New Player Seeking Help Feh

I started playing this game yesterday and i was wonder if i could get some tips.
is hard to pull for units?
is there anything i should pull on right now or should i hoard?
There is a 5% beginner banner with Surtr, fallen tiki, tibarn, and Nailah should i pull on it?
where do i get/is it hard to get the materials for the s slot?
what s slot skills should i focus on getting first?
On the free 5* summon i chose camilla. is she good?
on the other one I didn’t choose anyone yet who should i pick on the other one?(Ephraim,veronica,celica,hector)
And any other general tips that anyone could give me about the game I would really appreciate it!


There’s a lot of helpful information here.

I’d have gone with Micaiah, but there’s time for you to start over

Veronica for sure


Read this's_guide


Hi and welcome! :catwave:

Rates aren’t as bad as some other gachas, but gacha is gacha. Summoning can be painful and the RNG just doesn’t like you sometimes

There should be a March Mythic coming up, that’s always a good option for getting lots of good units quickly

Yes, all the options on this banner are quite good. Surtr and Tiki are good unit-wise, and Tibarn/Nailah are both good units and fodder

You can get Sacred Coins from Voting gauntlets, Tempest Trials, and Arena Assault. Don’t worry about them too much yet.

I’d recommend Heavy and Flashing Blade, Close and Distant Defense, Death Blow, Swift Sparrow, and the Brazens

Brave Camilla is a good beginner pick for a healer, she’s powerful offensively and can heal and support her team

Since you already have Camilla, I’d recommend Hector. He has a powerful weapon and is good on mixed phase.

Complete A Hero’s Path. There’s a lot of good rewards and units you can get from it.



I would have suggested Veronica and Micaiah, they’re probably the best choices. If you already chose Camilla, you could either start again or pick someone other than Veronica. Either Hector or Ephraim.

The beginner banner is very good, but wait until this month’s Mythic banner is revealed (it shouldn’t take more than two days at most, most likely less. They’re great banners to get 5* units unless you’re looking for a specific one.


Don’t listen to anyone else here except me

Get veronica and anyone but alm on the other free pick

reroll for one 5* unit if you want through the reroll process by restarting the game (optional)

get all of the free 5*s (eir, ike, peony, etc) asap

spend on the hero fest banner until you get a couple tibarns and nailahs (this is optional)

hoard the rest of the orbs you get until you get a much clearer idea of what you want out of the game, only use your free summons.

and remember, only me :wink:

seriously, though - rerolling for a good 5* with a good iv is a good idea (pick whoever you want, currently lysithea is a good choice). and hoard orbs for now.




Welcome. I’ll try to be succinct with this as I’m sure others will offer plenty of advice too.

Hard to pull for units you want? Extremely. On a 3% banner expect to spend 100 orbs before getting someone you want. Subtract 20 orbs for 5 and 6%, and another 20 for 8%. Always pull the whole circle (all 5) so you save as many orbs as possible.

Hoard that shit like your life depends on it. There are many many “bait” banners with units that look cool and seem awesome, but fulfill one specific niche you may not need or find reliable. My best advice is to wait for legendary and mythic banners. They often have some of the most reliable units available, and you can’t possibly be “pity broken” by an awful unit.

That 5% has solid units in it, but following my first two suggestions, wait on it. You’ll find more useful units later, I promise.

Material for seals are offered as rewards in arena, arena assault, and other special events. You’ll get plenty in time, so don’t worry about it too much.

Brave Camilla is pretty good. Gets +10 Atk/Spd on most of her attacks so that’s good.

On the other banner, I would choose Veronica. Her special weapon will help out immensely in many different scenarios and is easy to play with as a beginner.

And my last tip: be patient. Everything in this game comes with time, so do not rush your decisions and practice putting the phone down once in a while. That’ll help protect your wallet from impulse buys.

Good luck, and myself and many others will be available for more assistance in the future!

… Oh! And as you’re training your units up, focus on game modes that do not require stamina. Save those stamina potions for later, because as a new player they’ll be a bit tough to come by.


Well, in order:

Pulling for units is very RNG based. Sometimes you can get them on your free summon, other times you get them after hundreds of orbs. If you really want a unit, be sure to have a good stash of orbs ready. Getting 5 stars you don’t want is also a thing, pitybreakers. Color sharing is also a thing and makes getting the focus unit you want tough. (Unless you want both.) A handful of banners have no pitybreakers, units generally hard to get, and a 8% chance of a 5 star rather than 6%. Probably a lot to take in atm so I’ll leave summoning at that.

The Hero Fest is also a good banner, also has an 8% rate (5% on focus and 3% off focus), all the units are good for use or fodder. Can’t really go wrong pulling on that.

You get S slots after you do Book 1 of the story. Well, you can have them before that but can’t enhance them. They’re the Sacred Coins and you get them mainly from Arena modes. They’re not super scarce but also not particularly common.
There’s some that are better than others for sure, but depends on who’s using them. I’d make your first few according to your current units’ needs.

B!Camilla is a good healer, she’ll do you good. You can get the others later if you really want. After you try your luck at first you can reroll if you get bad stuff, but maybe not yet.

I would choose Ephraim or Hector on the other, but it really depends. Lots of people like Veronica for cheese, but I don’t like doing that.

Hard to give lots of advice at a time, especially generally. Just come to us with questions you have individually, as it’s hard to address a really broad topic as such.
The resources others put up here are also useful :)


well how was i supposed to know we all would agree on almost everything

a new players orbs are too precious a thing, must protect them

my apologies frens



this was quoted out of order


Hi new player!

Since you’re new, you will be accessing a ton of fresh orbs from the start. I would recommend you save them all for now until you’ve done your research on units you would like in the future or at present. Remember there are many banners such as Special Heroes, New Heroes, Banner Revivals and of course Legendary Banners.

As for starting units, if you want one of every color that are very VERY good units, I’d go with Legendary Ike (you get from the Xenologue), Peony (she is the free unit you get for Book 4), Brave Micaiah (choose her for Choose Your Legends), and Eir (she is the free unit you get from Book 3). You will also get Fjorm for free from Book 2, and I absolutely would choose Brave Veronica as your other Choose your Legends.

Those are all incredible units and should serve you well!


When i started the game there was a character called altina that the game gave me? is she any good?


She’s pretty solid. Not completely broken, but definitely good.


late as always

well first off welcome to the community, hope you enjoy your time here! and now to answer your questions

its not hard to pull for certain units… you just gotta have them on the focus banner if your sniping for one. as for overall its just based on how lucky you are for example, you could get three 5 stars in one batch and all 3 stars in another batch so yea it just depends on how lucky you are

for the beginner banner, I PERSONALLY would pull Surtr, Tiki and MAYBE Nailah. my reasons are…
Surtr: everyone hates him because of his dumb bulk
Tiki: I hate her because she’s kinda dumb if you make her a broken a$$ build
Nailah: free distant counter
(Tibarn is only good for the sturdy impact fodder)
but i wouldnt really pull for them because powercreeps

the stuff for S slot come from training towers, quests from the fountain thingy and events like templest trials that are currently happening. you can also do other stuff to get them

what unit do you want to build first?

Camilla is bae, she can heal and shes an okie unit depending on what you put on her

since you already have a decent healer… I picked HECCtor since his kit is nice

I dont have tips but i try to answer questions xd


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It’s the fake Late

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Didn’t know about this one and read it myself. That guide is not for beginners. In fact, I’m not sure whom it’s for. It commits the sin of information overload at least 5x worse than I ever have (and I’m pretty bad about that); some of the advice is outright bad (who tells a newbie to copy tactics drills solutions off YouTube if they’re lazy or to build an autobattle team?), some of the wording is misleading, important advice is missing (save your dew until you know what you’re doing). Also out of date - I didn’t see a single mention of Mjolnir’s Strike and they seem still to operate on the assumption that arena encourages to kill everything with the bonus unit. And any guide that long should surely include a section on significant differences between FEH and “real” FE (ex: importance of customization, ability to turn slow units into fast units and glass cannons into tanks, effects of updates and powercreep).

@ZeromanJoelZx Welcome to the forum. I don’t play anymore but I still like to dabble. My advice will sometimes be out of date, but in general it’s pretty good. Check with people still playing if you’re not sure. And if you haven’t already figured out, the style on this forum is extremely casual. We go off topic and come back; we talk about stuff completely unrelated to FEH; we switch into minority languages and ignore all the bystanders; we play rough with each other more than rarely; the mods are fluent in all of this and sometimes join in the horseplay. Generally an extremely safe place unless you get overwhelmed by the joking or have a sensitivity about certain topics and can’t handle disagreement.

Do the beginner tactic drills, collect the free 5*s that you can, start clearing story maps to get orbs, and probably summon on the 5%/3%. If the mythic banner is releasing before you lose access to the 5%, you can consider waiting (I don’t watch the calendar anymore); if it doesn’t, I’d say consider rerolling because I really recommend having Veronica. Really good unit for rival domains and grand conquests due to 3 movement, she’s a healer and I recommend bringing one in your first 8 units for these modes (if you don’t get Veronica, bring healer Camilla), her weapon can tilt the battle heavily in your favour by wrecking the enemies’ stats, and she has moderately strong offenses which means in a pinch you might launch her at some Reinhardt or L.Azura on the enemy team before they get one of your attacking units killed, even if it means she will get taken out in the process. (In these two modes it’s ok to lose units so this kind of “trade” is a valid strategy.)

@ShinxDaSphinx I’m surprised you’re recommending close def. Even distant def I don’t see so much today; people are going for stances and I tend to agree. Anyways, @ZeromanJoelZx QR seal is really important. I suggest it as the first one you make and upgrade.


Fake Late! :fgo_badciv:

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My advice only spend on banners don’t go for “meta” units. Meta units will eventually fall off in the long run look at Arya for example power crept by her own daughter, So just get units you enjoy using because you can just build them to be viable. Although I do recons summoning legendary banners you have a higher chance of getting units you want and Legendary heroes are generally super strong.