New orb pack for Binding Worlds

I haven’t seen discusion about this in here, so here it is. The new datamine revealed there’s an upcomming monetization system for Binding Worlds (color me surprised), with a new item like the Forma Souls.

There’s little information about it, so I want to see discussion about what they might do.


Ooof, i was expecting something like this but still hurts. I just hope they give us one off those things for free 🥲


I suppose it was inevitable. Probably going to be a big draw given you can access any unit in it so can end up with a full team of 4 units you’re working on every time the event comes round. Much more enticing than HoF and it’s several limiting scenario.


One of the speculations is that it will only allow you to forma your friend’s formas, limiting the pool of possible heroes to that of HoF.

However, due to the price tag, I could see them allowing some extra flexibility, specially seeing that revivals pretty much allow us to update the units by ourselfs at a cheaper price tag.


That restriction makes sense. There is no way I$ lets us redeem mythics & legendaries from friends.

Speaking of which, does anyone have a decked out forma Walhart? :feh_faedance2:


That sounds good. Full freedom did frankly seem horrifying.

Hopefully I’ll see a tricked out Picnic Felicia or Flora as I’d love a kit update for them.


It’s really nice, I have always wanted a smol Minerva and it’s probably the right time for it !


So is it forma a forma or forma a unit PERIOD?

Because like… OMFG this would be incredible. Time to shoot off random FR to the meta slaves who give all their most recent units T4 shit.


That’s if you get a good Forma. Not only do you need to hope for the right ally unit to show up, but also have the kit you wanted. However, there’s more potential options for Binding Worlds than any given HoF so I could see these finding some use (though hopefully this doesn’t remain the standard price for these since Souls are noticeably cheaper).


We don’t know yet. The only thing we have to speculate about is the orb pack image that shows we can recruit a forma within the Binding Worlds menu. The exact wording is: “New Item lets you use other players’ Forma units in Binding Worlds” and then “Details about New Item can be found in the BW Help messages under Recruit Forma”.


I mean I doubt they would have the merges even if it is a forma so I feel it would have to be a really good unit to be worth it as a one off.


A lot of speculation rn obviously, but I can see it “forma-ing” a unit from your final squad, so no merges but keep skills.

Probably gonna be a caveat and say no Rearmed units but still… To nab a copy of like SumoLyn for free or a stupidly invested Karla with vital, velocity, finish, and oath 4 would be wonderful.


I suspect we’ll probably get a free one as well, since this will probably come along with the new book which should be a pretty major thing. That said, it’s much more powerful than a forma since you aren’t at the mercy of IS’ choices. I also suspect there will be huge limitations, but we’ll see how things work out


It is possible that we get the item used to buy Binding Worlds units during the anniversary. We got a Forma Soul on 2021, Celestial Stones in 2022… this time we could simply get no Celestial Stones or Forma Souls and instead the new item :feh_fayeshrug: