New Interlude Campaign

It’s about time, wouldn’t you say?

Some Interlude-related changes are in order of course, nothing unexpected I think. It’s not going to be a very lively week for those of you who have all their content in order, but for those with story chapters to clear and unfinished Interludes/Free Quests/Rank Ups to do, well now is a good time. If you are not preparing for Nero Fest of course.

We’ll have some more content to share on the NA front, Nero Fest Preparation for example, as we move towards the 21st. We’ve been working hard on introducing a more permanent way to read up on the upcoming Servants, and hopefully we’ll be able to show that today.



Re: Interludes—very excited for all of these performance upgrades. Too bad this is Arjuna’s final strengthening. That coffin has been nailed shut, so it were.

Geronimo—he seems like he requires less investment than Babbage for a still hard-hitting NP. Raise him instead for budget Caster farming…?

A bit of downtime on NA sounds good and it means I don’t have to rush JP to wrap it up.
I kind of feared we’d get Nerofest directly after Dead Heat.

I’ve mostly been thinking about it from a gameplay perspective but it will be interesting to see what story is included in the Interludes.

That teaser sounds promising :grin:

A bit of CD reduction wouldn’t be wrong for Arjuna but when Command Codes arrive you can do some interesting customisations.
The extra healing one works very well with his Hero of the Endowed.

Yeah. Arjuna is serviceable but he’s never the best for the job.

You want passive stargen? Better get someone without archer-class starweight.

You want strong Buster AOE damage from an Archer? We have Gil, Tesla, Ishtar, and soon Napoleon, who do that better. (Plus Emiya, who also makes stars for Wave 3.)

You want someone who can NP with a Kscope? See above.

He’s great for underdeveloped rosters, but it would be nice to see him get a better niche…

The big winners here are Illya and Astolfo. While Arjuna’s is good, it’s not enough to ever justify him over his competition. Illya is now competitive with Sanzang again due to their different use cases, and Astolfo is now budget Drake. Geronimo’s upgrade is… something, I guess, but what he really needs is an actual skillset instead of “deals 1% more NP damage than Babbage”. Chloe’s “upgrade” is a flavorful joke, I guess.

Hmm. Tested out the numbers.
Without any CEs, Fou or support Arjuna actually hits harder than Ishtar and Tesla (with proc and no trait). Emiya need to be NP5 to surpass him but as you mentioned UBW has beneficial effects.
The others with their trait bonus shoots far above but otherwise they lag behind.

Yeah. People forget Arjuna’s higher attack + better mana burst. Plus he’s in the general pool, so you might have him np2 instead of an np1 limited/story-locked SSR.

He definitely has his use cases. But Ishtar’s (buster crit) damage is insane for high HP bosses and Gil/Tesla almost always have bonus damage. Napoleon will too. So…Arjuna gets sidelined.

Even with Drake in my roster, I’m very excited for the Astolfo upgrade. I’ve already maxed out the third skill in preparation for this interlude, because you can never have to many farming options. Sometimes you don’t have enough wiggle room in regards to party cost and can’t afford a 5*.

Geronimo will just be done for the Saint quartz. I don’t ever plan on using him.

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I agree with that. Ishtar has a deck and skills are better suited for dealing damage.
The low CD on her third skill alone increases her general potential while Arjuna’s mana burst is best saved for the NP and break bars kind of makes big nukes a waste (though it makes farming easy).
Arjuna’s lack of critical steroid outside the IA hurts.

The anti-servant buff is a massive advantage…

He might not the best choice but I’ll find a use for him anyway.
It will be far more fun after his animations get updated, only 2 years of waiting :expressionless: .

I haven’t got a Drake but my Astolfo has been sitting at 6/1/10 ever since the summer rerun.

So Astolfo’s is actually getting good now? I guess now I’ll need to add Best Boi to my list of to-level-up Servants. Meaning I might get to starting to level him some time in the next year.

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Yup! Astolfo is a mini Drake. Needs a waver/starting NP CE and is only really good for farming, but more convenient than Alexander/Medusa/Rider of Resistance due to that battery.

He’ll come in extra handy in NeroFest!

To be fair, Medusa also has a NP battery that makes her somewhat useful for farming. Not as nice since you need a Kscope, but better than Alex in that way.

Both best snek and Chris got lower deploy-cost so that their one instant nuke-CE of choice, Kaleid, doesn’t cut into overall team-cost as much, though. Chris can also make do with IE at x/10/x, x/6/x is already plenty for Kaleid, not to mention more affordable. Also, Alex can give both Asto and snek a green boost before being switched out for someone else.

Otherwise, yeah, I do look forward to fielding my own girly Paladin with MLB KoM at x/x/6 once I got her raised. ^_-

Yeah, but with Astolfo you only need MLB Dragon’s Meridian—which everyone should have.

So it evens out the party cost…but you get to do more damage :stuck_out_tongue:

At x/x/10, yup. Involves spending a Lore + various mats + not too small an amount of QPecks due to her being 4-star. With the various potential Lore-takers I got, getting her to x/x/6 and chucking Knights of Marines on her would already be plenty for me.

Also, graaaanted, Chris is far more demanding in his mat-needs to 10 - both a medium amount of chains, gallstones (!!!) and an ungodly amount of fluids, ayyy

Increases the buff success rate of Illyasviel von Einzbern allies by 30% for 3 turns

Who are the allies this applies to? I’m guessing Chloe, Herc, maybe Iri and Kerry… Ally can be a broad term and I don’t recall seeing that trait listed before.

Worded poorly, my take is it refers to Ilya, and only Ilya, of whom there theoretically can be more than one on the field.

Hey guys, I´d like to get someone´s advice if possible.

I still have Shinjuku and Agartha left, but I´m sure a similar 1/2 AP story banner will come just before Salem arrives, should I focus on Free quests or clear the EoR now?




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