New Season Startdust + XL Candy 2-parter

Is there a new set of pokemon with this new season who give a stardust boost for catching?

I asked another thread on this but figured I’d do an update- With the new season are the new XL Candy mechanics active? E.G. trading with someone for distance granting more XL candy?

Allegedly each season will have this, but I can’t find a list anywhere yet. I’ve caught a variety of stuff today but haven’t found one yet, but I’m sure there will be one soon.

This boost is one of the reasons I’m so dust rich now, I just hope that one or two of the species are as common near me as trubbish and shellder were last quarter.

For part 2 of your question, I believe so yes, but haven’t really looked for myself

I caught a Combee today which had the dust boost, wasn’t that part of the prior season’s bonus dust group? Yeah trubbish (especially on cloudy days) and shellder were nice common ones for me to boost my dust

Combee was, if memory serves, 500 dust last season but I’m not sure when the season formally flips over - might be delayed a little like when rocket stops take a while to catch up. I’d say by tomorrow all should be sorted.

Speaking on the XL candy, is anyone under level 40 getting it dropped w/ pokemon catches in GBL? Both the first zebstrika and now poliwhirl have shown an XL candy, but doesn’t show I have anything on the pokemon’s page

I believe the list is the same as last season. For reference:

I only matters if poks from list appear in the wild or not.

I think you might be right, I’ve just caught a shellder and got 1k dust.

Unless they’ve not flipped the switch yet to change it to the new ones?

If they remain as common, or are at least replaced by some of the other dust boosted ones, I’m fine with that. I know I was spoiled last season with the two best boosted ones being in my location but I haven’t really seen any of the other boosted ones yet, just that shellder. That said, it’s only been 24 hours so still very early doors.

Based on my perusal of that list, I would say its the same 'mon just that different ones are boosted now. For instance Foongus is a 500 stardust catch and listed under the wild spawns increased for the Northern hemisphere this season. I think the list is meant to be static but the spawns change with the season.

It wasn’t season related, it was just a general change

Can confirm that the same thing happened with poliwhirl to me yesterday. Maybe some problem with that particular pokemon

So, we’re a week into the new season and there appears to be no change in what gives extra stardust. I know people have said it’s a constant list which rotates across locations and the official announcements don’t say, but I saw this on a niantic twitter on 02nd December

“Trainers, some Pokémon, such as Shellder and Trubbish, are granting more Stardust than usual this season!”

Which suggests it was meant to rotate. Additionally GP and a few other sites have also started a “dust boosts this season” list.

Anyone got a more definitive source for which it’s meant to be?

I had 500 for a paras and that fungus… Just appearing once each. So, seems indeed like the same mons in last season. (They were included as giving 500 as well last season but weren’t there. At least not here…)

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Same here. Hopefully it’s banking the XL candy somehow but I’m not too optimistic!

I caught a Cloyster from a rocket the other day and got no bonus. Bummer.

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I never got a stardust bonus from catching a shadow Shellder or shadow Cloyster. My last GBL set reward was a Medicham and it gave me an XL candy, never got any XL for getting a reward shieldon. The evolved form catches getting an XL seem to be part of the incentive to get more gbl encounters. Not sure if they drop more XL on other gbl encounters though

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Neither normal cloyster, nor the shadows gave the bonus last season
@devshaw - I don’t know about the XL candies. I got three GBL shieldons and each dropped one.


Ah I’ll be damned. I guess I never noticed before

@devshaw the evolved ones seem to be the only ones rewarding sub 40 players with exactly 1 XL candy which they can’t actually receive. I keep getting an XL from Poliwhirl and Galvantula. Catching frillish and shield boi is just normal.

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Cloyster was 1100 last season, shellder 1000

Shadows never gave a dust boost.

I never expected to be as lucky as last season but actually seeing more than 1 dust boosted pokemon a week is surely not asking too much?

Yeah I don’t see a damn thing. I got a combee and…no I think that’s it. I actually thought the dust boost was over until I got a bee

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Thanks everyone, I’m not happy it seems to be widespread but some confirmation is always helpful when planning my grinding activities - back to 12k eggs for me.

I know it’s early doors and every week has an event but to see so few spawns of dust boost is rubbish. Hopefully it’ll change, that or niantic have realised they were too generous last season.

Ah, so cloyster dropped more? I just remember I was super disappointed cause I got the normal amount. But probably it was a shadow cloyster then

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