New Pull vs. Re-Pull

If one were to do the pick-a-5* banner, would y’all recommend (1) getting a 5* I don’t have, which includes Liepard, Glalie, and Zebstrika; or (2) doubling up on one of my current pairs (my Olivia is sadly 1/5).

I’m not able to give a proper answer to your question but might have a useful advice: while Zebstrika is not a very strong SP because of recoil and Liepard is not much viable without snatching stats, we might find ways of buffing their kit to wider scenarios and make them stronger whenever it is that sync grid is live, the issue is not knowing when exactly that’ll be, though probably still this month. Glalie seems bad so I think it’s a pass.

If it was me, I’d either go for Zebstrika or a dupe, can’t say for sure. But I think it’s better to wait a couple of weeks to see if we get the update, the only drawback being that the training event will be already over then