New merge project thoughts?

After having spent over a year playing this game; I still only have 1 +10 unit. So after some impulsive decision making, I’ve finally focused on who I want to make +10. I was initially gonna make Legault and W!Cecilia +10 (and I still plan on making them +10 once I get their fodder) but I think this project is a lot more budget friendly for me (minus the debatable C skill).

Here’s her current build.

And here’s her planned build.

Fury should synergize with her low HP to safely put her into Desperation range as well as giving her an all around stat boost. Desperation is so she can double an opponent without fear and secure a KO. C skill is debatable so I might just swap to a buff for a team (like a Drive/Spur so she can easily help buff an allie’s Atk/Spd when needed), and finally Brazen Atk/Spd helps her reach a good amount of Spd as well as high enough Atk to where she can easily nuke enemies.

Essentially it’s a budget build that should work on most teams without issue.


Seems good to me, although you may want to look into putting her on a team with someone that can get her into low HP with things like Reciprocal Aid or whatever that other HP assist is, that way you’re no so reliant on Fury. Maybe give her a more attack boosting A skill (or a combination of attack and speed) to take advantage of her ability to have high attack power.

Yeah for A slot it’d prob be best to slap either:
-Life and Death 3 for 59 atk and 43 spd, 66 and 50 with brazen as well as not taking 6 recoil damage every time
-Swift Sparrow 2 for 58 atk and 42 spd when she attacks, that way you don’t lower your def or res as much as you would with Life and Death 3 and again no recoil
-You could also try Death Blow 3 so that she gets 60 atk when she attacks, 67 with brazen as well as having 45 speed when in brazen range
Fury 3 is fine but that recoil is annoying imo and these 3 skills are all solid options avaiable on 4* units (though you would need to promote for Swift Sparrow and Death Blow). Other than that looking good imo

I have a +10 Legault and he is good. Sadly he gets overshadowed by Saizo with his awesome refine that synergizes with more of my teams. Overall a good build.
( They are different if course, but i prefer Saizo. Build Legault. You should not regret it. )

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When no one @'s @Kepic_Z_R who has a +10 Mae.


Seems decent enough :thinking:

Maybe Glimmer for a Special though? She stacks a lotta Atk, it’ll be boosting her damage significantly. Moonbow wouldn’t really make much of a difference, I think. I’m planning on building her myself once my current projects are outta the way, I kind of like her. Good luck with her!

I’m deluded you aren’t merging Nowi myrrh

But yeah,she looks pretty good,all I think is that 37 res for res ploy is kinda bad

Never knew he had one. I only know about his Surtr

I haven’t even seen this thread till now but still


Same, only knew about Mr. Angry Fire Man

Not to mention, I wouldn’t expect Kepic to have a merged Mae since he likes to tank and Mae well… isn’t great at that lol



I do indeed have a +10 Mae. She was my first +10 unit, though I don’t use her much now.
(Recreation on unit builder since grabbing a screenshot and transferring it takes time)

It’s still a wasten, to not use her.

I figured with Fury 3 alongside her +10 stats (which pushes her to 37 Res, which is pretty respectable against mages) I’m assuming she can fight for 1 combat against a mage and reliably fall into Desperation/Brazen range. Defensewise against DC units or ranged physical units, it might not work as well unless I potentially run something like Def/Res Link on another teammate? Running Reciprocal Aid though would mean the teammate would need to see combat and swap HP, meanwhile Ardent Sacrifice would have to be on Mae and she then loses out on her Assist skill for buffing. Gonna test her out later to see if Def buffs can decently help her tank a counter hit.

The reason I chose Fury over LnD was because of her low HP. Running LnD would mean I would really have to be reliable on Reciprocal Aid since she’d GetKosiorekt in combat with no Defenses to put her in Brazen range. SS2 is nice but doesn’t help her low bulk, as well as Deathblow 3. Though if I ever want to run a one shot build midway, Deathblow 3 sounds great alongside her tome.

I was gonna build him first but I missed the opportunity to get the fodder he needed. He has everything ready to go except the weapon.

Here's my planned build for him

I was thinking about this too. I actually have Glimmer on her right now (current build has Night Sky because of SP) but I wasn’t entirely sure about the Moonbow and Glimmer damage drop off. Thanks and good luck too.

Who says I’m not? I haven’t pulled a Nowi in forever

Yeah I might just do a buff for teammates since the opponents with high Res will tank her anyways, and the opponents with low Res get nuked as well.

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Nice Mae.

I know you’ve said you don’t use her all that much anymore but did she ever struggle when doubling? 35 Spd seems a bit low for me to run Desperation even with SS2 (39Spd). Atk/Spd Link (45Spd) does push her to a respectable Spd, but that’d feel like almost wasting a turn buffing her Spd to KO a unit if I’m using her Atk Spd Link for herself.

I have been considering changing her to +Spd because of this, but +Atk helps in RS, pretty much the only mode I’d need her in now. 45 Spd lets her double a lot of things, though +Spd and Brazen Atk/Spd 3/4 or Swift sparrow 3 would work better given it grants the extra Spd she’d need.

Have you tried/considered a one shot build on her? I know she can stack a lot of Atk (even considered this myself for her initial build). For RS, something like Deathblow in A, Guard in B, and whenever the eventual Deathblow seal comes out for triple Deathblow?

She does have DB4 and a few other Atk based skills back when a full Atk build was the goal. I’d invest more into her but she really doesn’t need it (the only thing I’d change is her A but I won’t purposely summon for Sparrow 3/Brazen Atk/Spd 4, especially since I don’t use her much now)

do show


So you can brag about your Nowi and show your Nowi dominance :feh_corrinmug:

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