New secondary build for Edelgard

So in this new GHB, my Edelgard found victory, leaving her still without any true equal. However, she still took two turns to do it. So it got me thinking, how can I increase her one-shotting capabilities. Bonfire still works nicely, of course. It gives her one-round nuking capabilities against most enemies, but how can I make her nukier?

Then it hit me. I can make a new build, combining the strengths of both builds I use on her.

Which leads me to this.

Combining the Victoriously Brazen Spiral from her primary build, I subbed in LD4 from her Røkkr build instead of using her usual Sturdy Impact to boost her ATK up into a powerful AoE initiation. And once she gets it going, akin to Igrene, she will fire off a powerful AoE every time she initiates.

Thoughts on the build? Ideas to improve her ability to murder? Maybe sub in Heavy Blade instead of Brazen?


Looks scary. :feh_deltheayes:

Ehh, not sure on that.
It’ll only help with two things.

  • Getting Blazing Wind charged for the first time.
  • Keeping it charged if your foe has permanent guard. (Stance 4, Guard Axe, etc.)

But Brazen doesn’t really help her AoE either… :feh_maethink:
You could use Attack/Def +2 for that sweet 75 visible Atk :feh_ardenwoke:

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I gotchu


How about Chill DEF for stronger nuking on sturdier units?

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Two steps ahead of you, Lain.

Imagine Rearguard here is a nonexistant Barrier Axe.


■■■■ you outminded me, Chapeau to you good sir

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Well her nukage did, in fact, go up. :feh_rein: