New refine, new Legault (build) [Poll]

Well, despite his…mediocre refine (an effect you have no control over is not a good effect IMO, no matter how high the stack can go) true damage is true damage.

Still have that fallen Mareeta manual lying around, so I was considering this as a possible new build for him:

Here's his current build, for reference

So, let’s keep it simple:

FB4 build
  • Yes
  • No

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Hmm…just noticed true damage doesn’t stack.

Which…makes sense, but we are so far down the rabbit whole of BS powercreep that I think it hardly makes a difference at this point.

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Where’d you check?

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Skill description: “highest value only, does not stack”

FB4 and the dagger both have it.

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I guess you’re gonna go for some atk/spd stat boost that isn’t push for A instead. If you wanna use flashing blade that is.

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I’ll probably just keep my old build and not use his weapon, TBH.

It’s not a great weapon, and why bother with 30% DR when I can just not take damage instead?

Missing +10 atk/spd does hurt, but windsweep+NFU more than makes up for that.

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Mmm, I kinda see both weapons as different angles of attack. Lulls and dulls on nukes cut off an avenue of bulking up and the Cleaner effect is no different.

And windsweep + NFU definitely wins most of the time, but Legault will at least have an answer for the NCD carrying matchups like A!Fjorm. Kinda wants more bulk to survive the retaliation though (I think) so… yeah, pain.

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I, uh, don’t think he’s winning against Fjorm, no matter what he has.

Maybe with full flowers and a massively expensive kit including Lethality, but I’m not going that far.

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FB4 true damage stacks. The “highest value, does not stack” part is in reference to the cooldown reduction.

Would have to test with Legault but I don’t see why it wouldn’t stack. I honestly think they took the text from FB4 and applied it to his weapon (swapping out CD reduction for DR) and forgot to remove the “does not stack” text.


DR does stack though, which has been confirmed. So it’s not in application to the DR.

You can stack Ture damage on Shuriken Cleaver and FB4 though. Someone will just need to test it.

I’m pretty sure the only thing in Feh that doesn’t stack is CD reduction.


I hate PRF wording in this game so much.


It really wouldn’t be that hard to have “Keywords” and consistency.


Or just put the parenthetical aside where it belongs (after the clause it modifies; see how easy it is?) rather than at the end of the sentence.