New Rocket Boogeymen got their lineups

Now Arlo looks easy and Cliff and Sierra look hard! But… I’m still scared to fight them until Tyranitar gets a charged rock move, I get a better Rhyperior (Rhyhorn won the Community Day votes!), Mamoswine gets a higher CP (I’ll walk her, since Tyranitar has a CP of a little over 3,400 and hopefully work on getting Mamoswine a second charged move. I’m hoping for Stone Edge or Bullzode on her), and I’ll need a stronger Fire type for Sierra (I’m not risking going up against her without some type of fire user. I know my Tyranitar has Fire Blast right now, but… She could die to Shiftry or someone else.)

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Sierra looks a lot easier now due to Beldum’s only fast move being Take Down. Cliff is going to be a lot harder; Pinsir is going to be quite similar to Arlo’s Scyther. Arlo is somewhere in the middle; Mawile isn’t as hard as Pinsir, but much harder than Beldum. All their other Pokemon seem relatively unchanged from the previous lineups.


HOW!? I’m afraid to fight any of them! Tyranitar is useless against her, because Exeggutor and Shiftry can run grass moves, I’m unsure if Beldum gets steel type attacks and I’m too scared to find out. I have no ideas for counters, except for the fact that Tyranitar once she gets a rock move, can destroy a good portion of Arlo’s team

Edit: I just found out that Beldum can only learn take down and struggle.

What moves does your Tyranitar know? If it knows Bite and/or Crunch, it is an excellent counter Beldum and Alakazam. If you have any bugs, they will obliterate Exeggutor and Shiftry. After that, Fighting types can take care of Sharpedo and Houndoom.

Looks like Scizor will continue to be a top choice against Sierra. Can easily burn both shields on Beldum without having to worry about using a shield of your own, then farm it down with Fury Cutter to ensure you have charge moves ready to go for the next Mon. It can easily take out Shiftry, Exeggutor, Alakazam, and Sharpedo.

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Both bite and crunch

I just need a stronger Scizor. The problem is, is that I can’t find any Scyther.

My Sierra team: Blaziken (BK), magnezone (WC & MS), and kingler (CH & X-S)

Mucho resistences and can hit everything super effective.

Interesting new lineups. Sierra really still seems easy, either form of Giratina could be useful too (completely resist Beldum, can take on Exeggutor and Alakazam, can probably at least put quite a dent in Lapras as long as it doesn‘t have Frost Breath), while yeah, Scizor (and probably also Pinsir) can deal without much trouble with Eggy, Shiftry, Sharpedo and Zam. Arlos Mawile could be rather troublesome, especially with Bite, but a solid Fire type should be able to take it on (and potentially Steelix afterwards). Zard, Nite and Mence have to fear Rock types (the later two also Ice types like Mamoswine or Glaceon, watch out for Steelwing/Fire Fang though!), and Blastoise should go down to the likes of Roserade or Frenzy Plant Venusaur. Cliff looks quite tough though, Pinsir ain‘t no joke, Flying types are probably the choice here, resisting Bug and Fighting. For the second slot, Frenzy Plant Torterra seems to be best, as it can just Razor Leaf through Omastar, resists everything but Ice Punch from Electivire big time, and Marowak should be able to be dealt with with Razor Leaf as well. Torterra will also tear through Swampert, and can probably put a dent into Tyranitar, but keep an Ice type ready in case he has Torterra himself (for the love of Arceus don‘t use Mamoswine against Torterra though, Razor Leaf will massacre it)

If you want to go for the easy one, that would be Sierra, and what i would suggest is for sure Blaziken with Counter and Blaze Kick. Beldum is so weak i wont even change on start, i would go direct Blaziken and try to keep energy for the second. If sharpedo, he is so glassy that if you have a charged prepared (for the blocking time), just using autoattacks you will obliterate him so fast it wont barelly move. Lapras if it has ice fast move you can continue safely. If Eggy or Water Lapras then change. Blaziken is still too good to lose or trade on grass eggy as it can overrun shiftry or houndoom.

Add a scizor for Eggy and Kazam and you barelly have all covered.

Of course even in the case of a lose, the second time knowing mons and moveset you can win easily any of them, the only tricky is Lapras as its really bulky yet another option is just go full energy on first round with blaziken even losing a shield for then stunlock a posible lapras (3 second of autoattacks - charge - repeat) and then be all downhill.

I was thinking about blaziken as it was really easy on event…

Getting serious change it for a counter / cross chop machamp, charge yourself on brelum, destroy lapras or sharpedo, change to scizor on eggy. Kill houndoom or shiftry, kazam to scizor. Probably you will raise your 4 arms in victory in no time with machamp alone, maybe scizor gets on the photo. Third mostly to fill, only problem is Arlo and Cliff are not this cheap easy :)

Cliff, the guy everyone laughted of, has become by far the hardest admin. It ravaged a chunk of Blaziken’s health even doubly resisting Bug, and it doesn’t have an exploitable double weakness like Pinsir, making it overall thougher to beat.

About Arlo, I fought him to farm Bagon candy and a potential good IV one and you can’t imagine my face of disappointment seeing a really shitty Mawile. Thought now I think it’s the perfect third memberof my GL team.

Sierra on the other hand… In the moment I saw Beldum I thought “MARRY ME SIERRA!!!” :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Nah not really because the three admins are such shitty persons I just want to beat all them up but physically. The point is just that Beldum is easy to beat and amazing as reward, and I won’t be doing any other admin than Sierra except for the monthly quest.

And apart of it, I hope the dragon women return with Bagon added to the lineup and maybe Axew, and there surges a Steel recruit with Beldum. And also please, delete Omanyte, it is trash.

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Arlo was a joke. Heatran/FP Torterra/Mamoswine flattened those ’mons, in that order.

Arlo’s completely useless to me, now, and Cliff has somehow become even more pointless a fight. Sierra, on the other hand, is both easy and wonderful to beat. Poliwrath handles it solo.

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I fought Cliff the other day without knowing the lineup had changed… Got crushed on the first fight, but guess who’s been crushed on the second??? :grin: Pinsir hits hard and is protected by shields, but decent damage by fast move while you burn it’s shields should do the trick. I launched my smackdown/surf Rhydon at it, didn’t survive but did it’s fair share of work, removing a big chunk of Pinsir’s health and it’s two shields. Then I bruteforced Cliff without any subtlety: Groudon finished what little health Pinsir had and walked over Electrivire and Tyranitar. I had Machamp waiting, just in case…

I found Giratina Altered with ancient power to be good against Pinsir, I think Pinsir had Rock Smach as a fast attack, but Giratina could deal with it and burned the two shields and won the fight easely.

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Guys, I don’t even have a Giratina!!
I’ll never be able to fight Against one of these monsters, unless someone is there helping me

I agree with the consensus here that Sierra remains the least difficult in this rotation. Scizor (Furry Cutter + X-Scissor/Night Slash) can still pretty much solo it with the right line-up. Poliwrath with Mud Shot + Power-up Punch/Dynamic Punch can cover Scizor’s lack of fire power and weakness against Lapras and Houndoom. Machamp with Counter + Cross Chop/Rock Slide/Dynamic Punch and Tyranitar with Stone Edge can also serve as back-up.

Against Arlo, I now find it a bit less predictable because of Mawile’s wide-range move pool. So far I battled him twice with Poliwrath (Mud Shot + Power-up Punch) without issue, but I haven’t faced one with Astonish or Power-up Punch. I’m also thinking of Blaziken with Fire Spin + Blaze Kick, but it’s probably more squishy than Poliwrath. Someone in my community also suggested Houndoom with Fire Fang + Foul Play, as it resists all 4 fast moves from Mawile, but you’ll probably do all the damage with Fire Fang and try to break shields on Arlo’s second pokemon.

I also agree that Cliff is now kind of like Arlo when he had his first line-up. Furry Cutter charges fast on Pinsir, and a few of his other pokemon are also quite bulky. I concur that Giratina-A is very good against Pinsir, completely walling it while breaking shields fast and dishing out SE damage with Ancient Power. If you don’t have Giratina, I’m thinking maybe Charizard with Fire Spin + Dragon Claw/Blast Burn (CD move), as it double resists Bug and single resists Fighting, and can break shields with Dragon Claw and do damage with Blast Burn. Scyther with Furry Cutter + Aerial Ace might also worth a try, as it single resists Bug and double resists Fighting. Blaziken with Fire Spin + Blaze Kick should be good against Pinsir with Bug fast moves too, but it might feel too fragile if Pinsir has its Fighting fast move.


Which is why I went with Heatran over Houndoom for that lineup; more bulk and now with Flamethrower I busted shields, defeated Mawile, AND still had a Flamethrower ready for that Steelix.

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All this talk about admins…


I’m also afraid to fight the Flying Grunts, because of what happened last time I fought one. Hopefully, Scizor will be powered up and I really want to give it a second charged move, but Scyther is not a common pokemon. I haven’t seen one in the wild in FOREVER. so yeah, I’m either never gonna win against an admin (I’ve never tried and never will, unless someone is there with me), or it’ll take me a year or two to get strong enough.

So, I’ll walk it, until it’s CP is very high. It’s CP is around 2300

As you said, I tested it before and it’s a great shield killer, but also very glassy, they can end close to draw even if it’s supposed to double resist Bug attacks. The bull beetle hits like a truck and endures like one.

It is tougher than first lineup Arlo because unlike Scyther, there aren’t double weaknesses against Pinsir, hitting with somewhat more power and tanking a lot more hits.

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