New Player and CC !?

I want to ask something about the cc event, not specific cc btw. I’ve just started around mid february which is almost 3 months. From what i’ve seen, the CC event mostly made for either new player that is hardcore (farmer degenerate) or old player who had invest their operators to the max level and E2 and max pot, is it possible for me to catch up or joining the next event if my operator still E1 and level 4 skill or just say 7, or that requirement is only for the one who’s gonna aim risk 18 in 1st week ?? or is there any additional info for the CC event like some operator requirements ?? Thanks

P.S. I’ve read the CC page on gamepress and the Arknights fandom

CCs which came after Operation Blade are in general a lot easier, and I mean a lot easier
I’d say it’s definitely possible for you to get a Week 1 R18 clear if you’re willing to put in the work for a strat

OP requirements aren’t super restrictive, even with past ones your options were somewhat flexible and there’s always the support list for a power boost. Some of them definitely help more than others, but you can get away with subbing out a lot of them

You really don’t need max level/potential, masteries maybe but max level is completely unnecessary for a typical Risk 18 Clear. What’s important is putting together a well formed squad with a good understanding of the map, figure out what does and doesn’t work and put in the work to do it effectively

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Yorokobe Shonen!

As said above, it’s getting easier since CC1, next would be even more nerfed.

And no, they are not for beginners at first.
A true nightmare even for day one player or at least still challenging.
CC are supposed for veteran players, mid to late game to be exact… in my opinion

If it only for 18 achievement
it doesn’t have to be maxed lvl, M3 is quite a must, lvl around 20~50 still reasonably enough,
spread evenly in all of ops used in your squad.
The rest are up to your execution.

There will be 1 or 2 key ops needed, some are delete button type, broken type, high end supporter/specialist.
Would be used in many guide videos, unless you are confident enough to use your own unique strat.

Truly maxed ops are for veteran that aiming maxed challenge available, 30 above or so.
Only for satisfactory reason for most.
Dunno, haven’t been there yet.

That’s all from my point of view

Cheers :catdance:

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If this can help you ease your worries, I had no E2 and barely a few E1 operator during CC#0 and managed to go to rank A and sometime S on most stage, I gave up on CC#1 'cause the perma stage was a pain for me, but for CC#2 (the last one we got) I had just a few E2 operator, not even Masteries in their skill, and managed to clear fully the Perma stage and get a S on most stage (except two where I were really lacking in versatility)

So yes you can clear CC with a few E2 operator , you don’t need a full team.
You can also borrow power creep that could help you compensate your lack of power.

If you want to prepare for it though, as other said (and while not beeing a pro , I can say I noticed that to be true) you better off going Master 3 to the better skill of the E2 operator you have , rather than going to Level 60 or above
Masteries has a better impact.

Also try to spread your operators in E2.
It’s better to have a handfull E2 lvl 10 that cover each class, rather than 2 E2 Lvl90 that can’t solo clear a map anyway (with a few exception).

Good luck and don’t hesitate to ask for friends code here and if people can put this or that operator in Support to help you !

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As others have already said CC is firmly intended for veterans who know exactly what they’re doing, or at the very least have the operators and resources needed to follow a guide.

A good rule of thumb imho is if you can beat Faust & Mephisto under your own power and deployment order, you’ll probably do well at CC. Not necessarily R18 well, some tag combos are a real pain, but at least well enough to get a not inconsiderable chunk of mats from the shop. And you’ll more likely than not be able to follow a guide if you’re determined to full clear the event.

Operators that can fulfil multiple roles, most notably healing defenders, are very useful; as are operators that can sub for others (Plume sometimes works as a budget Melantha).

Most of the magic happens with selecting tags though, unless you can say “I have an answer to this” you probably shouldn’t take it. Combos are also really important to watch out for, more so than outright risk level.

A risk 2 ASPD increase on an acid slug isn’t awful if you have crowd control or raw DPS to deal with them before they can do any damage, and a risk 1 DEF increase will make them able to get in range, but ultimately do negligible damage and debuffing that won’t matter in the short term or long run. Both of these by themselves are benign, but together they can let them reach and then collapse your front line, possibly taking an already squishy ranged unit with them in addition to your defenders or guards.

Or, alternatively, you can swap your 1 risk enemy DEF boost out for a 2 risk operator defense reduction. This will cause exciting new problems for sure, but manageable exciting new problems rather than a threat to be outright wiped, and as a bonus grant you a higher risk level.

Also, there are practice stages available everyday. They cost no sanity and change daily. It’s only the side stages but it’s still good for learning how to play CC perma stages as well.

All in all though, I wish you the best of luck for your first time playing it, and not to worry too much about getting it perfect on your first go.

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So, thanks guys for the replies and suggestions. From what i’ve seen from your replies, it is not really necessary to bring max build OP, but you do need the right OP for each risk that you take to reach certain risk, CMIIW

I haven’t any E2 yet at this point though, but definitely reach there at some point. I’ve been busy to upgrade most of my 4* OP to E1 max level, and some 5* OP at E1. So, i haven’t progress that much in the stories, cause of this event.

Don’t worry I barely finished Chapter 4 and I play since July xD
But yeah you got the idea, versatility will bring you more overall.
And it’s good you upgraded your 4* OP , a lot of them are really good and usefull.

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I’ve played since day 1, played all CCs and my E2 operators are lv50-60 at most (and I’m still struggling with lmd).
Focus leveling your ops to lv30-40 highest. Any higher is actually not worth the lmd.
So even if it’s CC, don’t think too much about levels (you’ll nvr have enough lmd) and focus on building the right operators with appropriate masteries.
But if you just aim for risk 8 daily and risk 18 perma, I believe most masteries are unnecessary, sl7 is enough because others have alr mentioned how cc perma stages are getting relatively easier at lower risks where sometimes even E1 max ops (and one E2 core operator) is enough.
Good luck!

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Thanks, i’m not really into aiming risk 18 though, cause it’s hard and take a lot of time to farm and build. I mainly want to clear the shop though.
Anyway, how do we get the currency token for clearing the shop besides from the challenge ??

Unless I’m forgeting something by habit of playing CC now, you don’t.
Challenge are the way to do it.

However there isn’t only Risk#(n) challenges, the event also bring particular challenge with specific condition (specific risk you have to pick) both in the Dayli rotating map and in the Perma stage
And there is also some combination of risk.

So for instance, a challenge can ask you to pick "Contract lvl#1 - Def -20 Ally + Contract lvl#2 - Dp generation Slowed by 25% " (don’t get affraid by this combination I’m just making it up right now)
And these Contract only ask those two to be valid, which would give you a Risk lvl 3 on your Perma Map, not 15 or 18 lol.
So you will have planty of opportunity to grab some currency there and there and manage to have a decent CC experience.

Those are still challenge in themselves don’t get me wrong, but it’s not fully focus on “go to the highest Rank/Step/Floor” kind of thing.

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