New player need advice and guidance


I cleared ch6 of the story and am just over 9000 might. i need advice of what i should be farming for and whats next so i dont waste my time and resources. my current team is Xander (vodynoy), starter flame guy (cerberus), maribelle (long long panda), and felicia (gilgamesh). is this good? ive been pumping everything i have into these guys/dragons to get their might up so i hope its a good team. i have more 5* people and dragons though if my team isnt good.


you have to make specific elemental teams instead of mixed elemental teams. Mixed elemental teams don’t have resistance or in some cases, disadvantages in some levels. So once you get into harder maps, they’ll all die because the damage output from the boss is too high.


Well this is how I did it. I focused on one unit for each High Dragon Trial. First I got two extra Wyrmsmiths and then I focused on the elemental towers. Fire then water and then the other three as materials became available. Then I focused on the dojo’s. If you like Euden, you can do sword and spear for Xainfred. The rest is all speculation as we don’t know the order they’ll be releasing the other High Dragon Trials.

After that it really comes down to affliction resistance and elemental advantage. I’ve seen people complete the past few events with 3* teams, so really it comes down to elemental towers, dojos, and dragons. Make sure you’re increasing your dragon’s bond levels every day so you can MUB your 5* dragons. Cheers!


Personally, there is a lot of ways you can go about building a good team. Focus on developing with the intent of bringing them to Dragon Trials, because if they can survive that they can survive anything else this game will throw at them.

Dragons like Cerberus offer a strength boost that helps units like Euden (starter flame guy) and Mikoto best, Gilgamesh is a good dragon, but healers like Felicia need dragons that offer an HP boost, like Jeanne d’Arc. That being said if you don’t have a light dragon that offers that then Gilgamesh is okay, healers with high HP heal better than low.

Additionally, since you mentioned you have more 5* characters and I don’t know what they are I think the tier list is a great reference to look at. Key to building good teams is to build them by element and don’t ever forget to upgrade the Halidome, it’s altars and dojos. I thought they were pointless when I first started playing and fell super behind. They offer boosts to your units that can make even a three-star unit viable.

Upgrade the Halidome to gain access to the Smithy, you’ll need that for sure when you’re going to start crafting 5* weapons. You’ll then have to upgrade the Smithy itself. Upgrade Dojos and Altars, so don’t skimp out on Imperial Onslaught, you’ll need the bronze medals and ribbons for both the dojos and High Dragon Prints (if you ever plan on taking them on), and finally every event try and get as many materials as you need. Focus on things that are hard to come by like Golden Testaments, Ignots, Sunlight Ore, unbinding dragons and weapons helps strength and might tremendously. So always try and make time to redeem some void battles since its treasure trade is God’s work.


Hmmm okay thanks for the advice guys. So if my main team listed above is all 55-ish for adventurers and 35-ish for dragons, should i go ahead and max them out or bring my other strong 4* and 5* units and dragons to their levels for some full elemental teams?


I’d typically recommend building a small selection to high levels, but you’re going to want at least one team per element. Even if they have low Might, try assembling your best characters and dragons for each element, then focus on the ones with the most potential. Anyone who is good but under-leveled will get more out of Crystals/Dragonfruit than higher-leveled characters, and elemental teams can be flexible for Events, IO and Dragon trials.

(for leveling, I stop using crystals and fruits at about 10 levels below max, or level 60-70.)


thanks for the help guys you are very nice. last question: when should i summon? turns out i dont have as many 5* units as i thought, just xander, maribelle and curran. should i keep summoning regardless of which banner it is or save for an upcoming one?


It looks like the next banner is going to be a gala banner. Gala banners are the best time to send all your wyrmite because they feature a very good limited 5* character (NOT on rate up) and the base rate to get a 5* anything is raised form 4% to 6%. Gala’s are the best time to get more 5* character/dragon/wyrprint.


I always say summon on limited only, Gala’s are especially helpful if you don’t have a lot of five star characters, but those roll out every two months. So unless I really like the featured unit I only gun on holidays. Any character is good for the campaign and you have some decent ones to at least hold you over in stuff like IOS and the dailies.


If you’re interested in the end game then Euden(main fire guy) is one of the characters that’s a solid pick for it. I’d start working towards the 4* void weapon for him to allow the ability to farm zephyr to get the five star which is a cheaper more F2P accessible weapon that makes fighting High Midgarsomer a cinch.

Cerberus&Gilgamesh are worth unbinding and putting fruit into. I’d hold on Long Long because without the crit rate you won’t be able to truly utilize his passive. And I’d hold out on investing in water dragons if you manage a copy of Leviathan/Poseidon/future water dragon release. Fruit can be farmed easily enough from master dragons/High dragons for succulent/raid events(tend to give a fair abundance for rewards).

Maribelle is a top of the line wind unit so far, same as Xander for water so they’re both worth getting to 45+ mana circle if you like those units. More void bosses are being released near the end of the month according to the Dragalia team so I’d hold to see what weapons they release. Otherwise welkin wand and Hauteclaire are solid 5t2’s for those units that’ll help in most content.

That’s my recommendations, based on units you provided, on how I’d invest and use resources appropriately. As mentioned by others you should work to having a solid 4 man element unit per element if able for the facility events. Raid events you can honestly tackle with 4 of your strongest and be fine. I personally recommend when it comes to units you like per team getting them to 40 mana circle is a good stopping point and allow them to do any content. And getting units 45-50 circle should be reserved by favorites/most likely to be viable in high raids.


So it looks like the next banner is just a water banner, but the one following it should be a limited pull Gala, with higher rates on 5* adventurers.

I’d highly recommend saving for this event to see if those new units are worth investing in before making any pulls at the moment.

This is even more the case with guaranteed pulls slowly being given away - the last thing you’d want to do is pull a unit like Lily and then get a duplicate of her in your guaranteed 5* pull. Pulling on these limited gala events will maximize the value of the pulls you’ll make in all aspects of the game!

Good luck and be patient~