New player asking for roster help

I started playing recently and reached the point where the game starts to slow when it comes to operators training, level progression and gacha pulls.
I’m wondering which operators I should prioritize going forward and if there are some specific activities I should focus on.

So, my available operators are as follow:

Didn’t pull much here. I’m mostly using Courier and Vigna, with Myrtle in the bank for later missions.
Also have Fang, Scavenger, Plume, Vanilla and Yato.

I’m leaning on Hoshiguma and Cuora here, with Beagle previously leveled for the early game.
Also have Croissant, Hung, Dur-nar, Gummy, Matterhorn, Cardigan and Noir Corne.

I’m focusing on getting Lapland to E2 right now and use Melantha to take out split casters and such.
Also have Matoimaru, Beehunter, Doberman, Estelle, Frostleaf and Mousse. Not sure who to use to improve on Melantha.

Currently using Amiya for single target and Gitano for AOE.
Also have Absinthe, Skyfire, Greyy, Haze, Lava, Stewart, 12F and Durin.

Pulled quite a few of them, but still using Jessica as anti-air while getting Platinum up and running.
I’m also leaning quite heavily on Rosa who has been mowing enemies from afar.
Also have Blue Poison, Provence, Sesa, Ambriel, May, Meteor, Shirayuki, Vermeil, Adnachiel, Catapult, Kroos and Rangers.

Using Perfumer for AOE and Ansel for generic while leveling Warfarin.
Also have Breeze, Gavial, Myrrh, Sussurro, Hibiscus and Lancet-2.

No noteworthy pulls for specialists and supports.


I’m not an expert myself so you can easily ignore my suggestions xD

Aside from Raising your main roster to E1 lvl 50 early , the only activity i think worth investing is Base building (to increase your LMD income, Few extra Exp tickets or farm extra orundum once your Factory & Trading post have reached lvl 3) or skill leveling.

There are not much to say for vanguard. They both are very good vanguard especially vigna & Myrtle. Even if you aren’t using vigna as DP generator, she has an overall good atk that can act as pseudo guard / Caster assasin.

Your Defenders look fine. Though Just in case, you might want to also raise at least one Healing Defender (Preferably Gummy until you get better one but it’s your choice). They will be useful on later stage and Annihilation 3.

As for Guard, Raising & priotizing lappland is a good choice. I’d say raise at least 1 Arts Guard (Mousse) for just in case if you need more Arts damage and you are lacking caster.

You have a great line up for sniper. though I’d say replace Jessica with Blue Poison. She is a great AA sniper along with Platinum which has good DPS. Rosa is indeed a monster, she alone carried my Alt up to the end of chapter 5 and she is only E1 level 45 with the others at E1 lvl 30.
Then again, you might want to raise at least 1 AoE snipers. There will be a lot of stage where a lot of enemies spawn within short amount of time.

Not much to say about healers. You already raised great Operators.

Additionally raising one Fast Redeploy (Gravel, Wai Fu, Projekt Red), Push (Shaw, FEater), or Pull (Rope or Cliffhart) Operator would be great (if you haven’t already) Any one will do. If you don’t have any, Gravel can be easily obtained through recruitment with Fast Redeploy, Rope & Shaw with Shift Tag

Hopefully this helps!

I totally agree with @Whoami. Here’s my own write-up for your roster:


  • Courier, Vigna and Myrtle are already sufficient for your early-deploy and DP-generation needs. I highly recommend E2’ng Myrtle right away (after you’re done with Lapland) and leveling her S1 to Mastery 3. It’s not that expensive, and you will definitely be thankful in doing so.


  • I would say Lapland and Melantha will suffice. You may indeed add Mousse if you find your team DPS is lacking (which may not be the case if your operators are properly leveled)


  • Make Platinum and Blue Poison your main snipers (I personally always bring 2 snipers every map)
  • Build your Meteor (AoE sniper)
  • Rosa is currently a luxury unit rather than a staple. Either build your roster around her or just use her as a strategic addition to your deployment.


  • Amiya and Gitano would be enough on this department unless you get Coebe and Eyja which replaces them respectively (Eyja is a single-target caster that can work as an AoE caster)


  • You won’t go wrong developing both Hoshi and Coura. But if your resources are tight, go for Hoshi since she can add DPS to your team, which Coura can’t (Coura does attack the enemies but her DPS is negligible)
  • Build Gummy. She’s cute and that is all the reason you need to build her (unless you have Saria and your budget is restricted)


  • Warfarin and Perfumer will suffice to get you clear all the story maps.


  • Build Orchid. She will suffice until you get Angelina.


  • Build the following: Shaw, Cliffheart and Gravel
  • You only need to level them up to E1L1 Skill Rank 4.

You’re pretty much covered. Just level your core units to around E1L50 with their skills leveled to at least Rank 4(EDIT: Ideally though, the skills of your core operators should all be at least Rank 7)

You’re initial objectives should be as follows:

  • Clear Chapter 4 (use Support Units if necessary)
  • Clear Annihilation 1 and 2
  • Build your base as to provide you with LMD and EXP income. Check some guides for building bases so you can decide which one suits you.

Your next objective will then be E2’ng your operators (EDIT: and working on their skill masteries) basing on the following needs:

  • Clearing Chapter 6
  • Clearing Annihilation 3
  • Contingency Contract

Thanks (and to @Whoami as well), that’s a great write up!

I was naturally progressing on the path you described, so I guess I should be good if I just keep going on.

I decided on a whim to pull on the newest banner to grab the guaranteed 5* and managed to pull a Ch’en. Should I try to bring her in or is she more of a luxury as well at this point?
I’m also curious about how you would build a roster around Rosa, I must say I quite enjoy her.

She can be a core unit (a helidrop nuker) after high investment (E2 S2M3). On early game though (wherein you don’t have the resources for her yet), she can still be usable as extra DPS with burst damage (S2 L7) . Using her for this role, however, requires careful consideration regarding her actual placement. You see, Chen needs to attack in order for her to gain SP for her burst skill. This means that she either be in the frontline or on the side of a defender who mainly blocks the crowd while she hacks on them (like the image below)

But here’s the problem: if you place her in the frontline, she’s not tanky enough and may die from the onslaught of enemies; if you rely on a tank while she hacks from the side, not all the maps have such a favorable layout.

It’s not that she’s bad per se. It’s just that you have to play it smart when using her (as compared to the simple strategy of using a defender to block while snipers and casters obliterate the blocked enemies).

Sadly, Rosa refused my summons during her banner. Although with my current team, she’ll be more of a toy unit instead of a core member. But if I am to build a team around her, then I will look first for units that will cover her weakness. Here’s my thought process about it:

  • Rosa has a very slow attack speed so I cannot rely on her to deal with fast moving units or a large wave of squishy enemies. My solution for this is to use BP and Platy since they have high attack speeds.
  • Another problem is she does not prioritize heavy units despite them being her primary kill targets. I may need to have some stall units (Mel, Gravel) in order to buy her time.

Since I haven’t had the opportunity to personally use her, kindly take this one with a grain of salt.

For what it’s worth, Rosa does indeed prioritize heavier units and thus does not necessarily need stalling to be effective, at least in my experience.

I also forgot to ask earlier, but wonder what the best way to go about recruiting is.
I mostly get worthless tags, even after rerolling, such as only job/range tags that don’t allow me to aim for specific operators.
Is it worth recruiting just to cycle the tags or is it better to just wait for refreshes?

That’s good to hear that Rosa targets heavy units first. They can really be annoying at times, so it’s good that she can eliminate them for you. As for Recruitment, GP has a tool and a guide which tag combination can result to a 4* or 5* unit. These combinations may not necessarily result to a specific unit, but it narrows the range to the point that you can almost guarantee what you will get. For example, selecting Defender+Healing will result to Nearl or Gummy; however, you are most likely to get a Gummy.

Here’s the link to the recruitment guide:

As for whether you should just recruit for the sake of refreshing the tags, that’s a matter of preference. Personally, I always do 3 recruits per day as minimum (since the daily missions has one that says “Recruit 3 times”). If I have lots of recruitment permits available, I do roll on the 4th slot.