New player, help with planning banners and summons

Hi, f2p player here,
I just started the game a few weeks ago and already multi rolled several banners (and used up a lot of quartz for that rip), so I only have 130 sq left. Since I had no luck on the Dead Heat Summer Nero banner so far, I was planning to save for either Jeanne Archer or Summer BB or save for another banner or until next year.

My main servants I use right now are:
Saber: Bedivere (np3), Siegfried
Archer: Orion, Euryale
Lancer: Normal Cu, Proto Cu, Lancer Altoria (not alter)
Berserker: Kiyohime
Rider: Ushi, Rider Ishtar (idk if I will be able to np5 her in this event though since my teams are pretty weak)
Assassin: EMIYA, Kojiro
Caster: Hans

Are there any suggestions on what to roll for or what to save up for?

Canned suggestion with the caveat that they may not necessarily be the “power” plays, is to roll for favorites. You don’t need anything to complete this game, up to and including the most difficult of challenges.

Summer BB’s defined by her gimmicky card-lock S3, which is generally more of a “win more” button for already developed roster, but she’s a passable generalist DPS as well courtesy of hitting everything for neutral. Jarcher is the only other AOE Arts Archer aside from Helena (Archer), and she trades high NP damage for unusual bulkiness and at the highest end in terms of farming being able to run “6 slot” (or, CE, specifically) comps, although those get expensive by deign. Worst issue, again, is her relatively soft NP damage despite her carrying all sorts of buffs. Either could improve your roster by simple virtue of being SSRs.

Aforementioned “power” plays are the following:

  • Tamamo (Caster): THE Arts support, generally built towards slower playing teams.
  • Scathach-Skadi: THE Quick support, generally built towards faster evisceration of the enemy but can last beyond that too. However, she also has massively broad uses outside of her Quick-centric comps too.
  • Merlin: THE Buster support, and a great generalist support as well as his kit as everything (healing, invincibility, etc.). Has a lot of uses outside of Buster or crit comps too.
  • Zhuge-Liang/Lord El-Melloi II/Waver Velvet: The all-purpose support, has something everyone appreciates in universal buffs.
  • Nero Bride: Arts support with generalist capabilities due to her similarly universal buffs, including a notable 45% NP Gen Up that later comes with a 30% static charge.
  • Sima Yi: After her buff in two years joins Waver and Skadi in the “50% charge club,” more built towards supporting Berserkers but has uses past that. Currently unreleased.

Bedivere is an amazing nuke to have at NP3 for you. Siegfried is a capable Dragon-slayer and general anti-Lancer point.
Euryale and Orion both excel at nuking males, though Orion doesn’t falter outside of Males at the cost of more durability, slower play, and a more packed kit.
The Cu’s are solid undying Lancers, and LAlter is an effective if bland charge-based AOE Lancer. Her 50% charge is the defining aspect of her kit, and it makes her a solid farmer that can potentially NP twice, though she otherwise has very little overall utility. Still, having her alone narrows what you “need” for convenient anti-Archer farming.
EMIYA is an effective if clunky outside of his ideal comps (due to trash NP generation) anti-Rider unit.
I suggest looking at the “welfare” section of my thread here to see which units we will be getting for free alongside Ishtar (Rider) that can fill gaps for you. For example, next summer has Jeanne d’Arc Alter (Berserker), basically Lu Bu 2.0, i.e. a really solid all-purpose high-damaging stat stick that can serve you very well. Other elements of that thread are worth looking at as well, such as the SR/SSR chances of success spreadsheet I linked.


He said not alter though, I think it’s the 50% battery one.

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Ah heck, right, I totally got my wires crossed.

… all told still not a major alteration in terms of base description (both are pretty bland tbh), but editing shortly. corrected.

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Thank you so much for so much information!
I’ll probably save up for any servants that catch my eye or a good caster rate up then, and work to get the welfares as well

Happy to help!

Notable non-SSR support Casters are the following:

  • SR Helena Blavatsky. In lieu of typing unnecessarily, you can read my post here on her. A modest generalist, but an effective one.
  • SR Gilgamesh (Caster). An Arts-crit enabling buffer. Wide variety of buffs, no direct speciality. Still valuable to possess.
  • UC Shakespeare. Buster support. S1 gives a fat 1T AOE Buster Up, S3 gives a targetable 20% charge.
  • UC Hans Christian Andersen. Generalist support. Like Waver, has something everyone appreciates. Chance-based ATK/DEF/healing/stargen up, star regen (later targetable), and a crit buff. He’s super valuable, and his low Cost like the other bronzes mentioned can be valuable in its own right.
  • C Mozart. Arts support and general crit enabler. S1 gives a fat 1T AOE Arts Up, S3 gives up to 50 stars which is incredibly widely applicable, from rushing down bosses, to farming, to just as a general damage accelerator. Like the above, super cheap to raise too.
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There’s already great info here; I’ll just stress that, especially as “F2P,” you may want to prioritize even more toward Servants you genuinely like the best, and the meta be damned.

The big supports (Merlin, Waver, Skadi, and maaaaybe Tamamo depending on your fondness for and commitment to Arts-focused teams) improve gameplay to the extent that a case can be made for acquiring them even if you don’t absolutely love their characters. That being said, you get the most enjoyment out of the game if you aim for Servants you really want since it’s impossible to choose so badly that you can’t play.

When you have a large enough roster that you experience the first-world problem of specializing in high-end farm teams, then you decide whether or not that convenience would contribute more to your entertainment than going for a Servant whom you really like, but who isn’t a particularly strong or specialized pick.


This is a game where high difficulty content can be memed by low rarity units and a bit of strategy. There really isn’t any incentive to roll for gameplay especially if you’re a Free To Play, and I’d lean more towards suggesting you save for characters which you personally like or find will be fun to use.

I’d suggest looking at some future rate ups to budget out your rolls and plan out your target banners to up your chances.

You can use this to view possible future rate ups for NA, note that banners tied to real life events (such as KYOMAF and Movie Promos specific to JP) may be skipped or repackaged into another banner. We call that banner Thanksgiving

Click Here to Compare JP and NA Events

Use This to Get a Rough Estimate of Your Future Quartz Amount

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Roll with your dick. The meta is everchanging, but waifus are eternal. I don’t want to parrot power play rolls but I just want to hammer down that this game is a visual novel first and an RPG fourth. Waifu collector and farming simulator is second and third respectively.

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Just check the future banner. We all need 1 powerful aoe np and 1 powerful st np each class. Also Waver, Merlin, Tamamo, Skadi make something become easier. Roll Joan d’Arc archer or wait for Gilgamesh. You will have walfare Joan d’Arc Berserker as ST berserker. Rider look fine, Ushi after rank up quest is good tho. NP5 Ishtar is easy for sure, just try some line up and use command seal on the next try. Next valentine day, you can roll Semiramis. But the mvp of this year is Zhuge Liang aka Waver on this September, don’t miss it. On November, you will have a free SR to upgrade Emya, Siegfried or summon a new high tier SR as Helena.

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