New Heroes (Shared Purpose) January 2021

I hope he’s good though for others who want to use him :fgo_jeannecheer:


SoV hasn’t had a banner in well over a year, Thracia has now had 2 since then. I don’t think they’re unjustified in being upset.


If you think your fav is never getting into heroes, just remember Veld had 13 votes and he still made it in.


That’s enough for at least a spark but hopefully you’ll pick up plenty of copies along the way! :fgo_ereshwoah:


While I do agree in general that Echoes has had to wait a longer time, my counterpoint is this.

Prior to this banner, Thracia had 17 units in the game. Not distinct characters, total units. And three were Reinhardt. Echoes has 42. And while they didn’t get New Heroes last month, they got a Mythic and an entire seasonal banner. Thracia got 0 of anything.

I’m not saying I don’t understand why someone’s upset. Believe me, I get it, I hope the next one is Echoes because it’s been a long time since we got new characters. But oh my god did Thracia both need and deserve this.


Btw! If anyone wants to be @ed for when I upload my summon marathon, lmk by voting here!

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I wish best of luck to anyone summoning here.

…Fam, I’m so hype after a long time.


He is also the final boss of Thracia mind you. So he has some significance to warrant getting in.

They do but I don’t think it’s fair to take it out like this in a thread about this new banner when people are excited for some Thracia units

I still think a SoV banner would be something we need but that’s why I got annoyed with that

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What’s this 2nd banner you’re talking about? The only one I’m aware of is the Peony and More with Mareeta, Eyvel, Osian, and Tanya


Both games do tbh. Personally I don’t care much since I haven’t played either, I just can see why someone who likes SoV might be upset by this.

This one.

Had implies past tense, so i thought you were referring to a banner that already happened

I probably got too heated at a point and I’m sorry about that


Ok so I worded it poorly. This is still the 2nd Thracia banner since we’ve had a single SoV one. And like I said, I don’t particularly care about either. Just I can see why an SoV fan might be upset.

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Fafnir has a cool designed mech with hopefully some story behind its design having a face so I’m okay with him being in one :feh_faedance:


All we need now is a green tome demote. Boey was our last one :feh_morganagrom:


Time to save for him Umbi lol


That’s my biggest disappointment with this. We get a red tome demote after we just got Knoll no less.


who are these guys?

Excellent fodder, but nothing essential. Easy skip


Yes!!! I’m really hype.
I hope we manage to luck out getting many merges for best FE5 girl. :blush:

I’ll admit that I didn’t expect that skillset and [Kia Staff] being a weapon… but oh well, it’s still awesome! Also, I’m glad Miranda is here for you too, I might make of her a project as well.

Thanks! That’s the plan! Also, Asbel made it in the game too. :fgo_jeannecheer: I hope you can get a lot of copies!


I’m gonna look in a bit that I didn’t miss any reply, gotta post what I think of the banner. :grimacing: