New Player asking for advice [NA]

I’ve started playing FGO 11 days ago and got lucky(I think) with the servants I got on these past few days, but the problem is I don’t know which servant excel the most in(I don’t know how to put it in words) like for example, Servant x is good with farming, Servant y is good for boss battles but bad at clearing waves, etc… I also don’t know how to properly set up my party(like servants having synergy with each other/doing combos n shiz)and how to level up my servants fast. Right now, I’m currently lv. 70 and the current SR and SSR servants that I have rn are:
5☆ : Nero Caster, Maid Alter, Sanzang, and that lancer guy that starts with letter K (forgot the name)
4☆: Ishtar Rider, Helena Caster, and Martha Rider.
I still don’t know who should I prioritize on leveling up and who should I save up my ascension materials for so ill be leaving it up to you guys xddd
Any advice would be much appreciated :smiley: and thank you

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So you got karna boy ! Level him he is op
And welcome to the community
This is just the first message,i m gonna start writing suggestions in the next one xD
Ah and for more infos take alook at the gamepress tierlist

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Damn, 4 SSRs in just 11 days? That’s some rank EX luck right there :catroll:

Anywho, I see you listed your gold servants, who are all pretty good, but don’t neglect your 3 star and lower servants. Their rarity doesn’t necessarily reflect on their performance, and there’s many lower rarity servants that are super good and even veterans use them a lot. Some notable ones that you should raise are Hans Christian Andersen, Mash, Cu Chulainn, David, Robin Hood, and Euryale.

I’m guessing you’re still in the earlier singularities, so team building isn’t that important to clear the story, since you can get by most of it by relying on a strong friend’s servant, but the most basic of team building is that you want to pick servants that have lots similar cards with each other. For example, Hans Christian Andersen’s cards are mostly arts cards, therefore you’d want to pair him up with other servants with a mainly arts deck, such as Mash. When we say “this servant synergizes well with that servant,” we mean that these two servants can support each other and cover each other’s weaknesses pretty well. For example, Merlin synergizes well with a buster crit servant like Jeanne Alter since he can provide the stars that she needs and boost her attack with his skill Hero Creation.

Also, be sure to take advantage of all the events that you can participate in, because they give a lot of materials that you can use to raise your servants’ levels and their skills. I see you got Rider Ishtar, so you’re on the right track. If you can and haven’t already, try to get all of her copies to raise her NP to level 5, then she can do much more damage.

BTW the lancer guy is Karna, and I may be hella biased since he’s one of my favourites, but he’s a really good lancer for both farming and tough content.


So most parties go like this
Support dps and support/semi support
Mash is insanely good so prioritize leveling her+she doesn’t cost anything to your party
So possible lineups:
Farming wjth nero : waver (support) nero and helena for example
Helena is a great farmer and she excels in that domain because of her jp charging skill(this has to get leveled asap)
Karna works great as a farmer and also as a boss killer thanks to his anti divine niche and critical damage potential
Possible lineup against a boss:karna mash merlin
Both nero and xuanzang are premium assasin killers
Maid alter is ok ,she is a boss killer as well with insane np damage
Possible lineup :tamamo maid and mash
Why tamamo ?well tamamo helps with her np gain(3 arts + her np charges the np of everyone+some decent healing)
Maid doesn’t really need extra damage so this lineup works well
Ishtar is a good semi support with good damage output,she is good for farming


Now leveling priorities as mentioned before mash has to be leveled asap
Also karna can function as your first dps
3stars to level
Euryale:she will help you a lot especially in camelot
David:grdat semi support with an aoe evade and attack buff
Cu:best free solo servant:works great as a last man standing
Level hans he is a 2 star and he is an op support

And level arash:god farmer
And of course leveling your 5 stars is important since they are all good

And finally if you have any other questions then please ask,we will do our best to help you !


That was very informative. Alright. I’ll try to level the other servants that you’ve mentioned and hope that they will help me alot. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the advice about lineups and saying info about servants and what are their specialties. And as I replied to Rationale, yes, I’ll try to level up Hans ASAP because you guys mentioned he’s :ok_hand::ok_hand:. Also, if I happen to have any more questions, I’ll just freely ask here because this community is very reliable and it seems like there are lots of good people here. Anyways thanks again :)

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welcome to FGO by the way.

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Ikr xd i never knew that I’d already get this much advice from just a few people :smiley: and yes, I’ll try to level up Hans ASAP (if he’s still there, i might have burned him) and Mash as well. Peeps keep telling me that Mash will be with me forever until the end so I should raise her too. Also, thanks for saying which servants are good for waves because I need to clear waves asap so I can clear the story as fast as possible (no i dont skip the stories lul). It really helps alot.

Welcome to hell* xd

I’d add that you should prioritize ascensions before raising skills since with levels servants gain HP and ATK, and you’re gonna need those. You’re often gonna need the same mats for ascension and raising skills so just keep this fact in mind and plan ahead. Also, Karna is a very good boy and servant (esp with all these rank-ups) but welcome to proof of hero hell raising his skills (I still have him at 7/10/7 because PROOFS :'D). Oh, and Karna works extremely good against divine servants (such as Gil). Push red buttons and watch Gil scream :fgo_buster:

Try to have one AoE and one ST servant of every class raised (for example: AoE rider - Ishtar, ST rider- MAlter, raise both!).

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I’ll give my 2 cents on general servant leveling: Don’t push yourself to max your servants till the later Singularities, Camelot in particular. getting to level 90 needs lots of embers.When raising skills focus on your lower rarity servants first as their skills are dirt cheap in both QP and mats in comparison to 5*. Plan ahead to know what mats you need.
Rely on friend supports to speed up your fights, if you need more friends you can ask on the forum. Use Hans for everything unless there’s a reason not to, I wish I did :fgo_umu:


Hm, in addition, some general pieces of advice:

Somewhere in September we’re gonna have a free ticket to exchange for one non-limited 4* Servant of our choice from the list:

Just so you knew and could plan ahead (mats, embers, synergy etc).

At the same time, we’re going to have Merlin’s banner (and it’s the last free Merlin’s banner up to now). Since Merlin is one of the best supports in this game, you should save your SQ and try and summon him when the time comes. And he shares his banner with various versions of Arthuria so it’s a win-win because some of those are story-locked and a pain to get most of the time.

Event shops are generally the best places to get different ascension materials for your servants so try getting as many items from them as you can (or you’re gonna be stuck farming an ungodly quantity of some material with abysmal droprates for an eternity; there are a lot of different hells in FGO: proof hell, feathers hell, crystals hell, bones hell etc).


holy crap that is an impressive lineup for just starting, karna and nero are definitely good starts, if you are needing support with farming I think I can hook up a nitocris with a kaleidoscope for instant np and let you use it i just need to get my fc and update my support

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Also, as a small tip: Levels>Skills. Generally, levels will affect your gameplay more than raised skills would, so if you get in a bind with material shortages, which you already are or will, that’s what I’d choose.

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4 SSR in 11 days is juat crazy! I thought I was pretty lucky to have one SSR when I started for a week (although to be honest, I wouldn’t change Raikou-sama for all your SSRs :fgo_rinlaugh: )

I don’t nessasarily agree with others saying upgrade Mash. Her most valuable skills are locked behind story progress. I’d say at least wait until her level cap has reached 70.

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Do agree her most valuable skills are unlocked later, toward the end of Camelot. Don’t agree she isn’t useful regardless.

My alt beat part 1 with just 37 Mash/45 Leo/45 George and friend support servants. So taunts are invaluable if you just want to rush the story.

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Feel free to add me as a friend if you want!

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Welcome to the community! Everyone has given great advice so I’ll just add one thing. I know early on especially getting mats can be frustrating. I would highly recommend saving your Golden Apples for the Nero Fest event coming up. It’s by far one of the best ways to gain gems and mats so you’ll want all the apples you can for it.

If you need some friends support, please feel free to send me a request 825,960,988 I am a pay to play and am active in all events. So I usually have the servants and CEs for most events. Hopefully I can help you out!

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Summer 4 will get Merlin banner, but that will be in 2 years.