New player needs your advice! (Elisaber or Rama)

Hello everyone! Just rolled Rama and current event gives free Elisaber. Since they pretty much cover the same niche (as far as I see) it’s kind of hard to decide who to grow.
The way I see them in comparison:

Single target saber saber with some built-in survivability for both. Rama seems more crit-oriented though

Pretty much the same base damage, Rama has significantly more hp

I honestly like both. Rama is loyal and caring, Elis is easy-going and attention-seeking

I fee like Eli edges here, even though Rama has party buff, his own crit steroid only lasts 1 turn for some reason (thus unreliable) and invulnerability >> guts

Since I can proooobably get Eli to np 5 she edges hard here… I don’t think I can get Rama even np2 since I have used up most of my gacha luck already

NP and star generation:
Again, Eli seems much stronger in this field. Rama has poor hit count and no np generation steroids

Rama seems stronger here - divinity A should be impactful

No idea here. Eli is easier to ascend but needs reverse dragon scales for skills (no idea how to farm them, I only have 1 from Fafnir). Rama seems not that hard to ascend, but needs cursed bones for skills (no idea how to farm them either)

So atm I feel like Elisaber is better, but since I am new and probably missing something your opinion is welcome here!

P.S. If you are a new player and gacha is cruel to you - try creating second account. It worked for me and using your own servants for support slot is fun in its own way. Good luck with rolling!

I would choose Eli Saber for the simple fact that her NP5 will hit almost twice as hard as Rama’s NP1 according to this.

Also Elly is in a swimsuit and Rama is not.


Based on the blurbs from the tierlist Rama is better (if they were both NP1), but requires more support to perform well. (CEs, support servants, etc)

longwinded discussion

Eli-saber seems more self-sufficient in the sense that she can fill her NP comfortably, whereas apparently Rama cannot.
Also Eli-saber should be NP5 if you do everything necessary in the event and buy the ascension materials, so she will probably outdamage Rama.
(except maybe against Demonic enemies? I havent done any calculations)

I would recommend reading their analysis in the gamepress servant database, looking at their skills and NP and their effects, and deciding which sounds more fun/useful to you personally.

Ranma’s overcharge effect is useful, Elisabeth’s is not.
Ranma has a critical niche, Elisabeth does not.
Eli has better NP gen, Rama seems to struggle to NP w/o support.
Eli has an invul, Rama has guts.
Eli has a 40% buster up, Ranma has a 18% charisma

But Ranma has better attack stats.
Also, Eli’s invul is tied to her NP gain, which is unfortunate.

if you can’t support Ranma in his critical niche Eli might be better, but Elis two usable skills each have two effects which you wouldn’t normally use at the same time.
So there is an opportunity cost.
Eli’s NP ignores defense, so that is a huge boon.
Ranma’s NP does extra damage to demonic enemies, which means he does a lot of damage to a lot of trash mobs in farming sessions.
But I wonder if it’d be enough to outdamage NP5 Eli with her 40% buster up buff (at lvl 10) hmm

Also Eli’s 3rd skill is basically useless unless you can get her to 200% charge. I brought it up to lvl 10 though for some shenanigans I want to try at some point. :laughing:

I havent leveled my Rama yet, but I think they are both good enough that you can’t go wrong.

My personal recommendation would be to level Eli first, simply because she has better NP gen and should be NP5, and seems to need less support to function well.
But I’m not sure.
You should definitely level both eventually.
You should see what other people who actually use Rama have to say.

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Yup, Eli hits harder and is more independent. If you have proper support to support Rama’s crits, he can take the lead. Otherwise, Eli Brave is the better pick.

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I’d go with Eli, she’s np5 guaranteed and has a buster asteroid. I think she’s actually the best SR buster ST lancer in NA right now (let’s just ignore her 3rd skill please). Oh and don’t forget Bedi, he’s actually better (more utility and NP damage) than Eli (imo) if np5.

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Raise Liz just so you have an ST Saber. She’ll carry you.

But don’t ignore Rama. He’s much better in the long run and will outdamage her once you get the tools to properly support him.

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As someone who has both, I would pick saberliz since you can get her to NP5. Saberliz is a good ST nuke with NP. While Rama’s NP is not that good unless against demonic enemies. Rama can crit hard but he needs supports to do that. But level both if you have the resource. Having options ready are always better (especially when doing challenge quest)



Rama still have amazing crit damage…but unlike Saberlot he needs a proper set up (he cant generate the stars needed for the massive 1-turn crits to be garanted). Like a Hans with 2030, for example…

He causes extra damage to demonic enemies (like Eyes, Ibaraki and Shuuten, Bicorns, Ghosts…), who gets even bigger with overcharge. So, you can use him for that as well.

Just ignore Liz 2rd skill, is just to random to risk a NP. Focus on skill 2.

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I like Rama way more and he technically has more to work with in-kit but I gotta hand it to Lizzie here.

NP5 just outright makes her better for deleting a Lancer boss, and much more reliably so: Fill gauge, NP, win. When not fighting the frankly, relatively rare enemies that Rama’s NP is SE against (or more specifically that he is SE against and is an optimal pick for), the bulk of damage is loaded into his facecard crit damage which necessarily relies on getting the proper card + stars to align and requires card reading and/or RNG. The scales are tipped in his favor when he’s specifically NP3+ and against a Demonic Lancer/Berserker (vanilla Charisma for modest team support, aforementioned crit skill vs Lizzie’s one-and-done vanilla [Mana] Burst-y kit), but certainly not NP1 and in general.

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