New Saizo = Best Saizo

He is very fun to play with. If I can pull pulse smoke fodder I’ll be in heaven.


Then get Infantry Rush for that sweet Heavy Blade effect. :+1:

I haven’t gotten a saizo in years please donate

Loving the new saizo, demolished some chain challenges with him earlier. So happy with him.

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Physical ranged units keep getting the great refines
I kinda feel IS knows thet needed the boosts

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You mean… They suffered from lowered weapon might and skill limitation despite hitting on one of the easiest stat to powercreep to ridiculous levels? Who could have thought about that?
Seriously, IS is super-slow at helping unit archetypes that desperately need some buffs, but at least they do the job relatively well.

That’s a nice Saizo! I would not have thought to run Sol on him but I see it

Gave my only special spiral fodder to Leon for an Ophelia like build with AoE specials

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