New player - 3150 wyrmite?

Just started this- all the reroll guides say you get 3150 wyrmite as a welcome gift. I haven’t gotten it. Settled on Hildegarde after rr’ing for 2 days and have been playing through ch1 this morning- do you get it sometime later? distributed over a few days? guides out of date?

Don’t mind too much, but just wanna make sure before i spend anything :fgo_insane:

also, fun game so far :+1:

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uh dear god im late and your probably a god at the game already but for me, id hit maybe 12,000 in like 2 days of playing on the account. its just by playing with other people, leveling up and just beating quests

(omfg 4 MONTHS later…)

Man, remember when rerolling was such a big deal for this game? Then Mr Lost literally just went “here just pick one five star instead since you insist on rerolling”

Now people are rerolling for good 4 star units