New Mode: Binding Worlds - What's your opinion on it?

Basically tittle.

What do you think of it? For me, it’s… meh? I dont dislike it and it is fun to change units instead of leveling up, but i finish all i could do in like ten minutes? And it looks easier to finish than i expected, i wish i’m wrong tbh. The best thing is that it looks like HoF and that gives me hope of IS letting us use Forma Souls on something here.


It’s a fun game mode thats hard to lose in due to the broken units you can rent from your friend’s list. I’m not sure how they’ll differentiate it in future reruns seeing as how it’s not like HoF which is title based… but just based on the fact that it gives us roughly 660 (I) dragonflowers I love it


I don’t know about this

These are other people’s units. In other words, people already spent resources on them. To just take them and permanently add them to your own barracks without some serious contingencies is a serious slap to the face of the person who put hard work and potentially money into that unit

Also I actually I actually got my own Annette in this mode, so…


Just now trying it and my first unit changed was my lead Micaiah. Feel like this is going to be a bit of a steamroll.

I guess my biggest concern is how often certain units will show up. If possible I’d like to get my lead much later on to get them above level 40.

2nd Edit: Duo/Harm skills can only be used from level 40+ too.

3rd Edit: When swapping units you keep bonuses like increased movement which is neat. Edit 4: You also keep the lower cooldown from swapping. 1cd Galeforce if you swap the right unit

Level doesn’t mean much when every time you go to exchange a unit they’re quite a bit higher. Just cycle through all four of your units and you should be able to keep up(Assuming you have a good FI) without much issue.


I was thinking maybe just getting one copy of the chosen unit, without any extra skills or merges. It could be useful for us without robbing value to the owner of the unit. But It may be too much anyway… :sneezing_face:


I felt when it was first announced, that it got quite some hate that it’s “another” grinding game Mode and too close to HoF.

But I actually like it and I think it’s fun to see and play with other peoples builds. Essentially you get to experiment with your Team and are encouraged to change things which makes it kinda fun… for 5 minutes a day that is. To me, it is the most refreshing game Mode yet.

And I MUCH prefer a fun little game for 5 minutes compared to the sh*t fest that Arena has become and what AR has been from the start. Where you are essentially encouraged to use the same units again and again and face the same meta threats again and again.

From what is possible wihtin the FEH mobile game, Binding World is a success in my eyes.




I expected more. It’s basically just trading up units and it doesn’t make sense to keep your favorite units because you can’t level them at all.

For me it would have been more interesting to be able to swap in units and then build them or make them stronger.


Alright, well, I did the first 14 stages and seemed fairly fun, or at least better than the usual gamemodes. Most of the fun was more so the anticipation of getting my lead unit back with a 15 level difference from previously but otherwise it’s an easy gamemode that I wish we were able to do faster.


It’s like if Hall of Forms and Pawns of Loki had a baby and that baby was on steroids. Like HoF it takes a few stages to get interesting but it’s so easy to break everything in two once you get some levels on your units. Plus it shoots Dragon Flowers out every which way so that on its own makes me like it.


It is more fun than I anticipated.

Basically, HoF but without the misery of failing to get anything good. So far the game is giving me good units that scale in levels with chambers. It is a bit slow with the lack of torches but I guess they don’t want us to blow through the mode in one day.

The enemies aren’t difficult YET. Seeing how HoF’s final chambers has refines and stat inflation, I’m fearing IS will not only do that for BW but give the enemies PvP kits from other players. And seeing we can get enemy seasonals (and possibly legendary/mythic heroes) in this mode, yeah not looking forward to that.

But the rewards are great.

Hopefully this mode stays as a fun little adventure with the power of friendship and whales on our side.


DF: The Mode.

660 DF upon completion. I’m cool with that.


I think this mode is a bit too simple. Not something I complain about often, because most of the time I have the opposite problem with games. But this one could use another mechanic.

It’s not as fun as Hall of Forms in my opinion. In HoF you can build a unit and look forward to having that unit. It’s possible they add something like that to Binding Worlds later. We’ll see.

Also, a bit dissapointed it doesn’t let me finish it in one day… It’s still one of the more enjoyable modes I think and that huge amount of Dragon Flowers is what I’ve been waiting for :feh_babyseliph:

Yep, I think units should level up more when you put them on a portal and decide to keep them. Only 1 level is completely useless. I got my own lead unit and Askr and kinda wanted to keep them, but I have to swap them or my units will be underleveled. So, I can only hope I’ll encounter them again later.


Your lead unit seems to be the most common specific unit to get but is still a bit rare. I don’t think it’ll matter much until the higher levels.

Otherwise I’ve only gotten a friend’s unit once so while it seems like you can get units from your FI it’s fairly rare.


Hey Ani :feh_lysitheawave: your lead unit was literally the first option I got. We must be partners in destiny :feh_sothispout:


Only played the first 3 chambers and I enjoyed very much. Bit sad that you don’t level up units after combat, but you can always bring stronger allies on every map.

It’s like everyone is Xane and morph into a stronger character. How cool is that? :feh_kiranserious:



It’s a shame that units level so quick. A unit with High Atk/Res with Mystic Boost sounds lovely against mages and dragons but when you swap them out so quick it hardly makes a difference.


I didn’t even know that was possible. But yeah, gaining only one level isn’t nearly enough when the other potential unit you’re getting can be multiple levels higher.


Can someone tell @RyomaLobster to put FV back on his Lucina? I mean, she’s still a great near save but… No movement


This actually a game mode I quite enjoy. It’s simple and not difficult and it’s always fun to see other ppl’s builds. That fact that it gives you SO MANY DF is also a major plus. Just playing until I ran out of torches got me enough to go all the way to +10/ add +10 to a unit.

By far the best game mode we have currently. Hopefully they can keep the ball rolling in this direction