New Player Free Summon Choices & other questions

As a newbie (To Feh not FE) what Free summon five star would benefit me the most? I see one of them is all three houses characters and the other one is Alm, Eliwood, Micaich, & Camilla.

Also Any general tips about the game would be useful

I guess some questions I have are Is it hard to pull 5 stars?

What do I to with multiple of the same character?

Is the game PvE Only or is there PvP?

Seeing As this is a game with a collection of FE characters When Pulling for characters should I go Favs > Meta or are there meta characters that could make my life easier

Since i’m on the topic of pulling characters are the any Banners I should be pulling on Right Now/ Saving for any upcoming ones?

I saw there Are 3 banners right now with boosted rates.Are they worth pulling on?

One is a Beginner banner With Sothis, Shamir, Ephraim/Lyon, & Shinon (5%rate). The other one has Flayn, Dedue, Guinivere, & Henriette (Also 5%). The Last which has the highest % of pulling a five star right now at 8% Has a whole cast of characters.

I thinks that’s all the questions I have for right now. Thank you to anyone who replies to my long list of questions and also have a good day/night :slight_smile:


For the free picks—just grab your favorites. If you don’t know why they are, rest assured they’re all good. :) Lysithea and Alm are, I think, the weak ones of the pool. Eliwood kinda too, but I still use mine.

That beginner banner is excellent—Sothis isn’t particularly useful, but she is a Dark mythic, and those are nice to have (for now). Shinon and Ephraim/Lyon are excellent units.

The Hero Fest is 100% worth pulling on. Everybody is good there.

The Legendary/Mythic banner is good…Red and Blue are excellent colors to pull. Colorless too. I’d avoid Green on this one.

Which FE games have you played?

tl;dr pick and roll for your favorites. There are no wrong answers and there’s nobody you NEED to have. The fun of this game is building your favorites. But the current banners are 100% worth your orbs.


I’m in general agreement with @jakeyb

Building favorites is what makes the game the most enjoyable imo and, with most units now, you can build them up to be pretty strong since there’s a lot of skills you can give them

To give you one tip, if you don’t need any of the units on a banner or do not care for them, DON’T summon. It’s better to save and spend those orbs on someone you care for or need then to spend orbs on someone who will collect dust in your barracks


I’ve Played them all except for Path of radiance, Radiant Dawn, Genaology, & 776


Oh, so first of all, play FE4 and FE5 :fgo_badciv:

But really, then you know the cast well enough to just build your favorites


what Free summon five star would benefit me the most?

Assuming you don’t have a favorite character on either banner, Camilla > Micaiah >>> Eliwood > Alm and Edelgard > Dimitri > Claude > Lysithea. But aside from Eliwood and Alm being mediocre, you can’t go wrong.

I guess some questions I have are Is it hard to pull 5 stars?

The average cost of a 5* is around 75 orbs on a standard 6% banner (A little lower if you pull full circles, and a little higher if you snipe specific colors). For reference, a diligent player can collect roughly 300 f2p orbs each month.

What do I to with multiple of the same character?

Check their IVs (the game calls them asset and flaw), keep the copy with the better IVs (crash course on good IVs: +Atk on anyone, +Spd on fast units, +Def/Res on tanks), and turn the other into a combat manual. Once you’re more familiar with which skills are good on which heroes you can decide if you want to use them as skill inheritance fodder or merge them into the copy you keep.

Is the game PvE Only or is there PvP?

There are some pseudo-PVP modes where you set up a defense team, and the AI will control them as other players challenge you. There are also some modes where the highest scorers get bonus rewards, but it’s usually just a few extra feathers. Most modes are PVE.

When Pulling for characters should I go Favs > Meta or are there meta characters that could make my life easier

Favs > Meta, if anything just because it makes the game more satisfying to play.

are the any Banners I should be pulling on Right Now/ Saving for any upcoming ones?

I would recommend saving for favorites, but it’s ultimately a decision you’ll have to make for yourself.

I saw there Are 3 banners right now with boosted rates.Are they worth pulling on?

All the heroes are reasonably strong, and even if you don’t like them, they’ve got great fodder you can give to your favorites (Shinon especially). If you don’t have any other targets, now is a very good time to pull.


Don’t worry too much about Arena or AR scoring when you’re new. Just do what you can for now. Once you have more resources, and if you don’t hate those modes too much to bother with them as many of us do, you can build a scoring team.

For upgrading Sacred Seals, prioritize Heavy Blade, Flashing Blade, Mystic Boost, Quick Riposte, Bonds, Solos, and the upcoming Steady Breath.

At some point you will run into Fallen Edelgard, who is quite possibly the single most busted unit in the history of the game. If you want to save yourself a lot of trouble, there are a few units that can reliably counter her on a f2p budget without running an insanely overspecialized build, so I’d recommend working on one of them.


Thanks for all the info especially about units to stop fallen edelgard. Almost every single fight i’ve tried to do in the voting gantlet i’ve ran into one or more in one fight and lost…


The most general piece of summoning advice there is is that it’s almost always better to go all-in on one banner than to sprinkle your orbs across several, because your chances of getting the stuff you want are higher if you can commit 100+ orbs to one place. If you’re new, I’d suggest taking all the free summons, then working your way through the story missions. You’ll have a fair number of freebies to work with, and there’s easily several hundred orbs to obtain in that method, which is enough to have a very good shot at getting what you want off of a banner. I do suggest saving until you have a better idea of what’s strong and what isn’t, but… well, personally I think it’s a pretty miserable time to go through the game for a while with the very bare-bones barracks you’ll start with, so if any of the current banners entice you, go for it.

As others said, the average is 75 orbs per 5* unit. I highly recommend checking this out as well, though:
That site has much more detailed statistics, so before you spend any orbs I would suggest checking there to see what your chances are of getting anything with your budget. Much easier to avoid disappointment or salt, in my experience, if you have realistic expectations.

I would single out that current Hero Fest, though, the one with Henriette and Flayn. Those two are both incredibly high value even as one-offs (If you have multiple copies of a unit, merging them together boosts their stats; a unit’s power caps out at 10 merges, which is 11 copies total. For a 5* exclusive unit, that’s over 1000 orbs. Flayn is a supportive unit, so only one copy of her is very very sufficient, making her pretty good value). And Henriette isn’t gonna be offered again for a while and has an absolutely ridiculous C slot skill you can abuse or inherit, so going for either of them is likely a very good use of your resources. Hero Fest banners are some of the best for getting a single specific unit, so it’s a pretty good opportunity to splurge a little.

For the favs vs. meta question, I don’t think anyone but you can really answer that question. If you want to reach the top ranks in any of the PvP modes, you need to learn what’s meta and invest in it or your life is gonna be pretty miserable. Personally I don’t think that’s worth it, so I aim for trying a little but not stressing about getting the very highest ranks, and I find it’s pretty viable to build my favorites and use them in whatever game modes I feel like doing. But personally I find I tend to like having strong units that can get stuff done, so I think a balance between meta and favorites is ideal rather than fully spurning one. But, again I don’t think anyone else can decisively tell you how to play. That’s something you’ll just have to figure out as you go.


Another word of advice: Get some friends! A lot of us will have highly invested units as our leads that you can use in modes like VG and in brigades for Rival Domains and Grand Conquest. We have a specific thread for this, so if you post your friend code there I’m sure people will respond. Here’s my own from that thread if you’re interested.


In my definitely not biased opinion, OP should build Bartre :feh_lucinasmug:

But jokes aside, I would actually suggest him because he can also be a good counter to other popular units like B!Hector and L!Chrom, to name a couple. TA Boey can too, both would have their uses.



This is a nice resource: A Hands-On Beginner Guide


sent a request


This is the best advice anyone can give, I’ve certainly got little else to add to it.

Take the game at your own pace, take breaks if you’re not having fun. Some stuff you won’t be able to do immediately just because of having less/weaker units. Stan Laegjarn.


To do with the beginner’s guide, if you have any queries about anything you can shoot me an @ and I’ll be happy to answer.

Let me know if it’s been helpful.

Everyone else has given pretty good advice too on pulling and such. As well as the hero fests and such, also keep in mind the yearly CYL banner (where voted in units get alts) is coming in a few weeks, and will almost definitely have some very strong units, so that’s another option to pull.

Welcome to GP btw! Hope you enjoy your time here, and feel free to ask questions, though sometimes it might be best to try some things out yourself and learn things firsthand (if it doesn’t have too much cost! Don’t just go foddering away, but do try out many different units in modes like story and such).