New ideas for Roman servants

I know we’ve got quite a few already, but there are a lot of great figures in Roman history who can make the cut. Off the top of my head, I’d see Octavius (later Augustus Caesar) as a possible servant, and maybe a contender for an Avenger given his history of hunting down the Senate who killed Julius.

I dunno, what do you guys think?


Ahem, yes, I’d like to see Octavius, and maybe Mark Antony (just to add a wrench to the Caesar/Cleopatra coupling). But it would be hard to think of anything to use as a Noble Phantasm, or even what class they’d fall into. I suppose Saber like Caesar would be safe enough. I can’t really see Avenger on Octavius. It’s not enough to just do an act of vengeance (and in his case, it was more practical motive to remove future opposition than a blood vendetta). You have to be defined by it so much that it consumes you, and that’s not Octavius to me.

Donations of Alexandria for Marcus Antonius, for sure - some buster-buff type NP, with an offering of stars attached? Straight-up triumphal procession running over the enemy would work, too

Emperor Constantine’s baptism would also make an interesting basis for an NP. That, or the famous “In hoc signo vinces”.

Yeah, fair point. Maybe, for Octavius, his NP could have something to do with an empire since he was the first ‘official’ Roman Emperor.

May I suggest Res Gestae? Would be pleasant to listen to the VO’s pronunciation, too.


What about Pax Romana, an NP that prevents damage and adds HP regen, NP per turn, and stars per turn to represent the peace and prosperity during his reign? He could be set up as a support hybrid with some damage options. Maybe Charisma, Imperial Privilege, and some other unique skill.

santa nero

beast nero

proto nero (male version)

halloween nero

idol nero

nero lily

kid proto nero

revenge of the nerofest nero

servantverse nero

servantverse proto nero

servantverse summer nero

proto nero husband




Well, Beast Nero would be an interesting take, at least.

if you think about it, every servant is a roman servant

according to ROMA


Oh, oh, what about another rivalry thing, this time between Scipio and Hannibal?

I’m surprise that nobody have mentioned Remo, the brother of Rómulo

Honestly, whenever I brought up Remus with other history buffs, I always got blank stares.

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So ,they dosen’t know Remo?

Problem is, there’s not much to work with. Remus gets killed off, and Romulus goes off to found Rome and become famous.

If you wanted a Roman Avenger, Remus might make for some interesting material.


That soungs like a great idea

I’ve always said Hannibal should be a Servant. Scipio would be a little trickier, but I’d love to see a concept for him.


Probably a fellow silver, like Romulus.

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Budget, easily available NP5 Avenger would be nice. Give him bonus damage against Roman Servants on his NP and a cool wolf motif.


I imagine him as one of the Knight classes with skill centered around damage synergy, like Julius.

Really? I’d say Rider. In fact, put his sprite on an elephant so large all you can see of him is his leg.

I like the damage synergy though. He could be the cavalry counterpart to Caesar.