New players that good life

My nephew decided to take my account that I used. Maybe I will migrate to her one day. With Young Caeda and F. Edelgard he cleaned almost everything. And you’ve even refined a Clarisse weapon. And he said he didn’t even have to think too much.

Whoever plays the most time has the most chance in the contest. Because the equipment and blessing in Arena and Air are at the highest levels. But I have no doubt that in less than a year they will be up there. And now with some rewards it is easier to invest. Other times.

Do you think new players make things easier with recent heroes?


Having made an alt account recently, it only helps if you know what you are doing.

If you know what you need to do, then making a new account does indeed make life easier. You have a ton of orbs to play around with, which lets you +10 1 or 2 5* units fairly easily (especially if you pick a banner with good odds). Knowing how to play Arena and AR also helps.

Are you done with FEH now? Or just starting a new account?


He has two accounts. I encouraged her to play 3H and Feh in January. As he is 14 years old and addicted he is updating his account and mine. I taught him how to make manuals and other things as a strategy. But he is doing well. Maybe I use it. Especially because I can add orbs in it to have B.Marth +10. He said he has 700 orbs and not just spent on F.Edelgard to clean the Pve. Smart it. His main one is gathering for Dorothea Og. Became a fan of hers. Lol.

In it The copies of Camus and Clarisse are safe. And I can invest in Archanea without error. :feh_grail:


So you guys are both using the same account? And you both have alts?


I’m using only mine. He decided to take my other one. His plays on the cell phone and my secondary one plays on the tablet.

He said that when I want it back, just let me know. And honestly I think I’ll get it because of the copies of Clarisse and Camus.

Do not know yet. Since the first one has all the content completed and some glittering clothes.