New merge system announcement


They originally changed it so that it’d prevent newer players from accidentally merging a low rarity unit into a higher rarity (and for grail units, this means accidentally wasting a copy), but there were also plenty of players who used this to get quick SP.

The new toggle is for the latter group that gets quick SP from merges :feh_nino:


It will work the same way as before, so using a lower rarity unit to merge will not increase the merge level, just add SP


June’s also when I’ll finish up my WIggy merges (since he’ll show up in the ephemeras next month).

Looking forward to it! :feh_flaynsmile:


Hmmm… i misunderstood, i thought you could gain merge count, but apparently it’s just for sp grind.

What a useless feature announcement >.<

…Welp, guess that’s a “never mind” then. Good thing I got a whole bunch of feathers.


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I mean this is the best outcome tbh. People who didn’t like the change can now go back to how it was and those who did can keep it. As someone who personally thought the change was stupid to begin with I welcome the option.