I had a schedule that allowed for that until now but I might be able to pull some basics even when I go back to work full time.

3- I’ll have to go through my storage once more then, previously I was only keeping 3 star rank pokemons or stuff that was above 1.1k CP cuz that’s kind of the bracket of stuff I’m catching right now, but I suppose once I get past level 30 that will increase. Getting rid of say that 14/14/15 Voltorb cuz it’s only got 250 CP or the 3 star Krabbys I have with 10 or less Atk but perfect Def and Hp.

4- Following the previous point and what I’m understanding from you, then Walrein is kind of at the end of it’s road right now. Groudon could keep going by virtue of being a rare top ground type with good move set and IVs but not a priority. With that said while you do mention to hold off on leveling anything at my current stage, should that level 15 shiny Eevee (15/13/15) fall on that rule as well or is a shiny Glaceon worth the investment regardless.

5- So basically as an extension to the leveling guideline, 2nd Charge Moves are a very long distance plan for me and only for worthwhile things. Do the 2 charge moves charge together, does the charge rate slow down or do you straight up have to pick one. Taking as example the shiny Glaceon (at least that’s likely what I’ll evolve that Eevee into), 2nd Charge Move has little utility on it because all it’s moves are Ice locked anyway, whereas a Golem could benefit from having both Earthquake and Stone Edge because of the added coverage correct?
Also I imagine when you mean baby pokemon you mean specially baby classed pokemons, like Munchlax or Elekid, not Dratini or Totodile. That must still be kind of a gamble though so even my level 14 Budew on 15/11/15 is too much of an investment, but if I had hatched it near level 30 it would be a worthy contender.

6- Right, so keep the tiny Togepi forever as is. I guess that’s a funny accident this is literally the first egg I ever hatched, shame I can’t use it without breaking bank but oh well.

7- I’ll keep an eye whenever my community raids, I happened on them once (and then was unable to catch that Rayquaza…) but they might have a group chat going. Technically I’d be playing with my ex but that’s worth keeping an eye out. So far since I’ve been mostly alone I go solo 1 or 2 star raids.

8- Once I have a higher level and higher friendships I’ll keep an eye out for trades, good thing to know I shouldn’t trade stuff I don’t have registered yet. Are there other restrictions like on legendaries or shinies or is it as long as we both have the dex registration.
Also, so 12 IV is the minimum per stat a Lucky Pokemon can have? that is handy for sure especially if they cost less.

9- Thank you very much, I guess I only have 1 last question that pops into my head right now. Team Rocket rescue pokemons, I’m understanding that a shadow pokemon costs a lot more to upgrade and should therefor be avoided, but what about Purified Pokemons? So far all the rescued shadow pokemons have been very bottom of the barrel as far as CP and IV goes, with the exception of 1 lone Rattata (because of course that’s what it would be). Is that worth keeping an eye out for or just go through it for candies, stardust and those capture medals?

This advice only applies to the most hardcore players. For example, I already have six 98+% Machamps, so a 96% Machamp is not worth investing in, but back when Gen 2 was first released, I had only one Machamp with the best moveset (this was before TMs were released), so I powered it up and used it even though it was only 82%.

The most valuable resources in this game are stardust, TMs (especially Charged) and Rare Candy (plus candy for certain top-tier species). Focus on accumulating them.


They will not be as useful for raids, but excel at gym defence. Of course, the importance of gym defence varies from area to area.

To clarify, this is about saving stardust in the short run but potentially spending more candy in the long run, which makes sense if the candy for that species is easy to earn.

-Is that % species or base stat specific? like is there a determined setup for Machamp that is different from a Tyranitar’s or is it’s strictly 15/15/15 = 100%, 1x 14 +2 x15 = 98%, 2x14 +1x 15 96% and so on?

-Alright I think that’s enough people promoting Glaceon as the preferable option, I’ll slowly work on it whenever I get level up research tasks and such then and hold on till 30 for anything else. It’s funny coming off the main series and being told Glaceon of all Eevelutions is the most preferable. Would that be a 96% perfect shiny then?

-Yeah I seem to see a LOT of Blisseys and Snorlax holding down gyms, that and Dragonites mostly part of another reason my Walrein has been handy so far, though I understand that might diminish as time goes on.

-I imagine you mean that later on it is easier to get most candies compared to the corresponding amount of stardust required for upgrading. Likely anything that has 1 or 3km buddy distance specifically, or on evolutions that aren’t as crazy high in candies like Magikarps or Swablus. Also I guess this means a high level pokemon can always be traded for a chance at a better reroll or be lucky.

Same for all species. 15/15/15 = 100%, 15/15/14 = 98%, 15/14/14 or 15/15/13 = 96%.

You can soon replace Walrein with Glaceon and eventually upgrade to Mamoswine.

What I mean is that candy for some species is easier to earn than candy for other species, so you have to figure out which resource is more valuable: stardust or candy for that species.

For example, there are two main ways to get a level 30 Machamp:
Option 1: Catch a level 30 wild Machop with bad IVs and evolve it. Cost: 0k stardust and 123 Machop candy.
Option 2: Earn a level 20 Machamp with great IVs from a raid, then power it up to level 30. Cost: 75k stardust and 66 Machop candy.

Which option is better? Since Machamp is a regular raid boss, its candy is easier to earn, so you would rather go with Option 1, spending more candy to save 75k dust (which is the more valuable resource that can be better used elsewhere).

Eevee is another popular candidate for this approach because it is very common in most areas. Other candidates really depend on what is common in your area.

In contrast, Chansey and Feebas are rare, so their candy is valuable and you only want to evolve those with high IVs which will be worth powering up in the long run. (Since you mentioned that your area is competitive, I guess that gym defence matters.)

Blamescott, that was one of the very best newbie guides I seen in a long time!!

I also try to teach newbies the ropes in my town. Niantic themselves are very poor at it. You do not get much usable advice about the game in it.

I usually save 5-10 high level eevees and Machop I catch to evolve/TM and give to new players who seem to deserve it (Those who ask for advice and tries to learn from them).

6 Counter/Dynamic Punch Machamps are a good first goal for a new player. They enables you to be much more efficient fighting gyms. Defending Gyms give you coins, getting better gym badges give you better rewards spinning that gym.

Eevees are amazing for a newbie. They enables you to get decent teams of several basic types. All but Umbreon (dark) are good additions, even though not the absolute pinnacle. Of course Glaceon, but also Espeon are very nice and could be evolved with 100% certainty. Flareon, Vaporeon and jolteon are tricky because of the randomness, but none of them are a waste for a new player.

Trading is tricky. A nice hardcore player can give you loads of good stuff when you have a mon registred. But keep away from trading shinies and legendaries for now, the cost is not worth. A new player in my town had a trip to SE Asia and brought home loads of the regional Torcoals. She got very popular with loads of trading requests. But it drained her completely from stardust for months and she got exploited by many hardcore players who gave her lvl 20 mons of what she asked for (dragonite, rhydon etc), instead of trying to compensate her for the stardust drain by giving her lvl 30 mons.

I will add few words from me about which high lvl species( if possible) is worth use until replaced by top mons later:

  • Hariyama is fine replacement for Machamp, so evolving high lvl Makuhita is good idea, and cost just 50 candy. Shroomish and Croagunk are also worth doing this. If you have access to Heracross, he is fine to.

  • Like mentioned above, any high lvl Eeveelution(except Umbreon) is a good ready to go mon.

  • Alolan Geodude will be servicable Rock attacker,and they are fairly common. Aggron now with Smack Down also is fine.

  • For Ice, Walrein is serviceable, but better use lvl 30+ to avoid dust investment. Jynx can also do the job.

  • As dark, if you are lucky to have Houndoors nearby( they are hardly biome spawns), its pretty good. If not, evolving high lvl Cacneas will make usable attacker to incoming psychic raids. Murkrow is also pretty good, but require more candy, Sinnoh Stone, and probably more Charged Tms with his movepool.

-Banette would be great too, but Shuppets are only boosted in non-existent Fog, so it will be hard.

-As Grass, focus on the nearest community( Turtwig) or evolve Exeggcute if need earlier.

Check any resscued mon from Team Rocket before transfer, maybe you will find perfect.

Save useful CD mons to December.

As Raid priority, if you can join Tier 5, do it( especilly Entei and Raikou now). Tyranitar will be second best option. If forced to raid solo, Piloswine or Sneasel in current raid pool are next best options.

And enjoy the game :)

  1. No biggie, if they help you now, they were worth it! And Groudon is going to remain top 3 Ground-type for a while so that’s well worth it.

  2. Yes. Also, prioritize ‘weather-boosted’ for the extra stardust.

  3. At this point, don’t worry about IVs unless it deciding which of the same species to evolve. Your 'mon will change over, evolve what you want to (esp if you have enough candy to do it again if you find a better one).

  4. Walrein is ok, don’t trash it but know there are better. Go ahead and evolve that shiny Eevee! They’re easy to catch and evolve, plus it’s shiny! :sparkles:

  5. 2nd moves are much more important in PvP and can be endgame stuff. That said, the cost varies widely and you can get some PvP use out of your <1500CP 'mon.

They will charge together and use the same energy pool so you basically get to pick which one to use. I say, go ahead and give your Gyrados a 2nd charge move (it only costs 25 candy+10k stardust) and play with that!

Golem and A-Golem are both good examples of where the 2nd attack is cheap and useful for PvE since they are decent in both types (personally I’ve got a soft spot for ol’ rocky and think it makes a very good early 'mon). Starters are also cheap and can gain utility thru a 2nd attack but I agree it’s best to save those for their CD.

  1. Yep!

  2. See if they have a Discord or FB group.

  3. Legendaries and shinies cost more. Cost for all trades decreases with friendship level. If you have higher lvl PoGO friends, try to trade with them anyway. If nothing else, they can farm candies and feel warm fuzzies for helping a fellow trainer.

  4. Purified 'mons are kinda like luckies in that they have reduced costs (~10% cost reduced for everything). There’s no reason I know of to keep a Shadow 'mon other than cosmetic but Purified 'mon can be pretty good. IV’s go up by 2 in each category when you purify and CP will change too. Look for the “ROAR” grunts as they have Dragon-type which will help you bunches!

tl;dr You’re on the right track!:grin:

In case someone else didn’t mention, clear out your gifts every day. More than half of those gifts have stardust in them. Prioritize those that are local because you want to build up friendship level which helps a lot in raids, and eventually in trades. The IV floor for best friends in a trade is higher, and stardust cost is lower.

As for eggs, I use the infinite incubator for 2K eggs if I have one, and I put any 10K eggs in an incubator as soon as I get one. I seem to get mostly 5K eggs, which I will multi-hatch when I know that I will open up a starpiece soon. The timing can be tricky, but it’s worth it. The Silph Road is a reliable source for the species available in eggs. You might want a lot of what’s in 2K eggs, particularly potential community day starters,and most of what’s in 10K eggs. But really, at this point, it’s mostly the stardust that matters to me.

The Silph Road is also up-to-date on tasks. I trash every task that doesn’t have something that I want. Stardust and rare candy come to the top of that list, as well as the tasks for Electabuzz and Swinub, to name a two. Whatever you get in a task is a guaranteed catch, so give it a pinap. This also applies to research breakthroughs and shinies.

Work that starpiece! My 7th day catch comes on the same day as Adventure Sync, and soon, my research breakthrough will come on that day too. I open up a starpiece at 8:55, cash in any stardust tasks that I might have saved, catch everything in sight, walk off any 5K eggs that I might be multi-incubating, catch everything in my research stack. AFTER I claim the Adventure Sync rewards I’ll open gifts. You want 2 egg slots open when that reward comes through. Some say that the species in Adventure Sync eggs are better than any other, but I have not yet found that to be true. If there’s any time left on the starpiece, battle a trainer.

Which Pokémon is your buddy?

I love these threads!

Sorry I’m still too new to quote multiple people.

+hkn , good to know, I’ll keep an eye out for rarer species that fall in that in that category. Also by your logic this means a level 15 Graveler at 95% would likely not be worth the stardust, but a 98% lvl 20 Ivysaur could be cuz it’s more rare. The 96% Eevee wouldn’t be worth going the stardust route, as it’s common enough to wait till later, but since it’s shiny it’s really all up for interpretation.

+NorthbyNorth , so Machops and Eevees would be an emphasis for priority, namely on Pinap Berry usage, although I guess it’s still on the idea that I should catch everything for exp and dust anyway.
I was kind of holding off on trades since I don’t have very high friendship levels yet but that’s a good thing to keep an eye for.

+Ziperro , I’ll keep an eye for those 3 as well. I do have a 96% A-Geodude, although it’s even lower level then most of the things I listed so I understand it’s preferable not to build that one up. Ironically my ex and I found a Houndour raid last night, didn’t seem like we came up with anything stellar although I’m understanding we could trade those together for potential better results?

@captpepperjack , That’s reassuring. I’m trying to catch everything mainly for exp, dust and Ditto but if I need to ration I’ll prioritize weather. I’m glad the shiny Glaceon is the 1 absolute constant from everyone, I’d feel dumb not to go through with it now.
Thanks I think I finally understand 2nd Charge Moves now, I’ll have to study carefully who could benefit but along captures I’ll keep it in mind for later.
So I understand the purified buff isn’t as substancial as the lucky buff, but it is easier to get. I did notice how their CP seem to jack up when I purify but I didn’t know the IVs went up by 2 as well, good to keep in mind when I check shadows. I’m not entirely sure what you mean by ROAR grunts though. Is it like a specific line of text when you encounter a grunt or am I missing your point.
And hey, I do my best to learn as much as possible and hopefully not break bank :blush:

@stacysmom1025, When you say trade IV floor, do you mean odds of better trade IVs go up as our friendship increase? So using the example of last night’s raid Houndours, if we trade now that we are good friends we might have lesser result then when we hit ultra friend and then best friends?
I have not learned which task grants what yet, so far I’ve been trying to keep at least 1 cleared so I have my research stamp every day and then get rid of whatever seems too obstrusive, I’ll go check that website though.
Oh my current buddy is a Feebas so I can eventually do the special research evolution task. I imagine whenever that finally is done I might walk the shiny Glaceon… or I’m not really sure (feels like it’s gonna take a while anyway).

All of this help and advice is so great though, thanks everyone.

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As some who mostly plays on his own, I can tell you the grind is tough, but well worth it. Once you hit level 30 and beyond you will start seeing the way to get to more and more useful mons. Also, what kind of biome are you in as that can sometimes have an effect on what you do once you hit level 30. You might be able to make a decent team of lvl solo raids depending on what you have a lot of candy wish.

The iv floor for best friends is 5/5/5,ultra friends 3/3/3, great friends 2/2/2and good friends 1/1/1. Everyone has given you some great stuff to think about. Hope you aren’t overwhelmed. Check back in from time to time. We would love to know the progress you’re making

Haha, yeah I can’t lie it is a bit much to take in all at once, but in a good way.
I’ve definitely learned a lot more then what the kind of depressing comments I had initially been given and have a better understanding of what I should go for now. If anything this is good reference material. Now to keep on the building process.

Yes, your understanding is correct. In the case of Ivysaur, its exclusive move (Frenzy Plant) is another reason to hold back evolving. I can understand powering up a low-level 96% shiny Eevee, but note that in PoGo, shinies are far less rare than the main games. I have never encountered a shiny when playing GSC (of course, Red Gyarados at Lake of Rage does not count).

Feebas is a decent choice because Milotic is a great gym defender and your area is competitive.

The only reason to walk a shiny Glaceon would be style points, as its candy is easy to earn. If you want to get good fast, walk a non-legendary whose candy is hard to earn, like Chansey or Beldum.

Yes. Just before the screen where you pick your team to battle the grunt.

Yeah I initially thought the Ivysaur was kind of doomed but then I heard of the potential december event. I’ll get it up and ready to go and wait until that event finally arrive, give up on the Graveler and just keep the Glaceon as a side project.

So for buddies, once I’m done prepping that Feebas I should walk a 5km rare buddy. I’ll keep an eye out I might have a Beldum or Bagon or such.

Do the grunts reset when you don’t fight them immediately and then re-select them? I do my best to fight every one of them anyway but I guess I do get a LOT of shadow Rattata and Zubat as I go through… can’t beat the ones with Snorlax or Gyarados yet though. I wasn’t aware I could swap them if that is what you mean.

The previous posters have already covered most aspects with generally good advice.
I would, however, like to suggest exceptions to the generally good, “wait until L30 to power up” advice.

  1. Since L25 is the highest level you can receive from raids (L20 w/o weather boost), a) a useful pokemon with, b) good IV (90+%), c) that is rare or non-existent in the wild, d) at L20+ is worth powering.
    That Groudon caught my eye. No need to wait on him if you have the candy, then go for it!

  2. You have a reasonably useful mon that you need RIGHT NOW!
    I don’t know what you ice squad looks like; but if you are heading to a flying/dragon raid and you need another ice attacker to fill you squad, go ahead and power that Walrein. Otherwise, hold off.

Happy hunting!