New Roy

Roy is a character I have an attachment to since he was my main in smash and was the first fire emblem game I played. So I want to make a top tier build but i don’t know what would be a good skills to give him. Since he got his new refined.

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I’ve been using him with this since before his refine except I used Darting Breath seal, which is now completely useless for him. Highly recommend NFU for PvP purposes. PvE should be fine most of the time with stacked DR. It was very fun, especially since I literally only fought 2 people with the exact same team during my arena run today: Eitri, Duo Chrom, Duo Dagr and L!Xander.

He may get the Bonus Doubler seal from TT. Outside of scoring, Any 2CD Special should work well. Aether in Arena worked very well with me since I use him with Lector.

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Ok thx for the help but i only have access to steady posture 2 and sturdy stance 4 also I realized I gave him wrath time ago :sweat_smile:. I’m going summon for a character with steady posture 3 if it’s his best option

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Nah, the A slot is very flexible. A Unity/Ideal that includes Speed would be very good as well.

You could for example get Atk/Spd Unity + NFU3 from Brave Marianne if you get Atk/Spd Bond 3 from somewhere first. But he doesn’t need too specific for the A.

Ok thx :pray: I had and idea to run fury 4 with a brazen skill since I don’t have access to any premium spd a skill. So if I think I should go for it then I will also for The b skill use null

And with f byleth I could give ruptured sky if it’s any good for him

It would add to his racist skill list, if anything :feh_royyes:


The Sim isn’t updated yet but I was playing around with it against a fully maxed out F!Edelgard. With the below build L!Roy can one round her on both Phases. Legendary Hector is a great partner for giving him that +6 def/res Field buff to go with Human Virtue

Blue stats are Field + Combat stats which is +22 to all stats

Note: you can replace his A slot with any Attack/Speed booting skill so long as it gives +6 or more and he will 1 round +10/+10DF/+Atk Boon/Asc +Def/AtkDef solo 3 Seal F!Edelgard

Ruptured Sky overall will perform very well on him however I think he’s better off with a 4 cooldown special like Dragon Fang.

He cant Precharge Ruptured Sky so he cant use it twice in one PP meaning he’s only getting 1 special per combat. His CD+1 and Offensive Null Guard mean a 4 cd will always go off in 1 combat so long as he doubles.

Getting hit and retaliating with a 2CD will be less effective unless you’re afraid you cant get his speed high enough to double.

What im going for :smiling_imp:


The build I was thinking would be A skill: fury 4 B skill null disrupt C: human virtue and S skill: brazen spd/atk
Special: ruptured sky. I was think of this because I don’t have atk/spd unity nor many other A atk/spd options and the banners don’t have Marianne. The only other a I have is flashing blade 4

How would this build preform

ngl, since roy needs to be above 25% HP for his refine to go off, there’s very little reason for him to have fury or brazen skills. Null follow up is great as a b slot though, and ruptured sky is fine as a special, but any of the healing specials might perform better


I’m with @WormMeHarderDaddy. Fury 4 is a poor choice of A slot for Roy. He wants his HP to stay high, so having Fury constantly chipping him down severely limits his staying power. Fury 4 is primarily for units who want to be beacons for Wings of Mercy.

I’m also not keen on Ruptured Sky on an unmerged unit. It’s alright, but Roy already gets dragon effectiveness from Dragonbind, meaning he only gets a lot of use out of the bonus damage against the Sothises and beasts. RS is most valuable for its Arena scoring capabilities, and an unmerged Roy is a shitty scorer


Alright thx for the fee back I just wanted to use byleth fodder to its full potential and sadly I don’t have many good options for a so I will wait for later banners to get better a skill options

bonus doubler is still a good budget a slot for him, and with bonus doubler also coming as a seal in the next tempest trials, you could run double doubler for some big stats