New player: which servants should I use with Raikou (lancer)?

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I Started playing Fate/GO about a week ago and I got Mama Raikou (lancer) from the bamnee that was up recently. Really loving to use ber, she’s already on the threshold for the third ascension and all, bu I have a question.

As you may have guessed with me only having a week worth of gameplay I don’t have many high-stars servants, as of now besides Mama Raikou for four-stars I have Carmila, nightless assassin, Ibaraki beserk, Gawaiin, Tristan and Lancelot (saber), five-stars I have none.

My question is; Which servants should I pair her with? As of now I user her with Mash (lvl60) and gawaiin (lvl50), so far it had been working well but I wanted to know which formation I could do to bring out more of her strenght. I was thinking in leveling Ibaraki to put in the place of gawaiin but I wanted the oppinion of those who know more about the game.

So, should I go with my idea of using Ibaraki or should I use someone else? Which low-star servant can I use?

A beforehand thank you to everyone that answers it.


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The great thing about her kit is that she works with basically any Buster servant thanks to her big steroids being party wide/targetable and her NP giving a lot of stars to make use of.

I would say, of the ones you mentioned, the one with most synergy with her would be Gawain, but really only gets good after his 4th ascension, Carmilla, mainly for her NP, and Ibaraki, also mainly for her NP.


Players who really like her may choose to field her as a point Servant since she’s really quite capable. For many of us, though, she ends up being an additional support to shore up another Servant’s damage once NP charge requirements have been met, in which case she helps any Buster attacker.

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Don’t underestimate her NP gain. Her single arts card is an excellent choice for one of the Command Codes (Armament of Triumph or Immature Illusionary Command Seal). High hit count and NP gain make her one of the top 5 choices for those two codes.

If your crit lands, she will fill most or all of her gauge with just that card, depending on overkill/overgauge.


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You have a decent mix, though not getting a SSR is a little unlucky.

If I were you, I’d work on getting your existing servants leveled up as high as you can with the resources you have available, and then be prepared to mix-and-match depending on which servants have advantages for particular fights. Ibaraki should be up front in most fights, because she hits pretty hard against everybody, which is really useful starting out. At some point, Mash will go to the back lines so you can have another hitter up front.

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Out the other 4*s you’ve listed, Carmilla is probably the best partner for Summer Raikou - her Quick lean lets her make use of the stargenning buff to an extent, and Raikou’s targetable Buster goes well to boost either Carmilla’s NP if not her own.

As others have noted, Raikou will go nicely with pretty much anyone with a red deck, regardless of rarity. Buster-flavoured silvers and bronzes, like Lu Bu, Spartacus, Fergus or Gareth all make capable partners. Perennial low-rarity supports, like Hans and Shakespeare, are as good as ever.

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if her art card crits she can fill most of her np bar. Would recommend using her as a dps alonside hans and a buster servant or crit support


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Raikou herself is a good point-Servant, especially if you’re lucky enough to get another copy. She tends to go big with a noble phantasm turn followed by a crit turn with her star bomb from NP+skill 1.

You’ll want to borrow Merlin to pair with her where possible, this is also a pretty big buff total if you need to use another Buster Servant for class-advantage (she gives 40% buster up/20% attack up, Merlin gives 50/20).

Honestly Mash/Merlin with a point Servant (Raikou) is quite safe for most of the early to mid game. When you can’t borrow a Servant like in certain Shimousa or LB2 boss fights you will find you need to raise your own 3* Servants like Euryale, and probably make use of taunters like Leonidas/Georgios. (Thankfully LB2’s forced story supports can be cleared by the story servant, but Euryale is a very good plan for that one.)

Speaking of Servants who Raikou will benefit, the current event’s Caster Shuten is Buster and her free NP5 will really benefit you;

If you haven’t cleared Lostbelt 2 yet to get in on the Oniland/free Caster Shuten train yet hop in the help thread and I’m sure we will have people who can give you appropriate advice to solo Arc 1 & Lostbelts 1+2, as well as offer you their support lists for story.
If I have anything of use wherever you get stuck I am happy to give you a slot and tweak my story support to help.


Thanks for the tips, as of now I’m in the America singularity, I thought in rushing to see if I could take part in the event but I really don’t feel liking rushing in this game, the story’s just too good to rush it, yes I know you can see the cutscenes again later but I’m still not keen in rushing, besides after more than a week playing the game non-stop I kinda wanted to catch a break.

Anyway, thanks for the tips and the offer of help :grin::+1:


Yeah that’s fair enough, I get the enjoyment oppportunity cost.

It’s a bit if a shame to miss out on Shuten and the command codes for good though, the white vessel is the only full debuff clear connand code.

That said, the next story event after Oniland only requires you to have finished the Final Singularity to participate - which you can easily do using follow support lists. You can probably handily trash the part 1 story with my SL:


If you want to add me rather than follow just tag your name, and in that case feel free to DM me if you need a story Servant’s CE switched or need a ST class-advantage Servant instead e.g. Merlin swapping to prisma cosmos or 2030, Kama switching to a 50% NP starting gauge. (Most likely Godjuna oonga boona will be all you use though!)

I don’t think there is any rush to complete Lostbelts until the New Year. After Oniland for Saber Wars 2 just needs part 1 cleared & Christmas lotto only requires the Fuyuki prologue.

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Actually, Enma-tei rerun requires LB3.

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Ohshi, my bad. It was Christmas last year that was Solomon, I probably confused the two. Edited.