New Legendary Comp. (Cobalion)

The next Legendary Event has been announced and this time, it’s a Fire weak Cobalion.

So, for anyone that doesn’t have a Red’s Charizard to cheese the event, what’s the game plan?

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I’m not one to say since I have one, and a few more 5★ Fires. On top of my head, I’m thinking the free Ho-Oh, but I’m sure the pros here would bring up the 3-4★s that are viable. :ok_hand:

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Chain sleeps again. Delphox with the Lucky Skill Dauntless + Sabrina/Phoebe support should do.

Quick warning: With Serena w/ Fennekin being the new Fire type, it will likely be weak to trapping with a slowly increasing resistance to Sleep.

BTW, what do you guys think are good 3-4 Stars to promote? I already got Skyla and Erika to 4 star.