New on JP

I just create e new JP account just to test my mobile phone for the new update. It works well.

I noticed that is the Bunny Altria banner on it and I rolled. I I got her just with the tickets so I decided conservate this account.

I just reached the 40 AP level and my question is, could I be able to finish this summer event and got the walflare servant or should I just enance my servants for the next event. I wont be so active in JP like in the NA server

Hiya, I think with the right support you should be able to finish the event since the event is still a week long but if you don’t want to go through the trouble i guess just play at your own pace


Hokusai saber is an amazing Saber ST, so if you’re gonna play in JP, you should try at least to get her.

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I’m trying, I think I will get her thanks for the answers