New player stuck at Gawain

Relatively new player here. Just started playing about 3 weeks ago and I’ve been stuck at Gawain for the past 2 days. Should note that I’m currently F2P and my main units are Enkidu (lv 70), Lancelot (lv60), Caster Helena (lv70), Mash (lv60), Carmilla (lv60) and Tamamo Cat (lv70) and I’ve mostly stuck to them up to this point. Haven’t had much luck with the pulls from the free SQ aside from Enkidu and Lancelot who I think are really good.

Currently I’m stuck at the second Gawain fight, being a boss with effectively 800k HP with his damage resist and having no good archers I think I’ve hit my first wall, everything else up until this point wasn’t too difficult. After some research I’ve heard that Euryale is a good option but I don’t have her nor do I have any 4* Archers. The best I have is Kid Gil and I haven’t invested into him at all since I hear he’s not all that good. I have heard Orion works also and luckily I do have someone in my friends list with a nearly maxed out Orion (level 90 or something with high skill levels) but she’s not enough to carry me in the fight.

Is there any feasible way for me to beat Gawain with the lineup I already have or do I have to try and get Euryale or try and build one archer that I already have?

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Easiest method, Maxed cu alter solo, you just put leonadas and georgios on the same team and nothing else. I find Cus with a Volumen Hydrargyrum work great, don’t know about other ces. ABQ chains give the most NP, so I recommend using this chain until around 70% NP, then switch to BBB chains. Also, for the mystic code, I recommend the starter one.


I can’t wait until I max my Herc’s skills and get another Cure command code to engrave on one of his cards. Then I can answer this rather common question with, “Here, use my Herc”.



Ok, thanks for the advice. The idea has crossed my mind after watching a few base Lancer Cu solos since there’s someone in my friends list with a maxed out Alter Cu* but I was always worried I’d mess up the timings of skill CDs.

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You don’t have to worry too much about cds, use the attack buff on the mystic code on his NP, spam his dodge whenever it’s ready, use guts when you are hit (as in your health drops), heal when your HP is 3000 or more below the max HP, and you are set.

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Alright, thanks. Can’t wait to try it now lol

To be fair this is the one time Stheno shines
If you have her or someone on your Support pick her, she got a good chance at 1 shotting him with her NP

Otherwise yeah Cu Alter is gonna slap him across the wall


I’m with them on this one, Cu Alter can survive quite a bit of challenges. Or Herc Bond 10.

I’m wondering though, is that Orion 10/10/10? I’m pretty sure I did Gawain using my Orion 4/6/1 on my Alt acc and it went fine, team with Mash and Hans and Georgios (lvl 55)…

Update: I just tried it with a maxed out Cu Alter got him down to about 1/4 HP but Gawain’s NP keeps sealing Cu’s skills at the worst times. I put Leonidas and Georgios and taunted with them one at a time but the timing with his NP always screws me over at the last stretch. Is there something I’m missing about soloing with Cu Alter?

We know…

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Euryale yet. She’s great against males plus she’s free. Don’t ignore your 3 stars, they might surprise you.

And for future reference, Helena is great servant too.

Oh, and welcome


I don’t have Eurylae cause I stupidly fed her to someone before I knew she was good or Stheno but I’ve heard they’re the bane of male bosses. I’ll keep my eye out if I ever get them, though.
And yeah I’m aware Helena is good, really thankful I got her since I didn’t have a supp until then.

Have just now read that you have no Euryale yet haha didn’t read the whole opening post. Just after “stuck at gawain”, I knew LOL

If you are in need of friends, you can just go to the thread and you might just find your solution to Gawain.

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Try soloing with my Gilgamesh. Just being the default MC and a Lv 1 Leonidas and a Lv 1 Georgios. Give them CEs that activate on death (1000-ur obsession is good if you have it; Battle at Camlann works too)

I don’t have any friend slots open but you can follow me


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Ok, managed to solo it with Cu Alter but had to burn a command spell cause I barely missed out on an NP to finish the fight otherwise. Thanks for soloing tips and servant tips in general. I promise I’ll be good to Euryale next time I see her.


First, you need to watch some video to get your reference
Borrow Cú Alter, Euryale, Artemis-Orion, Gilgamesh
Support by Mash/David/Georgios/Andersen
If you fail and Garwain remain low HP, just use 3 command seal to revive and finish it.

If you have David (which you should from completing Okeanos) I’d recommend leveling him up. His Harp of Healing acts as a free team evade against Gawain’s NP and as a 3*, his upgrade and ascension costs are not terribly high.

The Gawain fight is one of attrition so servants with defensive buffs and healing tend to do quite well here. Mash and Hans carried me through the entirety of Act 1 and LB 1, especially when they supported an offensive powerhouse that countered a boss. It’s also a fight that teaches you the importance of mystic codes, the Combat MC helped save my important supports from Gawain’s NP by swapping them out for an expendable debuffer when my evades and invulnerability skills needed to be used on my primary damage dealer.

Once they popped their debuffs and triggered their on death CEs, my primary supports could swap back in to continue fighting a few turns more.

If you can, see if you can pick up a friend with an Ishtar or Tomoe Gozen. Both those archers have hard hitting cards and NPs and both have survivability skills that will enable them to ignore at least one of Gawain’s NPs.

Should try to get a Eurayle and max her np and lvl. She is the bane of male sabers/Zerkers…Or just males in general.

Gawain will be a joke once you give her some TLC.

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Gawain forced me to do the charmlock setup.
Had to level up both Euryale and stheno for a week then do Double Euryale and stheno. Grats on getting over gawain.

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Just a little tip, even if you are able to push through this battle with a friend Herc or Cu Alter, Euryale is still a worthy archer to raise for an F2P master. Alternatively, Robin Hood is also a fantastic nuker and more universally viable. But yeah, Euryale’s anti-male niche is insanely powerful whenever its viable.

Also, more immediately, if you do take a break to level up a few servants, I HIGHLY suggest preparing a saber servant as well for later battles. Remember, Gawain is scary but he’s not the final boss.


Camelot takes a big jump in difficulty , So dont worry if you hit a wall. We have all hit that wall at some point in time.

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