New player help

Hey everyone, I need help with direction. I’m having trouble figuring out what I need to grind and which characters to use. I started approx 3 weeks ago, right before the anniversary event.

Should I be grinding void battles to hopefully be able to do high dragons, if so what characters should I focus on getting weapons for first?

Should I build a strong light team for the current Halloween event?


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New player has 20 5 stars while I’m sitting here with 7 /;
Generally I try to focus on events because they’re my favorite content. If you think you can still reap enough rewards to justify it, train up your light team! If not, I’m pretty sure some people on here know the event element rotation and you can train up a different team.
The best thing to do tho is pick one team and gets high might with them, to unlock all the maps

Definitely run the current event. GEuden and Hilde should carry you pretty far.
Make sure you get your dailies in, probably focus on the light levels so you can upgrade your current units. Jupiter trial is also double drops right now, I believe. you’re overflowing on getherwings, so co-op stuff like dragon trials and imperial onslaught and use stamina for everything else.
Void battles are basically a progression tree, you need to make the one weapon to counter this fight’s gimmick, etc. Just work your way up. Co-op tends to make it trivial though.

Two of them are promotes. Also the anniversary was crazy dude.

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He/She got 19k wyrmites ¬¬ holy sh*t x’D

BTW, he/she can get the might requirements just improving her FULL 5* ligth adventures x’D (i would love to start like that on the first weeks of DL x’D).

First of all, prioritize on Dojos and in your castle improvements (in general). Every x2 event in Imperial Onslautgh should be a MUST to you, otherwhise you’ll get a hard progresion.

Try to get at least Mikoto/G!Mym or S!Maribelle to 50 nodes and get the weekly bonus of H!Midgardsormr (until you can do something better). Actually ANY High dragon are a really good (meta) option). You wont waste the bonus at least :smiley: .
With your adventurers pool you’ll get an easy job getting the 5 H!Dragons (maybe to help your healers or fill any gap on your dragon roster) and then try to use your greatspheres to improve your Fafnir statues.

  • check the guides on gamepress to see wich characters you can use at any High Dragon Trial :wink:

Definitely build G!Euden + Hildegarde and improve ASAP your Sweet Retreat (spam the boss battle and the challenge boss battle to obtain enought Snack’o lanters).
Oh, and try to get AS MUCH BONUS EVENTS AS POSSIBLE in your light team (for instance plunder pals + something to get +50% tricker treats). DON’T MUB your plunder pals until you get the 5th. The quid is just to mantain the bonus while you get more and more plunder pals to MUB ALL.

If you got some problems with the event, just improve something. Your ligth altar, your adventurer nodes, your lvl (adventurers > dragons > weapons > wyrmprints; always getting some perspective about the future… don’t improve every event wyrmprint because any of them are a good meta wyrmprint).

Well, maybe i forgot something. Just good luck :wink:

Any doub… just ask.