New Player, Excited Confusion

Hihi! New to FGO, just started playing cuz some others in the FEH channel were, and it seemed neat.

I started with Hercules, who I enjoy highly, and got First Hassan on my first 30 sq, and I’m absolutely loving him! Other than that, a sieg has appeared for me which is beyond ironic for those who know me in the FEH side of things.

Anywho, just posting Cuz why not, expect me to lurk in boards and ask random clueless questions (largely about what a great deal of abbreviations mean lol).

I’m… kinda saving my quarts? I don’t have any waifus, so I just kinda float I guess. XD

What should I focus on first though, story progression or leveling? I just beat Orleans (Evil Jeanne was… rough cuz I use the story support servants cuz why not). Afterwards, I immediately turned to the weird christmas event thing and got a copy of that holy night essence thing. Hassan is about 43 right now, and herc I just ascended for the first time.

Pleased to meetchu!


As you should. Save and roll for favorites, however you define that.

Story, after you spend the 1/2 AP Period to farm up XP and QP since you joined at a convenient time for a newbie wrt roster-raising. All of Part 1 and a majority of P1.5 can be carried purely on the back of your Friend’s List (so nab some whale friends), with 2x meatshield (L1 George/Leonidas), 1x class adv carry. Bolstering your roster can come later.


Yea, I’ve got a couple maxed merlins, evil Jeanne, and mellois around, but I don’t plan on using them in story. I spent a hefty chunk of AP on the Christmas event because I really wanted the xp boosting items.

I don’t mean supports, but DPS’. Your L100 NP3+ Cu (Alter)‘s, Heracles’, etc.; stuff like that. After you nab your meatshields from the FP Gacha you can coast through the story if you just wanted to cheese it. If you don’t want to, understandably, your priority should be: supports (e.g. Shakespeare) -> battery-having DPS’ (“increase NP Gauge…”) -> non-battery-having DPS’.

Yea I was kinda wondering about that.

Typically I just run my Hassan + Herc and call it a day, swapping Hassan for mash for bosses, but I was wondering if it might be a better investment to level Shakespeare and run him instead of… someone.

Spam exp and material dailies to get your servants into a fighting condition. While you’ll be in QP hell like most of us if you play long enough, you can ignore it for now, since you don’t really need to level skills right away.

Once the 1/2 AP period finishes, try to advance the story and play events as we get them. They’re great opportunities to farm on ascension/skill materials which are otherwise very annoying to earn, and sometimes even free servants, like the upcoming Christmas.

Regarding the gacha, it’s all about what you want in game. Will you focus on characters that seem cool to you, are you gonna become a metaslave? Either way, roll for servants that will become the game enjoyable for you.
If you’re gonna be frustrated because X character you like is actually pretty weak, then it’s best to skip it.
Likewise, if a top tier servant has a boring kit in your opinion, dulling your game experience, it’s also better to avoid it.

Play the game the way YOU will enjoy it. Because it’s that, a game.

Another FEH has been dragged into hell?

The internet has no idea of the power we possess

Excellent start. He’s basically UNGA with an attack buff, evade and a guts in case he dies in one hit. Should be able to carry you through the first three chapters

Though you’ll have to protect him with your Mash and, if you roll the friendpoints gacha, you’ll eventually get Rider Saint George. He’s a meatshield with a shitton of defense and a three turns taunt in order to lure enemies into attacking him

Get Caster Hans Andersen (also from friendpoints) as soon as you can. His NP gives several buffs to your team

Tons of people (especially me) will hate you for this. Still grats on getting “OFFER THINE HEAD”. He’s the 2nd best Assassin in the game and is ideal for taking down Rider class bosses. There will be tons of them on later chapters of the story mode


Here’s the traditional greeting: Welcome to Hell.

Anyways since that is done, we’ll be getting a new story chapter, it doesn’t concern you right now, but the good thing is that you’ll have a little of more than 2 weeks of time to level up your characters, complete story and do whatever you want. I personally recommend you to complete Seventh Story chapter - Babylonia, so that you won’t be locked out of the christmas event that is going to come after those 2 weeks which also gives a gold servant with a free NP5, quite useful if you’re a f2p.

It’s a good time to start, also if you can bear with farming, spend some apples on exp or qp if you want, since this is one of the most lucrative time outside of events to spend apples on. As always have fun and avoid burnout since this game is mostly grinding, also it’s a plus if you watch any of the anime, so that you can have some background knowledge.

I kinda forgot but congrats on getting a limited 5* and one of the best starters ingame.

Also @Tetragoner I was surprised to not see you involved in skadi vs waver thread, I was kinda looking forward to your take on the matter.

I had stuff taking up my attention around the time of its posting. Respond to @s, otherwise ignore threads that’d make me write not-small posts lol.


That’s why, huh. No prob, was just a bit curious. :smiley:

@Venatorio If you wanna greet the community, I suggest you take part in the FGO Off-topic thread, where we adress absolutely anything from gameplay to future summoning banners (viewer discretion is advised due to the fact they’ve progressed a lot since they started playing, so there might be a few spoilers ahead)

Several whale players, as well as other FEH players such as yourself, lurk there so you can share your friend code and start getting those sweet FP:

See ya around. Here’s my suggestion: Take your time on progressing in the story and don’t rush things

EDIT: You got Saber Siegfried? Nice. He’s highly underrated because of his low damage, but he more than makes up for it with a buff against dragon enemies and the ability to pretty much survive enemy NPs. He can play the tank role if needed

New question:

What does this symbol mean?

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That the player finished the First Arc of the story.

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It means somebody has completed Part 1 of the story mode

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I’m surprised you noticed it when I only realized that there’s a Master Rank-Up to Cause when I got it myself after finishing Solomon.

Hey, Ven! Welcome to gacha hell, you’re gonna love it :catwave:


He got a strong start, much like LeadChips did

He got Bone Daddy, while Lead got Udon Lover

But you’ve got your Ishtar, so you can’t complain now

:fgo_bbgrin: :fgo_bbgrin: :fgo_bbgrin:


Heya bow! we meet again.

Yea I was just looking for another random game to pick up and play when I’m bored at work, and I’m too deep in the FEH-meta to have fun there anymore lol.

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Understandable. :joy: FGO is a real grind but it’s very fun in my experience, especially once you get used to all of the quirkiness in it.


Welcome to FGO :cat: and congratulations on pulling First Hassan and Heracles, they’ll serve you well as the last man standing.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Many of us are more than happy to help.