New Refine Thread - Nothing Else

Hello. I made this thread because the refine thread is now closed due to wack shiz.

I wanted to still discuss refines with nothing hanging over from the past thread.

I actually like this build. Much more fun build than I thought of before. Thanks to halo for enemy phase build idea.

Let’s go.


Now Gaius can do stuff yaaay?


Wonderful since my thread was closed…

Anyway, anyone here use Gaius’ refine and wanna post some screenshots?

Drama bad no bulli

But yeah I almost want to break my SD only rule to build gaius, as he seems so fun.

We had a discussion on Discord earlier, that Lillith’s C-skill could actually be very good on Gunter himself,as it helps him and his teammates more towards what his own PRF does, in of itself.

That build though, is basically more or less,what I have on my own Leif,so it gets a :+1: from me.

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Gaius max speed build to max on his UNCAPPED true damage.

Should get 15 true damage per attack on a prime target.

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Does his prf work with Phantom Spd?

No, it only works with skills that compare your Spd to the opponent’s Spd


Oh whoopsie.

Just replace it with darting blow then.

No, it doesn’t

Reason: what Shinx said

I accept my dumb

It’s just that gaius effect is so close to other effect that work with it I thought it would work.

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It ain’t a comparison, so it dont work. Got it

@Resplendent_RoyAhoy - Make yourself useful and post some screenshots.

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Yo roy you use gaius

I respect you more as a person now

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I’d do this personally
Stack True damage and Glimmer to get some nice damage on

Red Hot Ducks ruined this refine before it came out

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why is this a reply to me, I know how it works

Idk lol

Yeah that works a lot better than my speed attack.