New Mystic Code leveling cost too much!

Over 3million XP for the first level of the Mystic Code??? That is nuts. The cost only goes up from there obviously for each level and to max it out it will probably eleventy billion XP! I know you dont need to max level the Mystic Codes, but the cost to level this new one is way too high imho. Though I feel it is this way since many veteran players probably have most or all maxed out and FGO wanted to give them a long leveling process for this current one, but I believe this cost is too drastic of an XP raise. I decided to finish the Babylonian one instead since 3 million is what I’ll need to max that one at 10. I’m still leveling the Wizard Robe Mystic and the Bartender one as well.



Yeah, it’s excessive but this one gets a lot stronger from leveling at least.

The previous Big Three were fine as they were, even at LV1.


I would say that even for veterans its really much. Im playing for over 2 years, have all of the mystic codes, and still need really much exp to max them all. Even some of the basic mcs require quite a lot of exp. Myself i have maxed only the mcs not requiring much exp, the starting one, and all the others are like 5-6 level so i have a long way to max them.


I know right? I was surprised back then as well when I first got it on JP many months back. If I remember right going from LB1 to LB4, EoR1 to EoR4, and doing the Summer 4 event with that MC Equipped only got me more than half of the way through lvl 2. And ever since then I got it to lvl 4 somehow with all the events in-between up until now.

Sure it is a jump, but what else are we going to level though. The basic ones doesn’t take that long to max. By lostbelt the plug suit is probably maxed because of how good it is. Atlas and mage association are basically the same at every level. I don’t have anniversary blonde or fate zero but at least AB sounds useful when leveled. I have seen a video of someone in jp maxing it a few months back, so at least it is doable in 1-2 years.

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This is oppression.


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Basically we’ll max this mystic code at the end of Part 2.

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Is it really worth to level? Looks like it will take at least a year and it doesn’t seem the type that has value in all the fights like Plugsuit for instance.

I think they want to make us buy the mana prism CEs that gives extra mc exp as a percentage as well as all the ones they been giving us that give a flat amount of MC as well.

DaVinci shop CEs that give mc as a percentage:


What else will we level? Might as well.

Well I still have the Babylonia , Mage’s Association and Atlas to take from 6 to 10 as well as Royal Brand, Brilliant Summer and Memories of the Far Side of the Moon who I haven’t really touched because they seem kinda bad compared to the rest. So yes, the list is long. :stuck_out_tongue:
This one looks cool at least, no pun intended.


I’m a 2 year player as well andI’ve maxxed all of my mystic code even the new Babylonia one. The current one will take a few months but it’s better than music code exp being wasted.

Oh yes quite cool. I totally want to wear a mini skirt at 100 below why didn’t we get a parka like Mash??

I’ve maxed most MC’s already. True Ether already half done, otherwise focusing on Atlas for the CD reduction… Think that is lvl7 now. Was never concerned about leveling Mage association since the only scaling is health that I rarely use and don’t care about the CD since usually equip for quick farming not CQ’s like Atlas.

So that means this artic mc will be all I have to level. Not particularly interested in it, but it’s something to work on. Definitely wishing I bought Personal Lessons though. Not sure if I’ll use the Mebd costume rare prism to unlock or only use the free rp for bond grails…


For me the Mystic Codes are mainly for fun and for minor self-imposed challenges.

Plugsuit is the best option in almost every situation, so the others I level on a just-in-case basis or for a specific farming setup where the MC’s buff can replace the need for Order Change and shave a few seconds off of each run.

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But if its magic keeps the cold at bay and is looking nice at the same time… :smiley:

I don’t know if I could get over the psychological inconsistencies of bare skin, blizzard, and not cold…


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