New name! Also I'm curious about something

New in-game name is: OwainComeHóm

But… In curious about this:

The highest score I can get (haven’t gotten it yet, because rounds that score 740 (752 if Lysithea kills), is SO. RARE). I’m wondering if it’s still possible for me to get the crown…

Most likely not… in a few days the score needed to get into t21 is going to raise… not everyone does Arena right away… aka like me I haven’t even touched the new season


I think you mean when. Little girl’s broken


What sucks is that this is probably the closest I’ll ever get to Great Summoner, because I don’t think I’ll have any of the bonus units next season.

Looks like I will be able to get my third crown with a score of 3774 which was 4 742 and one 746. All with the bonus kill. Currently ranked 684 out off 1900

Fell back to 19, but I’ll make it back to 20 no problem.


I could lose a unit during one of the battles and still make it back to twenty. It becomes so simple now.

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Yeah. That’s why I feel the range to stay in 20 should be wider. Because I’m obviously at a point where I’m above 19. But I generally can’t stay in 20 annoyingly.


I am bouncing in and out of 21 at this point… I try not to take it seriously.


I’m consistently bouncing between tier 19 and 20

Merges come along so slowly for my projects so I’ll just be chilling there for a while longer