New player here need help team building

So far I made 3 teams and wanted to know if it’s viable and if not what can I do to improve it. And also I still haven’t really understand how to team build so if anyone can explain it would be great.

Can you show your entire box ? Only Sparkings + Extreme, i want to see if you can’t put better things on your teams like for saiyans. Or transform your LoE team to a Frieza Force team etc…

alright i just got some new characters too hold on

Team update:

You can remove Baby Vegeta and Purple Vegeta in your Saiyan team for put your Goku ssj3 LF and your Yellow Vegito
Put Guldo EX Green instead Chilled EX YEL in your LoE team

Thankss. Can i ask why?
I’m still learning and i wanna know how to make a team by myself

In your Saiyan team, you already got a legendary pivot : Goku Blue, so you don’t need Baby, Goku LF ssj3 is a better GRN Character.
Purple Vegeta is really bad, even if he’s purple, go play without purple for put a God tier fighter : YEL Vegito.

And for your LoE team : Chilled EX 1* don’t boost enough your team, but Guldo will boost every Frieza’s health in your team ^^