New player; advice on rolling and overall game tips

Hello fellow Fate fans!

I’m a new player of FGO (only started playing 2 weeks ago) and I’m looking for advice from fellow players on when to spend my SQ. I’ve already found some helpfull posts and videos on banners in 2020 and wanted to hear your thoughts. As I only started playing I don’t really have any notable servants apart from Martha (rider) free and Jack the Ripper (which I was lucky enough to get on my only roll so far, when i didn’t understand the game yet - I’ve since started saving my SQ). I do have some good 3* though (Cu, Cesar, Lu, MedeaNP2, Ushi) and the budget beasts NP2 Hans, NP5 Arash and NP5 Spartacus - and 80k Friend Points, not sure if I should just blow them or wait, are there better times to spend them?
Anyway, basically there are 2 servants I really want to try and go for in 2020:

  1. Achilles: personal reasons, my favourite Fate character across all series, for me he was the highlight of Apocrypha (Im trying to be F2P but he is the one Servant I actually wouldn’t mind spending some money to boost my chances of getting him)
  2. Skadi: Gameplay reasons, I heard she makes Achilles really good, don’t actually know anything about her really, haven’t seen her in any Fate animes i watched.

I currently have 20ST, 200SQ (11days logged).
My question is: Do you think I can go for both of them and should I go for them or are there better alternatives in 2020? I would have also liked Atalanta but unfortunately I think her banner comes before Achilles so I’ll probably have to sacrifice rolling for her.
Other than that any other tips for beginners of this game would be greatly appreciated😁

Sorry for the long post and thank you soo much for reading it all even if you don’t reply❤️


Ah, man of culture :fgo_alterasanta:

If you have 200 SQ now, then you’d definitely have a good shot of getting him by the time his banner rolls around. You can use this site to estimate how much SQ you’ll have by a certain date.

Skadi is an amazing support for quick servants, which includes Achiiles. Just keep in mind that if you want to loop with Achilles (i.e. use his NP consecutively), which is what most people are looking forward to when Skadi is released, then he does require an expensive setup (I think MLB Kaleidoscope or a Waver).
Whether you want to NP loop or nah, she’s still definitely a good choice to roll for, because of her support to quick servants, targetable 50% NP charge, and AoE defense down.

If you have SQ to spare and no other favourites for 2020, then I suggest going for Waver as well, whose banner appears sometime this September (he also appears in April, but it’s a bit too close to Achilles’ banner). Waver is another excellent support for any servant, regardless of card type.

She is in the general pool, which means there’s always a chance that’ll she’ll come to you any banner (except class specific banners).
And more reliably, there’s going to be 4 star ticket exchange sometime this September, where you can pick one 4 star (from the general pool and story-locked servants) that you want. So in worse case scenario, you can always pick Atalante as your choice.

I don’t think you mentioned Mash in your list of servants. If you haven’t already, raise her! Her defense buffs will be very helpful during the last two singularities.
Some other budget servants to raise are David and Euyrale, who will be helpful during the Camelot singularity.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask :fgo_alterasanta: And if you need some friend supports to help you get through the story, then drop your friend code here too.


Level Arash. As a newer player myself, a couple months now. He is an amazing nuke farmer. And cheap.

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Ah yes the charm locks against Gawain. Those were the days.


Thanks a lot for your reply:innocent:

The story mode has been easy so far (I’m in Okeanos), though I’ve been focusing on the Da Vinci event for now. Does it get much harder later? I have Jack at 70 and Martha and Cu at 50 and of course Mash at her max (I think 40 for now) and I made sure to have at least 1 of each class at 40 for easier gameplay with advantage

How important would you say the Da Vinci event is and clearing it fully? I have both the lottery CEs (5 copies) but I don’t have enough power to farm the last shop CE (no great caster dps sadly) and even so there are only 4 copies of the CE in the shop. How bad is it if I don’t get that?

Thanks for your time:)

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Outside of gameplay there is one thing I’d like to add.
Create a transfer code.
It will help out if you lose your phone or it gets damaged.

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@Poddiadv I’m so sorry for you, did that happen to you? Thoughts and prayers
:pray: :sweat_smile:

Nah. I haven’t had any issues with that but I’ve read about people that suffered that loss.

As a general rule, you should always prioritize events over story, as events generally have good rewards. This is especially true if the event offers a free servant, which you should always get, alongside their extra copies and ascension materials. DaVinci doesn’t offer a servant, but it is an unlimited lottery event, which is the most rewarding type of event in the game. Unfortunately, as a brand new player, you probably can’t take advantage of the lottery to significant effect, since you lack a strong farming team.

But don’t fret, there is nothing in this event that you can’t get elsewhere, and more lotteries will come in the future.

Here are links to a couple great videos to give you the important info as a new player:


That’s definitely a good approach. Keep doing that.
The game is pretty easy and can be soloed with any strong friend support up until the sixth singularity, which is Camelot. From there on, there’s a noticeably big spike in difficulty, and most people have to start thinking twice about team composition before continuing with the story quests. But they’re still all beatable, even with just 3 stars or lower rarity servants, and if you know what you’re doing, it can also still be soloed with a friend’s support servant.

Damn, I totally forgot about this :catdude:
Events should take priority over completing the story (unless you need to reach a certain singularity to participate in the event), because they always give out good materials and other stuff to help you raise your servants, or sometimes give out a free NP5 servant (called welfares).

This event is very good with materials because it has a lotto, where you can basically get an indefinite amount of the materials in each lotto box for as long as you can farm. And there’s a lot of servants out there that use hundreds of the materials that are in these boxes. I think Jack needs an ungodly amount of dust and bones to level up her skills, which are conveniently in the lotto.

If you’re just looking at the effects of the shop CEs, the 50% starting charge is good, but it’s not the greatest CE. There’s better ones out there, and even Dragon Meridian, a 3 star CE that appears in both FP summon and general pool, can provide that same effect. So don’t stress too much if you can’t get the fifth CE to appear.

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I’d like to object slightly.
Events are the only reliable source of Crystalized Lores, an item that is used to raise a servants skill from 9 to 10.
At the very least I suggest that you try to get to box 6 on both lotteries so you have two to help you get started.

As for this event.
It is possible to deal with some of the nodes if you rely on support servants.
I lacked suitable servants and ran around with a halfway leveled Medb and Herc for most nodes.
For instance support Brynhild helped me clear the Archer node.

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Well, yes, that’s true. But every event has 2-3 Lores, and a newer player isn’t likely to run into problems with lack of lores for the foreseeable future.

What I meant was that there is nothing unique to this event that is worth worrying about. The CEs are pretty unremarkable, there is no welfare servant, and other than completing the story for the grail (which should be easy for anyone) no need to stress over not being able to farm it.


@The_Cheeseman Thanks for taking the time to reply and help me out. I’ll definitely check them out :grin:

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No problem, friend! Feel free to drop your friend code in this thread and I’ll add you to my list. I have a pretty decent roster of supports that may help you out.

@Poddiadv I see, I’m already on box 7 in fake and I’ll clear box 5 on true with the next daily so no problems there. So I should continue farming the lottery even after I acquire 5 copies of both CEs is what you’re saying.

Thanks for the advice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yeah, farm the lotto as much as you can, as lottos are the most rewarding activity in the game, as far as AP efficiency is concerned. You may not recognize the value of some of the materials in the boxes, but you will when you start seriously working on your servants’ skill levels.

On that note, I recommend focusing on leveling and ascending a variety of servants before you think too much about their skills. Skill leveling is a HUGE material and QP sink, and you will get more value from having more servants to use in high level quests until your roster fills out.

I agree that it won’t cause problems with the main story or such but for most unlucky people it will be hard to level servants without a lored Spartacus or Arash.
Well there is always the Herc Smash but that takes a while.

Glad to hear that and good luck with the farming.

I never Lored Arash, and I don’t consider doing so a valuable proposal for a fresh account. He only needs level 5 of his charge skill to work with a KScope or MLB Imaginary Element, and until you have one of those, he’s not particularly exceptional, anyway.

Spartacus is a good one for a new player, though. Very much agreed. I was able to ignore him because I lucksacked into NP2 Nitocris fairly early, but I’m in the process of raising him, now.

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Hmm. You do have a point that he doesn’t need to be lored for basic farming provided he holds a suitable CE.
It took a while for me to get either of those so that coloured my impression.
I had to make do with 50% CEs and a lack of support types.
I find him to be extremely useful for diverse purposes and use him often for farming.
On JP he is even a core staple for farming even when I went through LB4 free quests in a vain attempt to get some gold materials.

I probably should have written Spartacus first as he will be easier to field due to the Berserker class :sweat_smile:


Oh yeah, Arash is amazing for farming once you get him the right CE. But his value is as a self-sufficient wave1 nuke that then swaps in a new servant. A new player can’t really capitalize on that, and if you need to rely on a support to finish charging him to full, it sort of defeats the purpose of using him in the first place.

I consider Arash sort of a “win-more” servant, in that he doesn’t really enable anything new, but rather just makes easy stuff more efficient. At low account power, I would recommend focusing reasources in servants that will provide more tangible value.

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