New pokemon

everyone who reads this lets honor our team leaders by instincts who read this hatch eggs blanches travel and catch and candelas battle and raid and all report back here with heaps of info i will be catching all the new pokemon lets gooooooooooo

I cant wait to get my stoutland! The unova stone is… interesting. I dont remember too many mons needing stones or special items in this generation. I hope the elemental monkeys rotate. I dont mind any one over the other I want to catch them all

awesome commitment at 4 tonight my girlfriend will drive me to staples for ink ill drive the way back so we both can catch pokemon but its about an hour away and it drives through 3 20+ pokestop towns so about 60 stops and around 300 spawns on this route as an average so ill probably catch 1 tepig 1 snivy 1 oshawott 1 pidove 1 purloin 1 patrat and 1 lillipup at least, I probably will get 5 of each of them today
also found 11 shiny turtwig and a shiny buneary yesterday 7 of the turtwig were bad ivs and 2 of those 7 had 900 cp plus and 3 3 stars whitch were all over 950 cp my best was a 44/45 iv shiny level 35 because they were weather boosted

So do you drive at 10mph or do you have a hack that spins and catches all that for you?
I ask because I barely ever get a stop spinning in time when on the bus let alone when in a car and as for catching more than 1 or 2 mins while traveling…jeez no chance.

fast fingers and pokeball plus plus muscle memory from playing so darn much

also tap a stop a little b4 u reach it then spin even if it says be closer because be closer does not update for 1-2 seconds giving you the illusion that you cant spin the stop when you really can

It’s going to cool down today so going to take the baby out for a little walk as long as there isn’t any other “business” that needs taken care of

I did about 45 minutes of actual Pokemon hunting since I wanted to get home in time for some Mewtwo raids. Amongst the Patrat, Lillipup, and Pidove that are all over the place, I managed to find a wild Liepard, Herdier, Watchog, and Tranquill. I also found a Panpour. I also found a few Snivy and did a Klink raid. First day of release and already have 11 dex entires.

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got 3 mewtwo raids and 1 was shiny

Nothing note worthy on my walk to work.
Maybe on the way home later!?
Good work guys

Most exciting wild spawns that I came across today were a Foongus and a low level 91% Drilbur. It’s nice to see silhouettes in the wild again!

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