New mystic code

How good is it in general compared to others?

Just compared to the defaults… eh. It is useful for arts teams, I guess. It seems like more of a gimmick to be perfectly honest. It works well with Jeanne Archer. I do not really feel it is a must have. The design is better than the effects.

It’s not a general use Mystic Code. It is purely Arts-focused, and it’s very good in that regard. But if you’re not running an Arts DPS team, it’s functionally useless.

Definitely acquire it regardless, as it only costs 5 AP to run the quest, which isn’t hard at all.


Mainly using that Now with Universal art farm setup Archuria Mash Casgil.
Kind of good, something like Lunar Sea Mystic Code, less art boost but multiply effect with Np.
Also that 10% np charge is not bad.
Could be nice for some CQ as well.


To me it’s more along the lines of: “THEY FINALLY ADDRESSED THE LACK OF AN ST ARTS MYSTIC CODE! YES!!!”

Tamamo was here first!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Umm… There was another st arts mc, but it was given out so long ago even I don’t have it. Came with the first Artemis event I think.


Good for Arts Looping, probably made with Jarcher in mind but still inferior to Fragments of 2004…and that one works for Quick too.

An inconvenience i have while using it with NP2 Jarcher against Berserkers is that the Arts Buff is 1-turn only, that Arts buff could help you get extra NP for a turn but it’s meant as a finisher. It only works as intended if you can refund at least 89% at 1st or 2nd turn which won’t happen against Berserker, against Sabers it fits perfectly assuming Tamamo+Paracelsus (if you use CasGil instead of Tamamo, it’s possible to not refund enough).

The one thing that makes it interesting is the Arts Star Gather, if the enemy survives the Dolphins, you can refund what you need from an Arts Crit (RNG dependant) or just finish off the enemy with them. Similar application as the Buster Gather of F2004 but better because Arts cards get you NP.

That’s with Jarcher, Mordred just laughs at the entire thing because her NP gain is broken…but again, F2004 is so much better.

That would be Memories of the Lunar Sea -

Link rate-up was when it was re-released to JP, appears to have been permanently skipped in NA. I do hope they hurry up and make it available some time soon…

Regarding the Hawaii-CE, I am somewhat annoyed it’s got that awful XP-scaling of “arctic”. I’ll still definitely get around to lvling it in the end since Gudako looks drop-dead gorgeous in it, it’ll still be a while however. Disregard, gaempress appears to be wrong. So definitely will get a raise in a few once '04 and swimsuit are at 10.


Probably should’ve asked like this: How good is this new MC for it’s intended purpose? And how does it fare against the other two Arts-centric MC?

Well one of them is the one from CCC event (Memories of the Far Side of the Moon) and that one has an Arts AoE buff so it’s not really fair to compare that to the other two.

I would consider Tropical Summer vastly superior to the other two Arts MCs, personally. Everything in Tropical Summer work toward the same goal and pull together nicely. For the two Memories, two of their skills tend to be dead weight. Buff Block and Debuff Immunity have their uses, but they’re quite niche. C Star drop up isn’t very useful for Arts Servants, and NP drain isn’t that useful outside of certain boss scenarios either. Tropical Summer’s Arts buff is the best of the three as well, since it stacks multiplicatively with the NP damage up. Overall, I think it’s excellent for Arts bursts and looping.


Compared with the other two, this seems like the most Arts Loop oriented one.

Far Side seems is probably better for hard content if you are going for NP stalling and countering some annoying debuff.

Memories seems like the most meh to me, but it has Nullify buff so you can argue that it can work against a troublesome buff on an enemy. Seems more niche.

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It’s leveling requirement is equal to 2004 and the other similar mcs though. I thought it was the exp requirement, sorry.

I think referring to the buff percentage scaling with levels not exp. Both have only 1% gain each level on np strength (10-20%), though artic has more attack up (20-40%) than tropical summer does for arts (20-30%)

I got my tropical summer to level 5 yesterday. I might just switch back to artic and save the remaining mc exp time for deliberate arts teams. Definitely been enjoying the guaranteed arts card crit for battery charging though. Looking forward to the comand code that does the same thing, trouble will be narrowing down to just one servant to give it to.

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Ah that makes much more sense, I just saw xp and I went off a tangent, I’ll just remove that then.

Is good for Art servants but outside of that is meh

10% charge for rounding off someone in comps with one or more 20% charges, reasonable Arts/NP Up buff, EAM+ star weight for if you need to Arts-crit W3 it’s no Plugsuit (nothing else is), but it’s worthwhile. If, niche. I’d certainly take it over Tropical Summer with its card type AOE buff which is less likely to be useful as a result of lacking the concentrated power of e.g. Illusionary Buff when you really need that power for W3s.

Would take them both over Far Side and especially the forgettable Memories though (1 time Buff Block notwithstanding, except Mephistopheles already exists).


You are correct, actually. Checked in-game again, same xp-req as Brand, '04 etc. Should be corrected on the site here. :fgo_ereshmentarymydear:


My Saber Fran loves it.
10% starter charge to start her engine by activating first skill
Crit star arts - her blue card becomes 100%, which basically fills her NP gauge from one card.
Arts and NP strength up - enough damage to loop NP in some situations

Keep in mind that the NP Strength applies to all NP types, not just arts. It’s handy for boosting NP of my other servants.


I only have Paracelsus on my main account, so there’s nobody else to boost arts because I never bothered with Mozart.

This mystic code is a game-changer for Sieg, Surfer Mo NP2, Jeanne NP2, Hundred Personas, and anybody else that just needs a straight-up NP boost or that final push so I can chain NPs. Those four can already loop themselves with the right circumstances and this almost guarantees it.

Plus, I already have it on level 6, so it’s going to catch up with the others I’m still leveling up before this event is even finished.