New month, bigger shit Niantic offer with Spotlight and more

Trapinch as Breakthrought is disgusting.

Spotlight pokemon: Patrat( everyday junk we meet), Kricketot( no shiny, useless), Numel( same as Kricketot) and Clefairy.

Im really dissapointed because their choices, but potential CD pool are also pathethic…

Their choices aren’t going to benefit everyone. Personally I don’t have a shiny Patrat yet. You may call it everyday junk but we have had so many events lately that I can’t recall the last time I saw a wild Patrat. Clefairy is a new shiny so all shiny hunters have something to work toward. Kricketune has been useful in past Silph Cups and may be useful again so those who still don’t have one for Great League have something to work toward. Numel and Camerupt don’t have any use in PvP as far as I’m aware but I can always use more Stardust so the 2x Stardust is useful.

One thing to note is that if the particular Pokemon doesn’t interest you but the other Spotlight Hour bonus does (like 2x candy or 2x Stardust) you can keep Pokemon from Research task encounters in your queue and catch them during the Spotlight Hour. Say you had no use for Kricketot but you do want Shieldon candies and you have a bunch of Shieldon in your queue, catch them during the Spotlight Hour for double candies.

This is excatly what i will do.

I havent shiny Lilipup, but i wont like Spotlight with them. Ofc some will enjoy even Numel(really? ) and NIantic cannot please everyone but majority probably will agree with me.

Previous Spotlights mostly were uncommon pokemons (at least in some areas) or useful.

Clefairy shiny wont complete shiny dex, because Cleffa is non obtainable now, but at least this one is better than rest.

And that Trapinch, It can’t defend itself under any circumstances. Waiting for Bidoof with extra candy next month.

No, at least Bidoof has comedic value.

Whismur with Double Candies and Shiny chance, also delete wild Whismur Spawns (So people can’t complete the Jirachi Quest)

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LOLLL Patrat is straight trolling


If this is true, it’s a new low. I personally like Trapinch/Flygon but that’s mostly because I can get it at decent lvl weatherboosted. From research its just trash. Hope for a shiny I guess?!?

Side note though nobody who voted for a Gastly day gets to complain about this


Numel is worse. At least Patrat can be Shiny.

I outside events never seen them in wild, but its still lol. We had CD + December spawns.

I would rather Niantic give us crap now and save the great stuff for after the pandemic.

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I can definitely use some clefairies for GL/UL.

But it won’t have shiny chance if it isn’t evolve from clefa, or they will change it for the spotlight hour?

Any day with double dust is fine by me, I can bin as fast as I catch. As for Clefairy, if I get a shiny or hundo that’d be great. If not, whatever, an hour of catching is still a good few thousand dust.

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Also they should had been given Elite FTMs or Elite CTMs by a low change like the Sinnoh and Unova Stones in the weekly rewards just to keep us going and to compensate for this tier of shit.

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The news post specifically says you may encounter a Shiny Clefairy.

At this point, I’ve resigned myself to the belief that legendary research breakthrough Mons are now a thing of the past. Breakthrough encounters have been pretty bad for quite some time now (FC Eevee, Lapras, Woobat, Ferroseed, A-Exeggutor, Shinx, and now Trapinch). Maybe Niantic makes them desireable again someday, but until then, I’m not getting my hopes up. My guess is they decided they didn’t want to give players “free” Legendaries anymore.

The CD pool is also pretty lacklustre, but I had a feeling that was going to happen eventually. Their former pattern of alternating between starters and 10km egg Mons meant they were going to start running out of new options. At least shiny Beedrill looks cool and, with Drill Run, it’ll be pretty good in GL so there’s that. :man_shrugging:

Fully agree though that Trapinch is a boring choice. Apart from lucking in to a shundo, they’re all just gonna get transferred lol.

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I’ve stopped caring about the breakthrough now. I don’t think they’re worth getting bent out of shape about since they basically require zero effort to complete, especially since they give out an easy daily task for free these days. That said, I can’t deny they were much more exciting when a legendary was on offer, even if the mon in question wasn’t of particular interest to me; I appreciate that not everyone raids, so having old mons available can be a godsend to those players. Perhaps once the world is back to normal, the old service will resume hopefully.

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Personally I’m glad Legendaries aren’t Breakthrough rewards. I already spent far too many Pokeballs catching legendaries in GBL i dont want to spend more on Breakthroughs.

Ya’ll are speaking like getting 6 razz berries for catching 10 normal pokemon isn’t reward enough…ok, maybe they’ve been mailing in the research+rewards for a while