New seraph buffs thread

Thread to talk about the new buffs to suzuka, melt and kingprotea. Mostly starting this thread to show this pic of melt after her 3 turn crit buffs, 90% crit up on turn 4 so she’s almost always on a crit buff on a crit team:)


I misread Suzuka’s buff as a 20% np battery for 3 turns :fgo_dshy:

Was really confused why she wasn’t suddenly a top tier farmer since with a Kscope and maxed mana loading she’d NP turn 1, have 30% refund on turn 2 so Waver and a Merlin, and then hit 50% for the turn 3 and just needs a plug suit charge support.

But instead I’m just wishing she was AoE Quick instead :fgo_circesigh:


She should have been AOE Quick from day one. Buster makes zero sense.


Gonna have to ask, why doesn’t buster make sense for Suzuka?


They already had multiple AOE Buster sabers. At least 4 by the time Suzuka debuted.

Suzuka has a multi-hit NP and she’s all about crits and stargen. She should have been the first Quick AOE saber, not Lakshmi Bai.


Buster already had high hitcount aoe np active stargen to enable crits as a concept though, with Emiya. It’s not an out of place idea for a servant to have that design intent, even at the time. It also does actually work in both cases, even if active stargen has become largely irrelevant especially in the buster sphere. So personally I don’t really buy that as a reason that buster is bad, just that it’s a reason that quick is better from a specific gameplay perspective. As far as the actual character in isolation goes, I still don’t get why buster is bad for her, especially given her lore.


Who said anything about Buster being bad? I said she should have been Quick from the start. Zero Quick AOE sabers vs 4 Buster AOE sabers. It’s pretty straightforward.


Because kingprotea is getting no love…how much can she tank an np now? She’s only np1 for me so I don’t use her much(okita alter is np2 and doesn’t cover up my supports) but I’m impressed with some friend supports lvl 100 kingprotea high ass atk that now have an actual defensive skill.


To be fair, I did parse “doesn’t make sense” as being a negative, but I don’t get how Suzuka being buster instead of quick would actually be more logical other than being an arbitrary first that doesn’t fit her lore better than her existing design. Why are other servants relevant to what card color she should be? You could stretch that argument about things the game doesn’t have now or didn’t have at that point to apply to any given servant that could have been the first of anything. Looking at Suzuka on her own, there’s no reason why quick would be needed since high hit count buster aoe makes stars perfectly fine even with minor buffs, while also having buster’s better face card damage.


If you get her to ten stacks she’s got 80% np damage resist on top of an additional 40,000 health. With full silver fous min thats 55,612 based on my KP’s current health. On top of that I put all the healing CCs on her cause why not. I use either “Before Awakening” for the 10% def and all color buff, or “Iron-Willed Training” for the 20% def. Before even taking into account defensive supports, she can take some hits.

Absolutely love her, got her to NP5 when she debuted and have never been dissapointed by her.

Now she even has an NP damage buff to her third skill on the way. Her class is the only thing that really holds her back at all. But I love her enough that if it’s not against a knights class, I will use her.


What about Okitan though?

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She’s at bond 15 :sob:. Right now I’m just waiting on Summer Majin


I forgot to activate her skill turn one. She tanked Vlads np from full with only a few stacks


Just imagine if she could be a Ruler. She’d lose damage versus Calvalry but the damage she could soak up at that point. Would be chef’s kiss

Praise the Lord, my Large Lady got stronger :3



Kp needed this to be an all around damage sponge.
It edges her out and more often than not in correct team she’s immortal.
I prefer fast burn kill or be killed servants like her sibling but kp is really good at sticking around for long drawn out battles. Nerofest comes to mind, the medb fight with ton of assasains…kingprotea.
Endless BS seraph throws at you, kingprotea.
Endless bs certain lost belts throw at you…kingprotea
Certain summer cqs, kingprotea.

But one I can’t deny Is highly addicting

Use BB lock her cards in, it’s a jerk move but fun.
Or just send her solo and watch her be a damage machine .

Suzukas is a lot of fun to because of her deck lay out
Shes built like the summer lancers. Crit, np, crit, np
Now with np generation increased and her np dmg a tad higher shes better at what she does.
Simple upgrade but welcome